Boycott future Grammy's!

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I can't stand the limited intelligence of people whose only contribution to life is a rigidly applied dedication to a political agenda! Especially when them take the time of all Americans to bring their political ax in public, assuming arrogantly that everyone else is willing to listen to their nonsense! These clowns who call themselves artists, waste everyone's time, then expect applause! I find it appalling to all of my senses! I'm not really a staunch supporter of our new President, any more than the next guy, but I feel abbliged to stand up & defend him when I see this kind of ridiculous rabble rousing shenanigans!!



I've gotten a belly full of all of these people who are so anxious to grind their political axes, & spout off about so many political subjects that they are too ignorant to know anything about! 

Most recently these, reputed "Artists", making fools of themselves in front of the world at the Grammys! If they had any talent, if they had musical ability, or if they had a contribution to make to the world, & it's people's, they should have done it when they got the big break to walk onto that stage! I would never, & I would always do my best to convince anyone else to never buy, rent, play, or listen to anything from some fool whose only goal is to condemn another person who working hard in a position of influence, & doing their best to perform to the demands of that job! 

Who are they to judge another? Not a single one of them could do half as good as Trump is, or can in the position of the Presidential leader of this country! Let's stop this useless hatred, & unworthy judgemental jockeying, & look at what each of us, in our own positions & places, can do to be more supportive of our appointed leaders! Let's ask ourselves, as Kennedy "Ask not what this Country can do for you, but rather what can YOU do for this Country!"

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Sorry , your scaring me now!
The last line..does fill me with a reminder of what have I been doing for my country ..

Mon, August 6th, 2018 8:23am


Not meant to have anything at all to do with you! Don’t be afraid! Please!?

Mon, August 6th, 2018 1:54am

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