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This was originally in Swedish, and translated. Make sense or not, it is up to you.

Submitted: January 25, 2015

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Submitted: January 25, 2015



"It is written," says the crystal vendor, "Maktub"  it is called in Arabic. I'm already halfway through the book. It feels like I'm the young Santiago. So my destiny relies within the remaining pages. He has already found Fatima, the love of his life. I'm still waiting for mine, but i'm not in a hurry. Coelo's close ones did not think he would succeed making money on writing. But he proved them wrong. If he can, So can i.

Sometimes it feels hopeless in life. You just have to snatch up as soon as possible. I'm on the right track, I know that. To begin with a pen and paper is always a good start. If I can not change, how can the world be changed?

Meaning, you create yourself, change is a must. As an agnostic atheist, I hope of course that "it" exists. How do I define "it" is not important. What truth is the ultimate truth does not matter.

As long as we succeed. A service for God or for us, or for my madness, it does not matter. My intentions are still for the greater good. I'm not the smartest or strongest. But my life has a purpose. I'll make sure it does.

I have done evil, and evil haunts me, but i take the revenge with a smile because i know i deserve it. 

tears are pouring down, and I'm terribly sorry. I realize it now, and with all the strength I'll give it back, even if it means my own life. I feel your energy, and I will not disappoint you. I'll correct my mistakes and move forward in life

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