When the heart breaks(WIP)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Short Story I'm writing about a man avenging his murdered wife.

I awoke today in a haze again, unable to discern what day it was, the events of the last few days have been intense to say the least.
It all started six days ago, I had just unlocked the door to my family home I turned and activated the locks on my car by remote as I did something crashed into my back sending me face first into my driveway path dazing me I caught a glimpse of four young men rushing past me, after the few seconds it took me to gather my bearings it suddenly dawned on me that Jess's car had been in the driveway and in the 20 or so seconds since I'd unlocked the door my wife hadn't made a single sound.
Now worried I quickly push myself to my feet and scramble into the house my body still in pain from my sudden collision with the floor. I shouted for Jess as my right leg gave way and I stumbled through the door, I managed to catch myself on the living room door frame to my right, but still crashed into the side table in the hallway knocking a small vase to the ground, the sound echoed through the hauntingly silent household as I struggled to pull myself round into the loving room using the door frame, as I did my worst fears were realised my eyes widened as they were met with the sight of blood.
My legs gave way again this time mostly from the shock of what I now knew must have happened, I clambered into the room this time unable to catch myself, I hit the carpeted floor with a thud landing on my back, I closed my eyes for a second again calling out her name, I bit down almost as if to swallow my fears finally a few seconds later I rolled my head to the left and opened my eyes, I thought I was prepared for what I was about to be faced with but I was wrong. My wife's body lay barely five feet from me her hair soaked in her blood her eyes staring back at me blankly, I knew then that my true love and unborn son had been ripped away from me, I rolled onto my side Unable to stand I started to crawl towards her slowly dragging my aching body through the pool of blood between us.
The blood had soaked through my clothes completely by the time I reached her lifeless body, I pushed myself up with my right arm and checked her neck for a pulse that I knew full well wasn't going to be there.
I pulled my hand away due to the amount of blood on her neck after the initial shock I quickly realised she had been stabbed in her neck, I looked over her body for more wounds it was then that I realised she was naked from the waste down.
finally realising I had to call the police I reached in my pocket and called 999, a female voice answered "Emergency services how maybe direct your call?"
Thirteen hours later I was still say in an interrogation room at the local police station. Being held as the main suspect until DNA samples from my deceased wife’s body were processed, the two detectives had been grilling me for a confession since I'd been dragged in ten hours earlier after receiving basic first aid for my wounds.
" It's pretty clear you murdered your wife, once we find the blade you used and confirm that no DNA other than yours was found on and inside her you'll be looking at twelve years at least." Detective Bostock leaned towards me and said.
"I've told you repeatedly I came home and disturbed a group of men who had obviously broken in and murdered my wife," I paused to compose myself and hold back any tears, after a few seconds I continued "they knocked me down from behind that's how I ended up with the cuts and bruises, when I finally made it into clubhouse and living room I found my wife's dead and half naked body lying on the floor. The blood all over my clothes is from me attempting to get to my wife even with my injuries, you're wasting time that should be being used to..." I tried to explain before I was cut off by three Loud knocks on the door to the interrogation room.
The two detectives exited the room quickly a couple of minutes past, leaving me alone with my thoughts I went over the events one more time in my head focusing mostly on the moments where the gang had raced past me while down, I suddenly recalled that one turned around as they got to the end of the driveway however, memory was far to fuzzy to recall his face.
My train of thought was broken when the detectives re-entered the room and immediately started to unlock the handcuffs that were restraining me.
Detective Paterson started " the DNA from your wife's nails clothes and the semen recovered from her support your story, we are wholeheartedly sorry for holding you however with no signs of forced entry and the way you were found I’m sure you can see why we had to treat you as the prime suspect for her murder," he said trying to justify my treatment.
I rubbed my wrists where the handcuffs had been, looking down at the table, I replied "I understand you're just doing you're job, I presume I'm free to go, once you return my belongings, I've got people I need to contact I assume you will contact my in-laws and inform them that I'm no longer a suspect in Jess's murder?"
Detective Bostock was quick to answer my enquiry "Yes, of course I'll go and take care of that immediately, while my partner here processes you and gives you back your belongings."
The two officers then lead me from the room. Detective Bostock headed to the right to make the calls and Detective Paterson lead me towards the front desk in order to process my release.
A short walk later and the detective informed me to wait at the desk while he disappeared into a room and moments later returned with my watch, wallets and shoes as well as the change of clothes they had allowed me to get from my bedroom before they had escorted me in my car to the station, "is there somewhere I can clean up and get changed?" I inquired.
"sorry you'll have to use the men's restroom." he said pointing down the hall " but can you just sign this form to confirm all your belongings have been returned to you?" he added.
