The Chronicles of Jivius: Invasion of Gargon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The first part in The Chronicles of Jivius, it has reference to both the series of stories that will go before it and the ones after, I hope you enjoy reading it, this version is just short of 8000 words

Joy was in the air all throughout the Gargonian Capital, for just hours earlier it had been announced that Twins sons had been born to King Derain and his wife Juvioa. The news had travelled fast, already reaching far beyond the empire and all throughout the populace great celebrations were being held, but none like those in the capital. The City of Jucaa on a normal day had about 4 million people in it, but people had travelled from all over the empire to be a part of the festivities to celebrate the twin princes.

Twin Princes born to the 50th king of Gargon, that’s why people were celebrating, but not just for the birth of their future rulers but because today was a day that had been spoke of for nearly two thousand five hundred years:


Long ago when the planet was untamed, an evil emperor ruled over half of it, it was during this time that a man called Jucalor appeared inside the temple of Constance and challenged the might of an army, eventually Jucalor was captured and taken before the Tyrant ruler, who had intended to execute the infidel and end all thoughts of rebellion, but when he looked upon the man, he realised that they were kin, it was his own brother. The Tyrant misjudging the situation ordered him released from his bindings, a mistake he came to realise, as just moments later all of his royal guard were dismembered.

Jucalor now faced with his evil brother, had already made the choice to destroy him, however this was not to be, as Jucalor soon discovered he had made a deal with an ancient evil, seemingly granting himself immortality of the highest kind. Unable to take his Brothers life, Jucalor decided to exile him to a corner of the empire forbidden to be entered, it was there that Jucalor built a tomb and used spiritual priests to seal his Sibling away for all eternity.

The final night he spent at the temple he had a particularly vivid dream, a woman appeared to him though he could not fully perceive her form, but he could hear her voice, as she spoke to him "Your blood will rule Gargon for many generations, and then your fiftieth heir will be born, the 51st king of your bloodline, but he will not be born whole he will be of two halves... twins, and when they come of age they will face a great evil, that evil will engulf the whole Gargonian empire, but they will survive and rise above this evil, eventually becoming one entity a true king, that king will be able to impart true peace wherever he steps, and many will love him, he will be a beacon of hope to your people in their darkest hour. His name shall be Jivius. She also made another prophecy to Jucalor revealing to him that in ten years’ time a small sect of the rulers followers would assassinate him, the next morning Jucalor shrugged it off assuming it to be just a dream, but for some reason he couldn't forget her words, he'd find himself reciting them while tired and weary.

Ten years passed, he was walking in the streets of the capital when suddenly he was ambushed by a band of 20 men, the King being a great warrior dispatched them with ease, all except one, he had been his brothers general and the only one of the old council who had managed to escape, a fierce battle broke out between Jucalor and this man. Eventually as the king was about to deliver the final blow to the insurgent he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder, lunging forward over the man he tried to grasp a nearby wall to steady himself, from the pain he felt he knew that he'd been hit from behind by an arrow, within seconds he felt himself passing out, as his consciousness finally slipped he caught a glimpse of his royal guard.

He awoke in his chambers surrounded by his wife, son and their doctor, the doctor informed him while his guard had finished of the assailants the arrow which had pierced his skin was poisoned with an incurable toxin, it was then in his final words that he shared the prophecy of Jivius, reciting it just as the woman in his dream had, it was only as he uttered the final words that he realised that in fact the woman had been his wife, a woman he hadn't even met when he had the dream, he attempted to tell them but as he did, he realised that his breathing had become shallow and he could no longer speak, Moments later the Kingdom mourned the hero who had set them free, but that was long ago.


This story had been retold more than any other, by grandfathers to their grandchildren, by scholars to their pupils, by military leaders to their subordinates, in fact it would have been hard to find a person who hadn't at least told the story once, and so to be a part of the fruition of the story was an exciting privilege.

Needless to say the empire was overjoyed, the world was promised a new age of prosperity and peace, seemingly forgetting the part of the prophecy stating that the twins would have to fight a great evil when they came of age, it seemed much easier to just push that to the back of their minds and focus on the positive parts.

The Celebrations in Jucaa were scheduled for well into the next month establishments for entertainment and socialising had received license extensions that allowed them to open at any time they wanted during the celebrations, and with the influx of tourism the city was full to its brim and business was booming.

