Twenty Two Fifty Eight: The Price of Truth and Freedom(Unfinished)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Twenty Two Fifty Eight, is a series of short stories set two hundred and fourty four years in the future revolving around numerous people.

It's a Cyberpunk esque world, that I openly admit is highly influence by Philip K Dicks work(But to be fair what Cyberpunk works arent.) The stories are not entangled though most of them are connected and paint a vision of a world on the brink of revolution.

 The light shined in her eyes as shestood in the centre of the courtyard, a voice boomed "STAY WHERE YOU ARE,ANY MOVEMENT WILL RESULT IN IMMIDIATE TERMINATION".
 She smiled; she knew full well thatwhile using his tech, she was near invincible. "EMP Charge complete."here AJ105.8 control chip alerted her. 'Hit it' she said with a chuckle,seconds later the light flickered off and the automated security system to themost high tech prison in the EU was disabled.
 "Activate night vision." Bexcommanded her Skin Suit, she headed to the main entrance, plying the door openeasily with the enhanced strength supplied by the suit, slipping inside she wasfaced with 5 security guards who were waiting for her, the first one chargedwith a stun rod lunging at her face, she swerved her body to the left, the rodmissing her face by mere centimetres, barring her attackers arm she jumpedupwards kneeing him directly in the jaw, she rolled backwards over his arm, asshe landed she extended his arm out to his side placed her hand on hisshoulder  and kneed him in his exposedelbow, a crack was followed by a loud scream that echoed through the room asthe guards arm was left bent completely the wrong way.
 The other four guards took note of howeasily their colleague had be disposed of and instead all surrounded her, thefirst was rash and Bex broke his nose with a quick open handed strike,relieving him of his stun rod she placed a sharp low kick to the back of hisknee and then a hard kick to the back of his head, before his unconscious bodyhit the floor she had jammed the Stun rod into the shoulder of  the next guard, kneeing him in the stomachshe pushed him into the two remaining guards with devastating force.
 The three guards crashed into the floorlike they'd been hit with 2000lbs of momentum, Bex approached them as theywriggled groaning and gasping for air, "Stun blast," she said to thecontrol chip, "wide burst," she added lifting her right hand"Execute!"



Bex slipped inside the prisons officer area, she could feel how close he was,in less than 20 minutes she would be back in his arms, her mind wandered backto how they had first met:

 It was a cold night in Manchester Citycentre, having missed the transport shuttle she was waiting for the next, whenan unsavoury looking person approached her, only 17 she was always nervous ofmen late at night, "Here, pretty girl would you like a free sample of mylatest drug?" rasped the downtrodden dealer.
 "No thanks, I don't do anythinglike that." she replied trying not to make eye contact, suddenly the mangripped her arm, pushing against the back wall of the Shuttle Station shestarted to scream and while there was an abundance of people in the area noneseemed poised to help the girl. 
 "So you're turning down my kindoffer? Who do you think you are? You red haired bitch!" he pulled asyringe from his shirt pocket and was about to plunge it into the petrified girl’sarm, when suddenly her attacker was pulled backwards the needle smashing on theground at her feet.
 The drug pusher was spun around andslammed against the wall a foot from where Bex was, the would be hero pinnedher attacker against the wall, with his right hand and started to strike himwith his left fist, after the fifth he tried to put his head down to protecthimself, but the man kneed him in the face knocking him out clean, his nowlifeless body flopped down to the floor.
Bex was shocked by the heroics shown by the stranger."

 That was how they had met, her knight inshining armour coming to her rescue, and now she was going to repay the favour.and in the process she would help him free the world, still if truth was toldall she cared about was being reunited with her love again, she found it hardwhen AJ was taken and imprisoned simply for inventing high level code and then refusingto either work for the MegaCorps or stop coding altogether, the final straw hadseemed to be when he had wrote code that was a hundred times more effectivethan any currently in use, or maybe it was that he had decided to put it out inthe world  as freeware.