I opened my wallet to confirm nothing had been removed I had a ten pound note and 58 pence in change I checked my credit and debit cards were still there, but my heart dropped as I was faced with what was now a bloodstained picture with me and Jess in it. I held back the tears and took a few seconds to compose myself, signed the form and headed with my clothes and belongings to the bathroom.
I drove my car down Oldham road heading to my mother's house I stopped at a red light, the momentary break in my confrontation, I looked to my left and my eyes caught a young man who was walking out of a shop, my eyes widened as my head put suddenly flashed back to the driveway this time much clearer and I was immediately sure that the face of the young man who I'd seen was the sane as the one coming out of the shop.
He turned the corner, the traffic light turned turned green a second later indicated to turn left and follow him. He was already turning up the backstreet I slowed my car and turned after him.
He quickened his pace seemingly aware of the car ominously stalking him, I slapped my horn to grab his attention, and he turned to see who was following him, his eyes met mine and his face dropped, he then turned back and set off running his reaction conformed my suspicions and the rage that had been bottling up inside my stomach. I slammed the accelerator down a second or two later it collided with the thing his head bounced off of the bonnet of the car as I hit the brakes causing him to be flung from the car his body slid seven or eight feet before coming to a stop.
A good few seconds passed before I saw any motion from the young man, he attempted to push himself up but couldn't at that moment.
I opened my door and stepped out of my car, walking towards the man I picked up some speed and planted a kick into his face, his limp body rolled over as the back of his head hit the concrete, and his glazed eyes were left staring at the sky. I bent down gripping the thing by the middle of his hoody and dragged him to his feet, he offered no resistance probably due to him being concussed.
I lead him to the boot of my car and opened it pulling the thing towards it, grabbing the back of his neck and then quickly planted a jumping knee into the man's lower jaw and I almost immediately felt his body go limp allowing me to e easily bundle him into the boot.
Slamming the boot shut I headed back to the drivers side realising I should make a quick exit to avoid being seen by anyone. I closed my door quickly having never turned the engine off I took the hand break off and sped off.
It was the third bucket of ice cold water that woke the assailant, he took a few seconds to come around properly but the immediate change in his face from the mixture of pain from his wounds and fear from being chained to a chair in a dark dank room by an unknown assailant, filled me with feelings of joy and ecstasy, I intend to repay this man for the fear and agony that Jess had felt, I allowed the man to fester for a few seconds.
"Wh..who's there? Where am I?" he asked franticly, prompting me to step out of the shadows, his eyes widened as he realised who had taken him hostage...
  I glared back at him not saying a word for what must have seemed an eternity to the thug, as I slowly walked over to him, finally I reached where he was being restrained, and bobbed down slightly so our faces were less than a foot apart, “You and your friends ransacked my house and murdered my wife, I want the others names, now, otherwise…” I paused for a second caught up in the emotion, I suddenly chuckled to myself as I realised I had no idea what I would do, after another moment or two I added “It doesn’t matter what I threaten you with you’re gonna try and play the big hard man and try to call my bluff, so I figured I’d show you.” with that I pulled a gag over his head tightening it around his mouth, to muffle his reaction to what I was about to do.
 I walked away from him for a second so as not to prepare him for my next move, reaching into my jacket pocket I pulled our a small pair of wire clippers, I took a deep breath, and pictured my wife’s blood soaked body in my mind, like I had intended my pent up rage exploded, I spun around gripping the murderers right arm, and before he had a chance to comprehend what was happening I had removed his little finger, the sound of the bone being cut in two was sickening and echoed throughout the room had I not been so intent on causing the man horrific pain I would have probably thrown up, blood sprayed across both of our clothes and the thug, who’s name was Andrew Miller according to the ID I had found in his wallet, let out what was probably a harrowing scream of pain luckily it was dulled considerably and so didn’t effect my nerve.
 My adrenaline had kicked in by this due to my psychotic power trip, I quickly moved onto the next finger this one was almost twice as thick as the little one, the cutters broke the skin and immediately cut into the bone with a hard crunch, that continued almost like a twisted version of a squealing door, a second later the blades snapped shut, the thugs screams were even louder but I didn’t care.
 I reached underneath the chair he was affixed to pulling out a large roll of masking tape, I quickly started to tie his arm to the arm of the chair wrapping the tape around them both so many times I couldn’t even keep count, using roughly half of the tape so I had enough to repeat the process on his other arm, I picked up the wire cutters again, this time locking them around the middle finger, again breaking the skin and cutting into the bone only this time halfway through I stopped cutting. Resting the cutters next to the finger I again moved in front of him looking into his eyes which were now glazed with tears, “Give me the names of the other men, and this ends, it’s that simple.” I said to him in a stern voice, a few seconds past as he composed himself, finally he gave me an answer, shaking his head in defiance of my demands.