The busiest street of all was full of ecstatic citizens, chattering away about the new age that was about to begin, each one with their own theories on what it will entail, one man could be heard telling anyone who was within earshot "the age of Jivius has begun, tomorrow starts the age of rebirth: when all people will be as rich as the king himself." Another chirped in "and no more diseases or genetic defects, everyone will be born strong and smart, with intelligence to challenge a god and the physique to match." these kinds of comments could be heard throughout the city and across the empire, but in that one particular part of Gargon they were rife.

As one man started "My father always said that the age of Jivius was..." his comment was cut short as were everyone else’s in the western part of the city, as suddenly and without warning an explosion ripped through the city cutting a hole with a 2 mile radius into the megacity, instantly millions of unaware Gargonians were transformed into mere dust and fire the buildings gone and replaced with a wasteland.

 About a mile to the west of Jucaa, King Derain’s General of the royal guard, Cesuel, had just returned to his manor, as he reached the main building he looked back across the blue fields to the Capital and pondered on what was to come now that the twins of the prophecy had finally been born.

 His mind drifted away, remembering the suffering he had seen, the wars he’d been through and the pain he himself had been the culprit of, as the most feared man across the whole of the empire, he had killed countless men, in order to keep the peace or protect the King, but all were necessary, for without him the King may have fallen at the hand of one of the villains, without ever fulfilling his part of the prophecy, his concentration was shattered and he was left in disbelief, as before his eyes most of the city that he could see, was engulfed in a fireball miles high, the blast almost blinded him but through the water secreting from his tear ducts he was sure he saw a demon made of fire taller than any building.

Censuels eyes began to clear, not that it mattered for the whole area had been engulfed in a cloud of smoke, never the less he knew the path back to the city without his sight, the road from his manor all was almost a straight line there, Censuel finally shaking off his shock, came to the realisation of what was actually happening the King was under attack, the darkness spoken of in the prophecy had come to collect, but the twins could not face him for 18 years if the words were to be taken literally, “The Kings in danger, and I’m out here unable to help!” he thought to himself as he broke into a sprint towards the capital.

By the time Censuel reached the perimeter of Jucaa the dust had settled and he was faced with the grave sight of scorched land where hundreds of buildings had been just minutes before, the once busy streets had been replaced with pockets of fires still eating away at the once towering buildings. 

Biting back on his anger he headed towards the Royal Palace at the centre of the city, he deduced that if the King was going to regroup his forces it would probably be there. The ground was hot from the explosion and fire; however this didn’t faze him, if anything it only consolidated his fury, serving as a constant reminder of what the city had just suffered. Within a few minutes he could make out the towers of the palace, relieved that they were still standing as at least that was a sign of the Royal Families safety.

While preoccupied with the towers, Censuel almost failed to notice the men covered in black from head to toe surrounding him, he heard the first one as they set out to charge him, sprinting towards him from behind, a lesser warrior may have fallen on that battlefield but not Censuel of Gargon, the enemy swung a long sword aimed directly at Censuels neck, but without warning the Gargonian pivoted onto his right foot and arched his back, unsheathing his sword he held it out to his side to shift his balance, his nose now passing inches from the attackers blade, as he swung round in the opposite direction to the sword, he brought his own weapon back to his stomach, now clear of his opponents attack he straightened his back simultaneously lifting his sword and cleaving his opponent in two.

The newly dead man’s Brethren charged him all at once, swinging swords and axe’s at each of his limbs, through either miracle or pure skill and necessity Censuel dodged each and every one of them, leaving each attacker a limp corpse as he did.

When the battle was over only one man stood, knowing there was no time to waste he bent a knee to clean his blade on one of the fallen, but when he looked upon it, it was clean, he looked at it with disbelief, momentarily wondering how he could of cut down so many without sullying his blade with their blood, even he wasn’t that swift with a blade, quickly he checked one for wounds, but rather than answers this just modified the question removing the mask of one he found the garments empty, he had been fighting phantoms.

The King flickered back into his mind, within a second he was back on his feet heading towards the palace again, the phantoms were the least of his worries if a force capable of piercing a four mile hole into the most sophisticated city in the empire in an instant had come to face his Liege he would be there to stand beside him.

