Dimension X

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Professor Marcus Solar is called upon to work with other scientists on a portal made for inter-dimensional space travel. It's been his dream to encounter another intelligent civilization. The portal hasn't been successful in finding distant intelligent life so far... But what will happen after the repairs and adjustments are made? Will he be careful with the portal? Or will his ambition get the best of him, and lead to a horrible fate?

Submitted: March 17, 2014

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Submitted: March 17, 2014



Professor Marcus Solar walked through the corridors of the base. He was a balding man of average height, with a short white beard and glasses, and was around 60 years old. He was walking through a place referred to many there as “Location Alpha”. It was a secret government establishment specifically designed in the year 2258 for research and general projects on inter-dimensional space travel. The year now was 2271 and Solar was the lead scientist of the project because it had always been his dream to explore new worlds. To be able to travel to entirely different dimensions possibly containing some form of life. He could barely contain his excitement when the government personally invited him to work with others like him on a portal that allowed travel to extremely distant galaxies in just a few short minutes. 


The government had been somewhat successful with inter-dimensional travel before, but had never encountered another civilization. It occurred 3 years earlier, but the most they found was an earth-like planet where only an alien type of moss was found. This was a great achievement, although it still wasn't what they were looking for. The large pneumatic door opened and Marcus walked through. He glared at all the other 40 to 50 scientists in the immense metallic room. Marcus approached one of the scientists working at a desk. They were tinkering with a large L shaped electronic device that had wires spilling out of both ends. Marcus spoke up. “Have the adjustments to the quantum energy emitters been made?” The scientist replied. “Yes, they have been made. The emitters just need to be fitted to the portal frame and we will be ready to test it again.” “Excellent work.” Marcus praised as he started to walk to the control room.


Marcus's partner on the project, Professor Cole Zedler, was there waiting for him. “You're late... Can we get this experiment underway now? Or do you plan on delaying this glorious moment in scientific history for your own leisurely purposes?” Marcus wasn't amused. “Oh please. Save your childish behaviour for the insecure. We need to attach the emitters now.” Bryson let out a sigh. “...Right. Can't say I'm particularly eccentric about this operation... What if something goes wrong?” “We have to risk it. And nothing has gone wrong in the past anyway.” Marcus walked over to the control panel with Cole following behind slowly. He was clearly nervous about operating the portal after it was under repair for so long. He almost looked completely out of place in the lab because he wasn’t wearing a white lab coat like everyone else, but a gray suit with a dark blue tie. Marcus pressed a few random buttons on the control panel, looked up at a screen with a confirmation message, then looked back down and pulled a lever. A red light began glowing in the small control room, and a siren whirred. They both looked out of the long window to see various mechanical arms move around the portal.


They were installing the emitters to the interior of the portal shell. “Here we go...” Marcus stared in awe as the final preparations for the portal were completed. Many metallic banging sounds were made before the arms finally retracted back into place well above the device. The red light turned off and a green one turned on. The siren stopped, and Cole looked as relieved as ever. “I hope you realize how many lives we put in danger every day.” Marcus gave him an annoyed look and headed out of the control room. He walked over to the activation panel not too far away from the metal path leading to the portal. He wiped sweat from his forehead and gave a heavy sigh. All the other scientists had stopped working on their projects and were extraordinarily eager to see the first activation of the portal in a few years. Cole walked up slowly. He still feared for everyone’s lives.


What if something did go wrong? What were the possible results of the activation? It wasn’t as simple as finding nothing or something. If they found nothing, there obviously wouldn’t be anything to worry about. But if they found something... It could be harmless, or deadly. Cole stood next to Marcus, still wary about the portal activation. “Are you sure we can’t delay this until my sister confirms the portal’s components have been installed correctly?” Marcus stared at the various switches and dials before him. “Your sister does not work in this sector.” “That doesn’t mean she can’t make sure-” Marcus cut him off. “Rosaline works in the military sector here, Mr. Zedler. Not the main operations sector.” “Sir, with all due respect, I-” “I will not have this argument, Mr. Zedler!” The room grew silent; the other scientists acting like they weren’t paying attention to Marcus’s raised voice.