 Bexclosed the door to the central mainframe room behind her, she needed to crackthe system to get access to the prisoner processing database, she removed theSF67 Card from her side pouch, slid it into the card reader on the mainterminal, then waited for it to do its thing, the card another of AJs designswas one of a handful he and two friends had made years earlier. To get one Bexhad to break into one of the most secure complexes in the whole of the EU.
 Bex’s train of thought was broken by thesound of the door opening she turned around to find that four guards hadstumbled upon her. All four guards surrounded her, the one between her and theentrance pressed a button on his belt to activate his radio he started toreport “Intruder Located, level four Central Mainfra...” he was cut off byBex’s who planted a standing sidekick into his chest,  the force sent him hurtling backwards towardsthe doorway, he collided with the wall outside of the room and collapsed in anunconscious heap upon the floor.
 She was about to turn to face the otherswhen suddenly she felt electricity pulsate through her, the suit she waswearing managed to negate most of the damage, but falling to her knees, sheheard her in ear radio crackle, “Suit OS offline... Rebooting... Please allow 3minutes for booting process”.
 “Great!” Bex said aloud, moments latershe was being pulled to her feet by her hair, by one of the 3 remaining guardshe planted a hard punch to her abdomen, winding the now vulnerable girl shewould have collapsed back to her knees but his tight grip on her hair stoppedher from falling again, the guard laughed and threw another punch towards hergut, though this time she was ready for it she used his shift in weight toplant a kick to his kneecap, causing him to lose his grip of her hair and usethe wall to support his own weight.
 Bex saw one of the other two guards aimthe Pulse Stun gun at her again, she grabbed the injured guard and pulled himbetween her and the gun just in time to protect herself from the feedbackblast, however the effect on her ‘shield’ sent him careening backwards intoher, knocking her out for a moment.
 When Bex came to she quickly checked theamount of time that had passed, “68 seconds until reboot? I should be able tolast another minute...” the card to hack into the mainframe beeped twiceindicating it had done its job
 The two remaining guards were stood withtheir backs to Bex, “You first, I’ll keep watch, You can’t miss this chance,even if it’s only for a short period, have you seen her, when else are yougonna get a woman like that?” said one to the other, who gave him a reluctantlook.
 Now with 42 seconds left on the clockBex pulled herself to her feet, she only had to last another 40 seconds and thesuit would support and mostly negate the injuries she had garnered so far,“Ahem” she announced, the reluctant one of the guards turned to face her, shesmiled at him and felt a little bit sorry for what she was about to do, jumpingtowards him she placed her knee straight into his nose, which exploded in abloody mess as soon as they connected, rolling backwards she landed crouching,she quickly swung her right leg outwards in a 270 degree motion taking him offof his feet.
 18 seconds the clock now read, she shookher head at the one remaining guard, “So you want a piece of me?” she said witha chuckle, adding “please I’d break you.” The guard charged at her enraged byher taunt.
 Her in-ear radio noted “Rebooting inten...” The guard reached her and attempted to punch her in the face with hisright hand, “nine..” She ducked pivoting on her right ankle swinging her leftarm and elbow into the guard’s stomach “eight...” Bex followed up by rollingbackwards and bringing her right leg over her head into his face, “seven...”Bex broke her fall with her forearms “six...” bringing her feet down firmly shespun to face the guard who was staggering back towards the main terminal,“five...” she charged at the guard, who this time saw it coming dodging out theway of her on coming kick, which instead hit one of the many monitors litteredaround the room.
 “Four...” the computerised voice beepeddown her ear at the exact moment she saw the guards baton out the corner of hereye, quickly she pushed backwards with her leg rolling away from the table asthe guards baton crashed into it. “Three...” the guard scrambled to push himselfback to his feet as Bex found herself back against the wall “Two...”
 The guard now standing turned to herholding out his gun in front of him, just as he was about to aim the computerwhispered the word Bex had been waiting for “Rebooting...” she moved swiftly toher right, about twice as fast as would have been possible a second earlier,the guard attempted to follow her with his aim but wasn’t able to keep up sheplanted both feet off the wall “Foot repel” she said into her controllermicrophone, almost instantaneously an anti gravity pulse blasted from her feetpropelling her away from the wall, Bex hurtled towards the last guard, grippinghis head with both her hands, she guided him face first into the office wall ata frightening speed, the guards face was almost flattened in the process hecollapsed in a pile on the floor, Bex didn’t know or care whether he was justunconscious or actually dead.
Bexwalked over to the main computer terminal and removed the SF67 card noting downwhich pod the prisoner was being held in, ‘Cellblock 58 Row 22 Pod 10’ she saidinto her microphone.
 “Ah Mr AJ Davies? That’s why you’rehere? I presume that you’ve been using his technology? That explains allot.” Avoice startled Bex, coming from behind her, she turned around to face theperson speaking to her. To her surprise she was faced with a rather handsome‘business’ looking man rather than another guard, “There’s already an order inplace that if Cellblock 58 was ever compromised means Mr Davies would be immediatelytransferred to another location, the best you’d do by heading over to theCellblock is to buy him a few seconds of conscious thought, before he’s droppedinto another Gargonite Sedation Pod, We’d execute him before we allowed anyoneto so much as get close to freeing him, a dangerous criminal like that cannever be allowed to walk around freely.”
 Bex exploded with anger “Dangerous? AJ?He’s wouldn’t hurt a fly unless they were trying to hurt him or someoneinnocent, he’s far from a criminal as well, in fact the idea that he’s beenincarcerated for simply wanting to not charge people to use his coding, but itfar outdid the best on the market, that makes the corporation governmentcriminal in my eyes.” Bex decided she’d had enough with chatting with the manand charged at him, she threw a hard jab at his face but was surprised as sheconnected with nothing instead passing right through the man, she managed tocatch herself on the wall. “So you’re hiding behind a holographic simulator?Nice to see you’ve got convictions.”
 The hologram flickered and turned aroundto face her. “I was only attempting to postpone you long enough forreinforcements to reach the Mainframe room...” with that the picture faded awayleaving Bex completely alone in the mainframe room. She looked around the roomfor something to block the door while she found or made another entrance, sheno longer had time to waste fighting and maiming guards, they now knew she washere for AJ, she had to get to him as soon as she could to protect him from anyfurther danger, after over eleven years of being sedated she didn’t even knowif the man she was in love with was still in there, for all she knew she wasdoing all this work to save nothing more than a shell of the man she wasintending to save, but it was worth it, even if the chances of getting him outin one piece was a million to one, it would be worth it for the chance to lookinto his blue eyes one more time.
 Bex used the suits augmented strength torip one of the server lockers off of its base brackets, she tossed it like itwas made out of paper, using it to block the doorway completely. She turnedround looking up at the ceiling for any possible escape route she could find.