The People of Gargon knew that their King was fair and just, but they also knew one thing, he would stand in front of his army if it marched into battle, the first blood spilt by the Gargonian forces would be with his blade, and that just like his ancestor Jucalor that he would vanquish evil or give his life trying to.

When the earth shook from the explosion the King was with his wife, watching over their sleeping new-born children, he knew this day might come, he’d worried about it since his father told him as a child the prophecy of his bloodline, but unlike the Gargonian people he had focused on the darker side of the message.

‘What if the evil comes when they’re too young to fight it?” And “Or before their even born, or before I am married, what then father.” He remembered asking his father.

‘Then it’s simple Derain, you fight and you run, until your sons are of age.” He replied.

That had troubled him for a long time, the idea that one day he might have to abandon his subjects to certain death or slavery, so instead he had spent many years searching through ancient documents, for a ritual or spell that could provide an alternative.

A few seconds after the explosion one of his royal guards rushed into the room, and informed the King that they were indeed in the midst of an attack on the city from an as of yet unknown force or entity, then he turned to leave.

The King stopped him, “Go now to the High Priest Monduuke, tell him that the time is indeed upon us and he must prepare for the ceremony with great haste.” With that the guardsman exited, and the King turned back to his wife, “I’m sorry dear, not only am I going to have to go out into the city but if this is what it seems, you should wake the boys, this maybe the last time you see them, at least for a while.” With that he bent and kissed her on the forehead then he turned and followed his guardsman.

The sight the king was presented with when he came out of the palace was enough to make him physically sick, from upon the cliff that his palace stood he could see a gaping wound within the skyline to the west, a hole so big it was unfathomable that any force could do this and that was if you ignore the information that he was being fed, that it had all happened in one swift blow, without any warning, and from a seemingly invisible foe.

“Censuel! Get me General Censuel.” He barked at his men, it was then that he remembered, Censuel had gone home to get the gift he’d had for the new princes, was he caught in the blast? Without Censuel this already impossible battle was already lost, “Fetch me my sight stone, from the armoury, NOW!” he changed his orders, and 3 of his guardsmen rushed into the palace in order to fulfil them.

Luciost knew what was happening more so than even the king, for almost 20 years he had suffered from terrible nightmares filled with pain and despair, he’d seen this all before in mere moments he would be faced with the gravest of evils and he would be forced to do something drastic, he questioned what would become of his family in the chaos that was to ensue, would they know of the sacrifice he was about to make for them? For Luci, Petari and Herati.

He turned the corner knowing exactly what was to come next, taking in a deep breath he instinctively reached for his sword, instead he walked on with his sword still sheathed, if this happens the way he always dreamt it would, drawing his sword would not be necessary.

The Darkness thickened suddenly and the air became stale, an underlying feeling of evil engulfed him from all sides, making his hairs stand up, but he pressed on, “Luciost! I have come.” Boomed a voice seemingly coming from all directions, but all this was like a family recording he’d watched a thousand times over, he knew the exact words that were to follow “I have come here to give you a choice join me or become my enemy for all time. I can promise that your family will be unharmed if you join my cause, but if you do not I will spend an eternity delivering untold punishments to each of them.”

Luciost thought of his family he thought of his king and the code of honour he had been sworn to when he joined the royal guard, he thought of all the people who had just been murdered. “Come before me and I will give you my answer! I do not make deals with demons who hide in the shadows.”

With that he felt a draft, and the voice again spoke “I am the shadows, but if that is what you want, if you need to look me in the eye to answer then so be it.” The darkness started to lift as slight rays of sunlight slipped past the rooftops of the narrow streets, Luciosts breathing became lighter as the air seemingly cleared, and seconds later before Luciost stood a seven foot tall man who seemed to actually be made of darkness.

As Luciost looked upon the Shadowy Monster before him, he thought of his family, his son, daughter and wife, and finally he unsheathed his sword, finally reconciled with his fate, he drew the blade and pointed it at the demon, but rather than charge and attack instead he fell to one knee burying it into the ground “Lord Trokeeb! True Ruler of Gargon, you have returned after so many years to take your revenge on those who have wronged you. You have my loyalty and obedience, from now until you see fit to end my miserable life, you are my lord and saviour, and I pledge to you my blood to be your shield.”