If Cole was embarrassed, he didn’t show it. Marcus sighed, and continued in a normal voice.

“You only work here because both you and Rosaline have experience with quantum mechanics and trans-dimensional travel. I’ve worked here far longer than you, and it’s been my dream to find distant intelligent life. This is my only way to achieve that. Do you think I want this delayed any longer?” Cole was angry now. It showed a little, but he kept his cool. “...Very well. Your call then.” Marcus turned back to the controls.


Slowly, he reached his hand for the glass case, undid the latch and opened it, revealing a large red button. Its red glow seemed almost hypnotic to him. He tilted his head up to look at the portal and slammed his fist down on the button. Nothing happened for a few seconds. Then, the sound of mechanical whirring filled the room. The red light and warning alarm started once again, and the portal started having small jolts of electricity in the interior. The huge room started shaking until everyone had to physically maintain their balance by holding on to one of the bolted down tables. The interior of the portal began flashing white for a fraction of a second at a time, and still the electricity crackled around it.


Cole started to panic. “Is the portal supposed to do this?” There was worry on Marcus’s face as he turned to look back at the portal. The shaking of the room lowered in intensity and eventually stopped. A distorted cosmic noise was made as a few nearly blinding flashes came from the portal interior. The portal interior now only had a glowing blue swirl in the centre. The noise still echoed in the room but eventually grew almost completely silent except for the low humming noise that the mysterious blue portal gave off. Marcus stared at it, mouth agape. “It worked... It’s on again.”


The scientists began to cheer, but Marcus silenced them by raising a hand. He was smiling slightly, however. “There’s not really a need to celebrate just yet. First, we have to see what’s on the other side. Who wants to poke their head through and see? Remember, our electronic gadgets get fried because of the strong magnetic field the portal generates.” Silence at first, then someone volunteered. “I’ll do it!” One of the scientists at the back of the group walked past Marcus and Cole and headed for the portal. They walked up the steel stairs and stood in front of the blue glow. He turned to face Marcus, who gave him a short nod.


He then turned back to the portal and began to move slowly towards it, leaning in so his head went through first. There was nothing for a few seconds, and then he leaned in more so that the majority of his torso had passed through. Then, he suddenly let out a scream, turned and tried to run away from the portal. He was stopped short by something unidentifiable that pulled him back in. A low billowing roar was heard, and the room started to shake again. Cole walked backwards slowly, a look of sheer terror on his face. “This is exactly what I feared...” Marcus didn’t hesitate to hit the button again to turn off the portal. Nothing happened. He tried again. Still nothing.


All the other scientists panicked and fled the room as Marcus got more and more agitated and scared, trying to push the button and turn off the portal. A giant black tentacle covered with spikes surged out of the portal and started smashing the lab. The low billowing roar was heard a second time. Then another tentacle. And another. They kept coming. “Screw it.” Marcus said under his breath as he and Cole also fled the room. The number of tentacles eventually destroyed the outer mechanical frame of the portal’s machine itself. The rift was still there, and wasn’t affected by the absence of the power.


The leak of all the energy started to cause more rifts to form in random locations in the room, with dark, bizarre looking creatures coming out of them, not just tentacles. They were all disgusting looking, spike covered, red eyed abominations. There was an alarm going in the entire base now, and an evacuation was in effect. Many were escaping through the use of underground transport tubes. Many also didn’t escape and fell victim to the alien creatures. Cole and Marcus were running down corridor after corridor, hoping for an exit. There was a pneumatic steel door at the end of one, and they headed towards it. The door opened in time and they got out, into the sunlit plain.


Cole was staring out into the distance while Marcus was leaning down towards the ground catching his breath. Cole grew more and more horrified the more he stared. “...Sir...” Marcus stood straight up and walked next to him. Out in the distance there was a city skyline. Small flashes of light were appearing along with blue glows. Huge tentacle monsters were rampaging in the city. There was no hope to flee or kill them. Buildings were visibly collapsing before their eyes. Then they both noticed something. The blue glows were appearing closer and closer to them. The creatures could be seen flying closer as well, tentacles flailing. “Here.” Marcus looked grim, as he handed Cole a pistol. “Please... Just end it... Before we suffer.”

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