 Bex dropped out of an air vent outsideof Cellblock 51, looking around her the prison didn’t seem in a state oflockdown or alert, Bex thought to herself how foolish it would be if shemanaged to save AJ based solely on the fact that the prison had become stagnantand cocky about its security systems, especially now that they knew it was AJsactual technology that was being used, but the corporations had already proventheir arrogance on more than one occasion so nothing would have surprised Bexat that point.
 Bex checked her map of the prison,Cellblock 58 was one block over to the right and four blocks down, she movedswiftly along the edge of block 51 sticking as close to the shadows as shepossibly could, as she approached the end of the block she became aware of twoguards talking just round the corner.
 “Well I don’t know, but people aresaying the guards who came into contact with her said she had superhumanstrength and was bulletproof.” Said the first to his fellow guard “RegardlessI’m just hoping for a eventless night for you and I, I’d rather not end up likeCharlie with a broken collarbone.”
 “There’s no-way any of that’s true shejust got the drop on the morons, nothing more, nothing less, they’re makingexcuses for getting beat up by such a pretty little girl, she probablydistracted them with that skin tight suit she was wearing from the picture Iwas shown it didn’t seem to leave anything to the imagination at all.”
 “You can say that again” Chuckled thefirst guy in reply, he added “I wouldn’t mind being the guy who restrained herwhile she...” he stopped as Bex stepped out from around the corner.
“Whileyou? What exactly” Bex asked, with a coy smile, just a split second later sherushed at the two guards, the face of the first guard felt the impact of herelbow less than a second later, shattering his nose bone and causing blood toerupt as the skin split along the sides of his nose, he flew backwards rollingalong the floor, coming to a halt roughly twenty five feet from where they werestood.
 The second guard, who had wanted aneventless night panicked and hastily said to Bex “Wait...” he then proceeded toremove his Pulse Stun Gun from his belt, Bex readied herself to attack, butrather than aim the gun at her, he pointed it directly at his own chestinstead, pulling the trigger and unloading an electric blast into it, renderinghimself completely unconscious.
 Bex was a little bemused by theseactions, but she shrugged it off, as she headed towards Cellblock 58, nowpassing between Cellblocks 51 and 55, she figured the closer she got to hertarget the higher the number of guards she was likely to come into contact withand that was before she even managed to make it inside the Cellblock.