Trokeeb reached out with his hand made of shadows, resting it upon Luciosts head and spoke to him in a commanding voice “I need not a shield, for I am invincible, ever living, I have lived for nearly 3 millennia. What I need is a Sword, a fierce blade of judgement who is both familiar and feared by his people, who will show them no mercy if they oppose me.” Trokeeb, took his hand from Luciosts head and plunged it deep into himself, pulling from it a sword made out of darkness, he continued “Do this and your family will live in the highest tier of our new society, free from crime or poverty, from now until the end of time you will stand beside me forever young and healthy. Do you accept me as your saviour?”

“I do my lord, what is your first command? Luciost said without hesitation.“I want you to kill King Derain and his family. You’re one of the few people he trusts enough to let near them; I want you to end my brother’s bloodline, tonight.” Commanded Trokeeb, moments later Luciost finally raised his head to look upon his new master, to his surprise he was alone again.

It was of great shock to Prince Rostuar, he was on his way out of the city to take his transport back to Zol-Phaetonia, when he saw the explosion that seemed to light up the whole city, the dust cloud that followed made it impossible for his driver to keep moving, but that wasn’t a problem as Rostuar knew he had to return to the city, Derain would need him if this was an attack, he waited for the dust to start to thin out and ordered his driver back to Jucaa, a few minutes later and they were at the western perimeter and Rostuar was faced with a harrowing sight.

He looked upon the once busy streets and buildings of Jucaa or at least where they once stood and pondered how many lives had been lost there not only Gargonian people but his own, Gargon and Zol-Phaetonia had been allies for millennia the story of Jucalor was told with as much passion in his own kingdom, for it was said the twins would bring an age of peace to everyone alive.

Turning to his driver he told him to head back to the ship, figuring yet another innocent casualty might be avoided, he took his sword from the car and attached it to his belt, then he turned and headed out across the scorched city.

After a few minutes he came across a battleground littered with bodies clad in black, bending to check if they had any identifying marks on their clothing he was shocked by the revelation that while the garments felt like there was a person inside, when he removed the mask of one there was nothing, confused he removed the rest of the garments, certain he would find some trick, instead all he found was a medallion in one of the boots, when he turned it over he was paralysed with fear at the symbol that he was faced with.

Long ago he had ventured with Derain into the old world, a part of Gargon where very few dare to step, it was once the capital from which Jucalors brother had ruled. Rostuar and the then Prince Derain travelled to the fortress in which he ruled, it was there upon the door of the Tyrants Castle that he had first laid eyes on this symbol, even then he sensed a great evil within the symbol, and now years later that evil had finally appeared.

Jeitruo handed King Derain his sight stone, the King was becoming quite fond of his new recruit, as usual quick and competent, but then again he was the kings own cousins son, shaking off his thoughts the Kings attention spun back to the attack, holding the sight stone out in front of him, he let out a roar of a command “Show me Censuel!” with that a cloud emerged from the stone after a few seconds forming a picture, the King was dismayed by the picture that was formed first Censuels silhouette became visible, seemingly battling 20 men, he knew it was his Man-At-Arms not only from his tremendous size but from the sheer speed that he dispatched his attackers, it was after he dispatched the fourth that huge chunks of debris seemed to engulf him.

Out of the corner of his eye the King saw a cloud of smoke arise from the north-west, only a mile or so away, realising that what he had seen in his sight stone and the smoke were actually the same thing Derain, ordered his Kings Guard to prepare to move out. Turning to Jeitruo he gave him a clear and concise order “Protect my family, cousin, protect Gargon’s future, the priest is on his way, and he will know what to do when he arrives. Let no-one enter except for him, including myself, if they insist you are to slay them without notice.” With that the King and his men departed leaving Jeitruo in front of the Palace.

While heading into the palace Jeitruo thought about how he knew full well that he was the kings second most trusted sub-ordinate, their fathers had been brothers and the King had himself said that without Jeitruo’s bravery growing up, he may never have become the Man he had. Now was the time to stand strong and brave, the King had entrusted him with the most important of tasks.