 Leaning in closer I smiled at him, and whispered “ I’m almost impressed that you have some form of honour, at least for a rapist murdering fuck, let’s see how far it goes.” with that I walked behind him over to a table the next thing he heard was the sound of his finger being cut as I brought a cricket bat down on the handles of the cutters that lay indented into his finger. This time his scream sounded like it was hardly muffled at all Andrew barely had time to breath from it when the bat impacted the right side of his head, I stepped to the side of him this time swinging it straight into his face, his nose was crushed, the sudden cracking of the bone breaking the skin on either side of it spraying blood into his eyes blinding him, I pulled bat back then swung it over arm crashing it down into the front of his right kneecap, a twisted crunching sound accompanying it as his kneecap seemed to be dislodged from the tendons that held it in place, without thought I followed up by smashing it into his chest I heard at least one rib crack now almost proud of the pain I was causing him I pulled back and landed a second and third shot into his rib cage each one garnering a louder crunch from the impact..
 The mans screams were now constant I decided to let up for a moment and see if he had reconsidered his stance of protecting his cohorts, a good thirty seconds passed before the thug stopped screaming and moaning from the damage I had dealt to him, Finally he looked at me, almost in hope of some pity from me, I scoffed at him “Andy? I’m gonna call you Andy, okay?” I said to him in order to attempt to connect with him then I added “I can quite honestly do this all night, in fact I can do it all week, you, you probably can do this for another three or four hours though and then you’ll either be dead or a vegetable… So this is what I’m offering you give me all the information on your three friends and I won’t cause you any more pain, I’ll even drop you off near a hospital.”  the young mans eyes widened with the thought of my onslaught coming to a halt, I looked at him shaking my head and said “I’ll give you a moment to think it over before I expect an answer.” with that I walked back into the shadows, quickly exiting the room, I headed to the bathroom to use the sink to wash my face, the wiring in the derelict building my company had recently bought was shoddy to say the least, I switched the switch and they flickered on and then immediately back off again, then repeated the process over and over, almost as if it was a slowed down version of strobe lighting, I leant over the sink, turning the cold tap head the lights flickering on revealing that it was a slightly muddier colour than most water, none the less I cupped my hands underneath the flow of water, filling them with it, I lifted my hands splashing it against my face, each and every drop sent an almost calming ripple across my face, cooling me practically in an instant, I looked up into the mirror before me, some of Andrews blood still present on my face, I thought to myself I should be shocked and disgusted at the actions I had just taken, but instead I was proud and overjoyed that one of Jess’s murderers had been dealt a true measure of justice, and I knew I couldn’t stop there, the most the British Criminal Justice system was ever going to do was lock them away for ‘life’ which to be blunt was almost a parody of what it sounded like, twelve years wasn’t life, even if all four served the full twelve that would be forty eight, Jess had only recently turned twenty five, forty eight would barely cover the number of years she was expected to live, I knew full well that she had to be avenged, each one of her assailants had to be put in the ground before I could rest. With that I stood up and straightened my jacket, took a deep breath and headed back to continue questioning Andrew.
 Andrews eyes were skirting all around the room, probably in paranoid fear that I would attack him from the shadows, when I walked out in front of him I saw his whole body tense, with this I figured he had made the decision to not reveal his friends to me. Still I figured I’d at least check, again crouching down in front of him, pulling the gag free, I went to begin questioning him, but before I could start, he started to cry and beg for mercy, he then gave me the names and addresses of the other men who had helped him, the day before, as well as where they often hung out, after what must have been thirty minutes, I finally stopped the young man “Right that’s enough, I need to get you to a hospital, before you die, let me just get the ropes untied, walking behind him I bent down, and started to undo the knots binding the chair to the ground.
 Suddenly without warning I pulled a twelve inch blade out from under the chair, standing up behind him I gripped the handle with both hands and swung it at the right side of his neck, the first swing hacking about a quarter of the way through, I pulled the blade free, causing an extremely large amount of blood to be propelled from the wound, I pulled back and took a second slice this time missing the first hitting half an inch higher, to compensate for my bad arm I twisted the blade, forcing the edge downards and cut the flesh between the two wounds free, Andrew by this point was probably dead from the shock and blood loss, but I didn‘t care I hacked a third and fourth time and then a fifth, finally with the sixth his head almost rolled off, however the skin and flesh on the left side of his neck had remained uncovered causing his head to hang upside down, still partially attached to his body.

Submitted: July 22, 2014

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