 Bex was between Cellblocks 53 and 57before she came across any more prison guards, eight of them were lay in waitfor her around the corners, had it not been for the thermal vision built intoher augmentation skin suit she would have walked straight into an ambush, shestopped fifteen yards from the end of the cellblocks, and called out to theunaware guards, “I’m not going to walk into your trap, you might as well allrush me now, there are only eight of you so I wouldn’t expect to be verysuccessful.”
 The eight men looked at each otherwaiting for some kind of idea, finally one of them said, “Let’s do it, if weall attack in close enough succession we’ll be able to take her down.” Hisseven comrades nodded to signify their agreement, and each group of four guardsgathered close to the corners, after a few seconds of strategising they steppedinto Bex’s path, each with their batons drawn.
 Bex didn’t wait for them to make theirmove she’d heard most of their chatter using the tech, she threw a smoke bombdown between her and the guards rushing through, “Stun Pulse – Overload Blast!”she said pointing both of her arms at the centre of the alleyway, millisecondslater a huge discharge shot into the ground between the two groups of guards, aelectrical based explosion followed sending both groups flying sideways into thecellblock walls.
 “Suit pulse capabilities drained, fiveminutes until recharge.” The control chip notified Bex, “Reroute power frombody shield to pulse recharging, that should cut three minutes off of thetime.” She commanded the chip, she decided it would be best to catch her breathwhile her pulse weapons were offline, kneeling down her mind drifted to thatnight, the night AJ finally told the corporations what he thought of theirsystem.

 AJ walked into their small apartmentwith a smile on his face, Bex knew what had happened he’d told her the weekbefore that he had again been offered to go and work with his old friend Stuartin the top wing of the government’s secret service, with his capabilities andtechnology, the corporation government wanted full surveillance of the wholepopulace all the time everywhere, this to AJ was a nightmare.
 AJ had come up with a plan to make surehis technology would never be able to be used to monitor people in their homesor at work he had decided to write a program, that if run would initiate acarrier wave upon a wireless connection causing any video and audio equipmentwithin fifty yards of the source to be scrambled.
 Bex knew what AJ had said to thepresident, he’d rehearsed it at least fifty times, “Mr President over the pastseven years, you and your organisations advocates have approached me sixteentimes by my count and each and every time, I have refused their offer, I do notwish to be a part of the subjection of the public freewill, I understand thatyou believe it to be a necessary evil however, if you do not cease yourattempts to recruit me I will be forced to release freeware coding that quitefrankly would decimate any further plans for the total citizen surveillancethat I know is your endgame.”
 AJ had known the president wouldn’t takeit well he’d been prepared for that, but he was happy running his pizza shop,sure he’d made it big as a prodigal coder in his late teens, but AJ didn’t likebeing involved in big business, and he loved pizza, so he’d put some of hissavings into setting up the ‘AJ’s Pizza Co.’ And settled down to a simple life,he and Bex had both felt the president was likely to heed his warning and fromnow on they would be left in peace to start a family and run their business.
 AJ wrapped his arms around his fiancé,“I’ve missed you, I think it’s finally over.” He whispered, he lent in to kissher but as he did an explosion echoed through the building, moments later theywere surrounded by thirty four Police Corp Officers, “AJ Davies, you are underarrest for the crime of blackmail at a treason level, and threatening todisrupt the status quo, your punishment has already been determined you willreceive the sentence for one whole year and then you will be incarcerated in astasis pod until you can no longer survive.”
 The officers ripped him from her armsand dragged him from the building moments later, she was dragged to the Corp HQand held for five months while she was questioned and tortured for informationabout her possible involvement in AJs plans, she denied everything just as theyhad planned all along, eventually the questions stopped but the torture wasamplified, when she was finally released, she spent a further two month unableto walk, and in a hospital.