He entered the Royal Suite, and headed towards the nursery, where he knew her Majesty would be, once inside he closed the giant cast iron doors behind him, and slid each of the dead bolts, the king had installed when he learnt his wife would bear him twin sons, into place. He then turned to the Queen, bowing to his knee “Your Highness, the King has left for the battlefield where Censuel is currently engaging an unknown enemy, he sent me here in order to protect you and the Princes.”“Arise, Jeitruo, as the kings cousin, you’re royalty there is absolutely no reason for you to follow those archaic traditions.” Queen Juvioa said, as she turned to tend to one of her now upset children.

Jeitruo replied “Sorry my Queen, as a side caste of the royal family, my father always insisted I show proper etiquette to the main line. The King has also sent word to the Priest to come here and perform the ceremony.” He looked down at his latest relatives and future King, he had always doubted Jucalor's Prophecy but now faced with as many of the facts as he was, it was hard to deny his ancestors forewarning, If an evil had come to destroy the Empire of Gargon then he would not just stand by and let it, Jucalor’s blood ran in his veins just like it did in the Kings, the Prophecy had been passed to him as well and it was his duty to ensure Gargon's last hope survived this onslaught.

 Censuel was surrounded by the Shadowy figures that littered the ruins of what once was the North-west quadrant of the city of Jucaa, they charged at him, stupidly in single form lunging at him, the first all but impaled himself on the Generals sword, a mistake that Censuel took advantage of, plunging his sword through the assailant stomach, forcing a black gunge from the back of it, a second charged and a third, their heads were cleaved from their bodies with little to no effort, Censuel didn’t even bother to remove the first one from his blade, it was only upon the fourth attacker charging that the first was set free from a seemingly torturous fate, as the generals sword finally cut all the way through his side leaving him almost in two pieces, writhing on the floor moments from death.

Censuel brought his sword down the centre of the fourth assailant literally cutting him into two equal halves, more gunge erupted in all directions somewhat obscuring the champions vision, but even blinded he knew there wasn’t a singular warrior who was his equal in the whole of existence. As the fifth warrior charged Censuel wiped the black ooze from his face, and readied himself for more, however he was about to be faced with by far his greatest challenge. The Assailant leapt at him, but before Censuel could even lift his weapon they were both engulfed in a storm of rubble and ash, the ferocity of which was enough to send him stumbling backwards.

The dust settled and Censuel for the first time fully understood the fear that a normal man would be faced with when he stood before them, A behemoth that must have stood two to three times his size and easily four times as wide. The General felt his heart rate rise, and a smile rushed across his face, finally an actual threat, his whole life, everyone had shifted from his path as if he were part of an impenetrable wind current, now faced with this gargantuan beast he would rejoice, at the chance to be a true hero, a hero who could overcome the impossible.

With a mighty roar, and dragging his huge sword behind him he charged at his enemy leap frogging to higher heights using broken buildings as stepping stones to strike at the giant, as he finally got into jumping distance and he left a voice boomed “Fereek, behind you.” With that the monster turned and swatted the champion away with ease and only his left hand, Censuel was sent cannonballing through the air and crashed through an already damaged wall, shocked by his own inadequacy the champions consciousness started to fade, seeing the beast stalk towards him, he started to accept that his reign as champion was over, and soon so would be his life.

The Monster walked slowly towards the fallen hero, with no intent or mission other than to crush anything and everything that was not his master, he was born for no other reason than to bring the total destruction of every single thing in the existence, he reached the building where he had flung the tiny attacker moments before, lifting both his hands above his head the beast let out a mighty roar as he brought his hands crashing down into the opening he had created as his hands seemingly crushed rock and bone Fereek felt a blast of sudden energy connect with his backbone, sending him hurtling through the building, levelling it as he did.

Censuel was surrounded by dust, but still he knew what had happened, he knew exactly who had come to his rescue, it was his King, the true Hero of Gargon, Derain “Are you alive my friend?” he heard the familiar voice call out. He managed a simple “Yes.” Before he saw a the shadow of his king standing above him, quickly Derain bent down beside him and put a flask to his mouth, “Drink my friend, I brought the Elixir with me. When I saw the attackers I thought we may have needed it.”Derain drank two large gulps from the flask, and immediately felt his legs for the first time since he was sent hurtling through the side of the building, another gulp and he felt his bones knit back together, and the pain from his wounds wash away, he had heard many a story about the regenerative abilities of Jucalor’s Elixir, but never in his wildest dreams did he believe them, he had always put it down to the liquid making the drinker deliriously intoxicated.

