Ian and Alex's night out

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Ian and Alex are having a simple discusion.

Sample of bigger book i'm writing called go. The book rotates around what Ian and Alex do so non chalantly and how lives are effected. It has a cool ending that makes you wonder about what you just saw. I can't tell you more without giving it away.
Say if you like or hate. Even if you stop reading tell me how you liked til you stopped or why you stopped.

Ps. i know that's how you take tik but i was in a hurry and i didn't want to distract you with a full decription.

Submitted: July 17, 2008

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Submitted: July 17, 2008



“The roof the roof is on fire! We don’t need no water let the mother fucker burn!”
Both Ian and Alex yelled at the top of their voices. Ian pointed an invisible microphone at Alex.
“Burn mother Burn!” He yelled at the top of his voice.
“Burn!!” They both yelled together.
They sang it two more times before giving up, exhausted. Alex sighed as he leaned back on the tiled roof they’d chosen to sleep on.
“You know… Do you think about hell?”
“What kind of question is that? Why do you plan on making a trip?”
“No man… it’s just this IS someone’s house you know…”
Ian looked at the flames that engulfed different parts of the roof they lay on. “Well it’s not like there’s anyone inside” Ian conceded.
“Did you check?”
“Nope... Look you could think about this, for people there either is or isn’t a god. So that drops your chances down to fifty percent”
“How that work?” Alex asked weary of the story that was coming.
“Well you see it’s like this there’s an undeniable verse in the bible that says everything is on earth as it is in heaven. So if it’s fifty percent down here then it’s fifty percent up there.”
Alex stared out at the flames for a while before answered.
“Fifty percent will feel like a big number in hell” Alex mumbled.
“You didn’t let me finish. You see it starts with that fifty percent then you add in all the different religions who all think other religions are Pagan think any people associated to them are heretics right? That’s the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists
“Aren’t they the same thing?”
“Who gives a fuck? Anyway then there’s the Jews and Scientologists. I know what your thinking and your right technically they don’t count but all the other religions think of them as heretics. And Alex those are just western and eastern religions who’ve given all African religions the almighty fuck you. Right? That cuts your chance of getting it right and going to heaven down quite a bit right? Well not to think about the churches which are different. And why go to a specific church unless you thought the others were wrong? See it getting ridiculous now isn’t it? Now that includes the churches in all the separate religions. See now according to those chances you’re fucked right? And the worst part is that it isn’t your choice isn’t it? It’s your mother or father who really decides. So your ‘given’ your religion and then when your old enough to really choose you’ve been eating so much shit for so long that you’re opinion of anything other faith is warped isn’t it. So in the end you’re only choice is to see the ‘light’ your head had been forcefully twisted to see OR you become an atheist where a shitty end is guaranteed for you.”
Just then a part of the ceiling fell through behind them. Neither Ian or Alex blinked.
“Let’s go” Ian said jumping off the roof. Alex stayed on the roof and pulled out a thin glass tube and poured a white see through crystals it. Alex poured more on the pipe and put the pipe over the flame. The crystals melted and Alex smoked the pipe. He then jumped off the roof. Alex dropped more crystals into the tube and passed it to Ian with a lighter.  Ian took a pull on the pipe then carried on walking. They were they 3 blocks away from the burning house when the first fire truck appeared. “Took long enough” Ian snorted taking another pull on the tube. He let the smoke pour slowly out of his mouth. “Anyway” Ian said ready to carry on “”I was talking before we left. Atheists or are completely fucked because their guaranteed to get nothing, no matter who, what or which religious thing is right. But!
Their better off, because they get to live their lives to the fullest. Why? Because they know that right now, is all they have. And for some, that’s all they need and more than they wanted”
Alex nodded taking a last pull on his glass tube before passing the whole thing to Ian.
“I feel like there’s a flaw in your reasoning.”
Ian raised his eyebrow and paused in mid pull waiting for an answer. It didn’t come…
“Well?” Ian insisted.
“Fuck Ian. I don’t know what the exact flaw is Ian. But I know it’s there.”
“Sure Alex you believe what your poor warped and twisted soul wants you to think. Hey you hungry?”
“Famished” Alex answered pulling on the pockets of his jacket as steam come out of his mouth.
Just then a police car pulled up behind them and called them over. Alex grinned at Ian and Ian nodded. The police man watched them intensely and saw the drugs in Alex’s hand and saw him reached inside his pocket.
“What are you two-”
END of Part one

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