  “Pulse Capabilities fully recharged.”The chip informed her breaking her concentration on the memory of the last timethey had been together, “Time to get back to work then.” She said standing up,“Reroute power back to...”
 The order to the control chip was cutoff as she was hit from behind with a high yield stun blast, she flew forwardten feet landing face down in the dirt, the blast wouldn’t have hit so hard buther shields were at 50 percent power, Beki started to push herself back to herknees but her attack was already beside her, a swift kick to her face, causedBex to roll over to her left and land back in the mud this time face up.
 Bex gasped to try and catch her breath,seconds later she was forced to defend herself from the attackers onslaught ashe attempted to stomp upon her face, with only inches between her nose and hisright boot she gripped his ankle, a second later she had wrapped her left legaround the inside of the guards leg, quickly rolling backwards onto her feetshe took him down hard into the ground, his head bouncing off the floor with ahard thud, with his leg still locked up she rolled to her right with as muchforce as she could muster, causing a sickening snap to eminate from the guardsleg as she snapped his ankle.
 Bex clambered back to her feet “Statuson suits capabilities.” She enquired her control chip, she waited a few secondsin fear that the whole suit had been fried before she could even get to AJ.

 “Hurry up and retrieve prisoner 1119.364from his pod, his execution has been ordered, he cannot be allowed to befreed.” Barked the deputy governor Hale, he’d just received information via hisin ear radio that she had been sighted only feet from the complex they were in,not in the history of this prison had someone managed to infiltrate the complexto this depth or escaped capture for this long, and he did not want to givethis girl any chances, especially with a criminal like AJ Davies.
 He remembered the day the news said theGovernment had finally found the man responsible for murdering 5,822 people in2050, AJ who had used a virus to purposely cause a power surge, which hadcaused a chain reaction explosion, at a Bloodfist world championship qualifier,leaving only 68 of the spectators alive, he had managed evaded the Police Corpfor months but was eventually caught. He had also been linked to numerous otherterrorist explosions in the months following, the media had demonised him as ifhe had killed millions.
 Obviously AJ had denied it, he’d swornthat he had been set up, that he would never be involved in the slaughter ofthousands of people, in fact he had claimed it was his refusal to “Subjugatethe Public” that had brought him to this trial.
 The hydraulic hinges on the prisonerspod hissed as it started to open up, less than a second later, a large amountof purple ooze seeped out from the bottom of it, finally the pod opened toreveal the prisoner, unconscious and attached to a harness his skin and hairwere caked in the purple goo that had been in the pod with him.
 “Get him out of there; he’ll be out forhours take him to the transport we need to deliver him to the governor as soonas possible.” Ordered Hale, his sub-ordinates unfastened the prisoner from hispod and took him by his arms dragging him to a wheel chair, once he was satdown, they secured his hands just to be certain that he couldn’t attack them ifhe came to, and started to move him towards the Governors transport.
 AJs appearance was quite daunting, hehad always been tall and slim, but due to the level of sustenance inside thepods he looked quite thin and frail, most of the goo had run off of his skinalthough his now shoulder length hair seemed to now have a purple tinge.
 They had just turned down the hallwaybetween the pod cells and the transport dock when suddenly the wall in front ofthem exploded inwards blocking their path with debris, the guards stood incomplete awe as Bex stepped through the gaping hole in the side of the building.
 Hale reacted first, giving an order ofhis radio “all units converge on the transport dock hallway! She’s here!”
 Within seconds Bex was surrounded by 30guards, but now faced with what they had reduced AJ to she was stricken with somuch fury that she no longer cared how many guards she had to face, the sheersight of her love in such a frail state was enough to motivate her, “Shield andStun capabilities fully restored” the control chip informed her, it had takennearly ten whole minutes for the chip to reroute the power around all the friedcircuitry but at least she had half a chance.
 “Pulse stun bomb fifteen metres doubleblast!” She ordered her chip, it beeped to acknowledge her order “5 seconds tocomply, please note pulse and shield capabilities will be offline for 3minutes.” It replied, one of the guards had already started to retreat with AJto Bex’s delight, as she had no idea what effect the stun blast would have uponhim in his current state, she now just had to stay healthy, “I surrender?” She shoutedto Hale, with a smile on her face.
 Hale started “Too late, you have brokentoo many class A la...” but was interrupted as Bex’s suit  formed a sphere of electricity around her,less than a second later it was pushed outwards in all directions over afifteen metre radius, knocking most of the guards out clean and catapultingthem backwards, the ones on the outer edge only felt their legs buckle alongwith severe dizziness however the second blast a second later was enough to robthem of their consciousness as well.