The dust had all but cleared, “Come my friend the monster is rising again, and it seems we may still have work to do here, I will pin him down somehow, and you simply have to cleave away his head.” Said the King, in a deadly serious tone.

Censuel, began to get himself to his feet, still shocked that he could even move, but as he did he saw the monster that had hurt him rising as well, taking out a small dagger he charged at the beast, burying the blade deep into the temple of it, Fereek's arms buckled and his head smashed down into the floor, fully expecting for that to be the end of the monster for good, Censuel turned around to walk away only to see his king charging towards him, it was then that he heard a mighty roar behind him, on instinct alone he span round on his left foot, to see the giant stood upright again, hands raised above his head ready to crush Censuel where he stood.

At that moment, time seemed to slow for Censuel, as he saw his whole life pass by, he realised that he was about to die, as he saw the two massive fists about to crush his head and turn it into mush, he closed his eyes finally accepting the sweet kiss of death that was upon him, he had resigned to this fate.

Fereek’s hands created a gust of wind that was unimaginable as he threw them at Censuel, then suddenly mere moments before they should have connected with the hero’s head, the wind reversed as a great surge of energy washed over Censuels body from behind he opened his eye’s only to see the monster catapulting forty feet into the distance, and stood between them was his king and friend, again he had been saved by his liege, and this time he wouldn’t be throwing his kings efforts away so easily.

“Find your blade my friend, I and this Demon have some talking to do.” Said the king raising one hand above his head, and uttering some ancient incantation he was engulfed in a blue light, a light, the light of Spykius, one of the two aura’s passed to each king of Gargon when he is anointed by his father, it was said in Jucalor’s time that Spykius had been a white sorcerer who had vast control of the elements, to whom the evil Trokeeb had once been an apprentice, and eventually betrayed in order to seize his library of magic’s, it was he who had sent for Jucalor and dragged him across space and time, then bestowed upon his blood all the powers that the wizard had ever mastered and those same powers were now presented in front of Censuel, and they were unfathomable.Censuel looked around him for his sword, realising that it was probably buried under the rubble of the building that he was tossed into by the monster, so he decided to back track and see if he could find it.

The King smiled, he had never had a reason to actually use his powers in battle, he'd tested them many times, but never had he felt them pulsate like this, maybe it was the heat of the fight, or maybe it was the fact that this had to be his ancestors brothers return, but something was different in the way his heartbeat, in the way the energy flowed from his spine, down his arms and into his fingertips. He smiled, looking upon this giant who must have stood at 5 times the height of a normal man, and weighed more than a whole platoon in the Gargonian army.

The giant charged at the king, Derain stood firm, looking his opponent straight in the eyes, across what he now realised was until hours early a children’s playground, Fereek now merely 20 feet away suddenly turned to his right, aiming his weight at a completely different target, and the king was quick to notice what it was, just on the edge of the playground there seemed to be a group of children hiding underneath one of the play sets, the giant and his massive ears had probably heard their whispers, and was now on a direct course to them, this Derain could not allow.

Meanwhile Censuel had found his sword buried under the rubble of the house, he started to move the rocks that were covering it one by one when his instincts warned him of danger from behind, unclipping his smaller sword from his belt he turned to be faced with 20 of the shadow knights that he had faced earlier, 3 charged him at once, and 3 fell at his feet, it was then he remembered the incantation that the priests of Gargon had placed upon the hilt of his sword, he spoke the words as if they would be his last, "Domorio, my blade, you have stood beside me since this warrior was born, you will lay beside me when this warrior dies, now I command you grace my hand once more, come to me and I will wash you in the blood of the greed and the merciless we will cleanse this land of evil, and together we will once again bow before our king." With that a pillar of light erupted behind the hero, lighting up the sky above them, Censuel held his hand above his head and as the light dissipated it became clear he had somehow reclaimed his sword. The blade which had, according to legend been forged in the fiery pits of Gargon's most wild volcanos, was now burning brightly as if it had just been created with one swing a bolt of energy was emitted from its mighty blade eviscerating every one of the shadow warriors in front of him.

 Rostuar reached the Gargonian Royal Palace as the sun was starting to set on the capital city he entered the courtyard and heard a familiar voice, "Rostuar, my friend, I thought you had left for Zol-Phaetonia." it was Lord Luciost, but something was different in his voice, Rostuar closed his eyes and trusted in Jucalor’s blood to guide him, it was then that he saw it, Luciost bathed in blood knelt before a dark figure, that figure the Prince knew without a doubt was the Tyrannous Trokeeb.

 "Friend?" Started Rostuar, turning to face his new foe "Let us not play coy, you have souled your soul to the worst of evils. Your soul will corrupt your life and your body, if something is not done." Drawing his sword, he continued "So I will cut them asunder, and cleanse your mortal body from your corrupted soul, at least then you can be laid to rest as the hero you once were."

"Jucalor’s blood might run through your veins, you arrogant royal sycophant, but Trokeeb very power runs through every inch of my body. There is no chance here for..." Rostuar held up his left hand shaking his head.

"Let me stop you there, arrogant? I treat you like a Brother for years, I married your sister, and no chance?" he paused as if to let Luciost consider what he was about to say "What happened the last time that Trokeeb’s power faced off with Jucalor’s Blood? It fell, Trokeeb with all of his power was locked away in the most distant of places, BY MY ANCESTOR!" the rage in his heart could not be controlled any longer, he had foreseen what Luciost was sent to do, to kill the last hope of Gargon, to destroy King Derain, his wife and children, Rostuars own blood, he charged "THEY WILL NOT FALL TODAY! IF IT TAKES EVERY DROP OF BLOOD IN MY BODY, YOUR LIFE ENDS HERE!"

Luciost was suddenly enshrouded in a shadowy mist, Rostuar swung his blade at it, but it could not penetrate the cloud, he swung time after time until eventually his sword shattered into pieces, he fell to his knees, realising there was nothing left that he could do, he was not Jucalor, he could not protect his blood from the evil of Trokeeb, sobbing he closed his eyes and it was then he heard his words, Jucalor’s words across time and space, he told him of the only way to stop Luciost in this form.

Rising to his feet Rostuar picked up a shard of his sword, and carved a four inch gash into both of his hands, he then set off running to intercept his former friend, "Luciost, this is it you go no further."

Luciost turned to the Prince of Zol-Phaetonia and laughed at him, "Your blade was decimated by the force of Trokeeb’s powers that engulf me. How do you intend..."

Luciost was cut off, by the sensation of the princes blood soaked hands wrapping around his neck. Rostuar started "With the blood of Jucalor, just like I promised, it is more powerful than any of Trokeeb’s tricks." with that Rostuar started to speak an incantation in old Gargonian, a dead language that was before even Jucalor’s time, his eyes grew red with fury and as he finished the ground below him cracked open and both he and the traitor fell deep into the planet to their certain doom.

Before his life slipped away Rostuar was granted with one last prize a final prophecy, closing his eyes he saw the future, in a distant place his unborn child would meet with the Kings of the Prophecy and there they would form a force of unbelievable power, many years from now this force would return to uproot Trokeeb’s evil grip on this kingdom, and destroy him once and for all, with this information Rostuar was able to pass from this world with peace of mind.

The Children screamed as the Giant beast stumbled towards them, but their fears were unneeded for Censuel stepped between them and Fereek "Demon, this may be the last sunset that will fall on the free Empire of Gargon for many years, but you will not see its end." he said before burying his sword into the chest of the monster, he was suddenly faced with a realisation, this beast literally had no heart, not that it didn't feel any pain from his attack, letting out a horrific roar, it responded by grabbing the mighty champion by his left arm, slamming him into the ground.

Reaching for the sword protruding from his chest Fereek let out another roar as he pulled it free, lifting it above his head the monster intended to end the repeated interference of The Gargonian General, Censuel opened his eyes in time to see the Behemoth swing his own sword at him, he readied himself for what was seemingly inevitable, he had escaped death twice already that day, moments before the sword cut him in two, he found himself doused in the beasts blood, a moment later something heavy bounced off of his chest and rolled to his right, wiping his eyes clean he looked next to him and was faced by a shocking site, Fereek’s head was completely severed from his body which was still stood motionless above him, it was then that he heard the Kings voice, "Unless you want to be flattened my friend I would move from there, he looks like he is ready to topple", the King offered his general his hand.