  Now sure that most of the guards hadbeen put down for the foreseeable future Bex headed down the hallway in pursuitof AJ and his captor, unable to get the image of AJs withered face out of hermind she quickened her pace not wanting to give them any chance to hurt himmore than they already had done.
 Bex reached the end of the hallway to bemight by a harrowing sight, as she was faced by what looked to be another fortyguards strategically placed around the room, above her on a gang way stood aman in a suit, the face of the prison Joshua Worthington, the man who was governorof the prison. “I’ll accept your surrender now.” He said looking down upon thetwenty five year old.
 “Go to hell!” was Bex’s reply, sherushed towards the nearest guard throwing a  long term smoke bomb between them as she did,engulfed by the smoke she used her heat vision to find her target, removing theconsciousness from him she kicked the still pluming smoke bomb towards two moreguards and made a dash for them “2 minutes until recharge complete” her chippedupdated her.
 Bex made it into the second cloud ofsmoke and was met by both the nearby guards fired there stun weapons blindlyand uncontrollably into the smoke cloud, she had dodged two from one of themand three from the other when Bex felt a blast hit her square in the chest, shewas sent reeling backwards out of the smoke and crashing into a nearby metalpillar, only just conscious her body was on fire with pain as she slouchedagainst the pillar.
 Seconds later the guards surrounded herand it became obvious to Bex that she had failed in getting AJ out of thishell, a solitary tear ran down her face as it set in that she was about to loseher life, she thought back to the last time she was happy, back on that night,AJ has said “Everything’s going to be okay.” She shook her head, it obviouslywasn’t going to be “I promised you, I’d never let anyone hurt you.” AJs voiceresonated in her head not from a memory but almost like a last hope from herheart, she knew she had no way to escape, still she didn’t want this to be theend.
 “Execute her now, set weapons to destabilise...”Commanded Worthington to his guards who all readied their weapons “... Fire.” Headded, his subordinates followed his command however they were shocked as theground literally opened up and swallowed her whole.
“Whatthe hell was that?” One guard asked.
“Where’dshe go?” Another questioned.
“Didthat just happen?” asked a third, all of the guards were understandably shockedby the turn of events,
 Worthington now standing with the guardwho was moving AJ about, walked over to the bubble in the ground where theintruder was moments earlier, a puzzled look took shape upon his face, was thisanother ability of the suit she was wearing? Suddenly the guard next to AJ letout a painful scream, and fell to his knees in an instant, as his each of hisbones started to fracture into hundreds of pieces, the shrieks of agony thataccompanied it drew the full attention every guard in the room, seconds laterthe guard started to cough up blood, reeling forward attempting to catchhimself with his now shattered arms collapsed completely he landed flat on hisface, causing his face to completely cave in.
 The Governor even more bemused by theturn of events had never seen anything like that before, realising it couldhave been the work of the intruder using a cloaking device, “Queen, secure the prisonerwe can’t let her get him out.” He ordered one of the guards, his eyes fell backon AJ who’s head  was slumped over, thento Worthington’s surprise he lifted his head to reveal an evil grin on his facelooking the Governor directly in the eyes, Queen now only feet away wasconfused when the prisoner pointed directly at him, this didn’t last long asonly a split second later the guard exploded, spraying blood and body partsflying in every direction.
“What did you do? Did you give that girl somesign to kill Queen?” Queen asked AJ who was still sitting in his wheelchair.
 AJ Pushed himself up to his feet “That girl as you called her is the love of my life, and no she’s encased in those rocks over there safe from your harm while I deal with you, I  killed both of your guards with nothing but my mind.” He retorted to the governor.
 The governor looked more confused thanever “How could you have possibly done that using nothing but your mind? Not thatI believe you, this is obviously some ploy to distract us.
 AJ Chuckled it didn’t surprise him thathe was being questioned after all he was probably the first person in historyto reach this level of consciousness “How? You ask, you locked one of the mostpowerful minds alive inside of itself and then you ask him how his mind has evolved?  You people are so disillusioned it could blowmy mind/.” He fired back at him.
 He then explained “You seem to be under the impression that your drug, ‘Gargonite’ sedatespeople completely; that they don’t even dream while under its influence… Youare wrong, in fact while under its grip my mind was so free of my body that Irealised things that weren’t just life and game changing, but they changed thewhole structure of the universe from my view point, here today you will witnessthe unveiling of this knowledge.

Submitted: July 22, 2014

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