King Derain helped his friend from the battlefield, he knew Censuel was in bad shape but he could feel it approaching, passing his general the Elixir of Jucalor he gave him a simple command "I hate to say this my friend but it has been written that only my sons can defeat Trokeeb now, and they're too young at this point in time. I need you to head to the Palace take the essence of Gargon's future from Monduuke to my Brother Rufius, Rufius will do whatever is necessary to protect this empire, and he will take the essences to a safe place far outside of Trokeeb’s reach."

Censuel took another gulp of Jucalor’s Elixir and again felt his damaged muscles and bones start to knit back together, he struggled back to his feet and as he stood upright the pain from his injuries had completely vanished, he turned to head towards the Royal Palace, setting off in a sprint but as he reached the edge of the battlefield he turned to check his King was safe it was then that he saw the Tyrant himself, he considered returning to his kings side, but he knew that if he were to fall on this battlefield then there would be no-one left to carry out the task he had been given and he understood that the very future of the Gargonian people was in his hands, he turned away and continued his journey towards the palace.

The King was now faced with the brother of his Ancestor; the Warlock who had held most of the world under his boot, suddenly the tyrant spoke to him "So you're the descendent of my Brother? The one called Jivius? Who I heard the insects scream for as I massacred them earlier?" as he finished he lifted his hand and the King was elevated off of the ground by some unknown force.

"No, I am not Jivius, but one day in the future he will stand before you, and he will bring peace to this empire for once and for all, on that day you will feel a force even stronger then Jucalor’s..." Suddenly his stomach convulsed, and he tasted blood as it was expelled from his lungs with just the will of Trokeeb propelling it, Derain felt his consciousness fading, and questioned whether he had bought Censuel enough time, he closed his eyes unable to breath properly and drew all of his energy into his hands, with all of his remaining strength he raised his arms and whispered "For my People, I will hold you here, it may not be for long but I will obstruct your path of destruction if only for a little while." then a great shockwave emanated from his hands ripping through everything around him at once.

Censuel made it to the Palace as he did he heard a massive explosion from the battlefield he had just left, knowing that it was the Kings power attempting to Halt Trokeeb, at least his friend hadn't fallen yet.

Inside the Royal Palace he headed straight for the nursery, where he knew he would find Monduuke and Queen Juvioa, he entered the Suite and bowed before his Queen, "It's time your highness, your husband is making a stand against Trokeeb as we speak, possibly Gargon’s final stand of freedom for many years." he then got back to his feet and turned to the High Priest, "I need to take it to Rufius now, he must escape this place so that the prophecy can still come to fruition."

The Priest turned quickly and closed a metal case behind him, picked it up and said to the General "I don't need to tell you the sheer importance of this task, the very future of our people will depend on you delivering this to Rufius." he handed the case to the General who immediately left the nursery intent on getting it to Rufius.

Rufius was already in the Cockpit when Censuel arrived, The General passed the case to the Kings brother "Here old friend the King sent me to deliver their souls to you, it would seem that the very freedom of this Empire rests upon your shoulders, take them far from here, nurture them, protect them and when they're strong enough in their new bodies lead them and their army back here, to free our people and end Trokeeb's Tyranny forever." With that Censuel turned and left the shuttle, intent on returning to try and help his King attempt to defeat Trokeeb.

 Minutes later Rufius' shuttle was leaving the atmosphere of Gargon, headed for a planet over 100 hundred years away at top speed, the planet his brother had chosen as the new home of his twin sons, it would be many years before Rufius could return to Gargon, if he survived that long, luckily he could make most of the journey in stasis, but once at his destination, there was no telling what obstacles he would face while trying to prepare his nephews for the battle ahead, not to mention how their souls would co-exist with the souls of their surrogate bodies, or what forces Trokeeb may send after him, Luckily Rufius had used the fastest engine in the whole of the Gargonian empire in his ship, and there was not another like it, even if Trokeeb sent assassins in their wake the Princes would have enough time to mature and hopefully hone the skills that were foretold in the prophesy.

But that is another story...


Submitted: July 22, 2014

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