Beneath Departed Skies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a quick little poem about zombies I wrote on break at work. =)

With each hitched break I take

More acid through your veins

Pumped up towards your brain

Your slender limbs begin to quake


We're sitting in the dirt

Beneath the climbing sun

I wish I had a gun

Because I'm so scared this will hurt


You're cradled in my arms

I'm rocking side to side

You smile weak and try to hide

That it's my fault you were harmed


I hadn't seen it there

Not until we'd passed

The corpse was lightning fast

It grabbed you by the hair


I froze up in alarm

Much too slow to act

I kept your lovely face intact

But found bite marks on your arm


So now you're slowly dying

Pretty skin as white as chalk

Too weak to even walk

Yet I'm the only one who's crying


My heartbroken tears

Stream dirt off of your face

Because from here I see the place

Where we've been so happy for years


It's only twenty yards away

We almost made it- we're so close

And that's the part that hurts the most

Oh God, your brothers- what will I say?


You pull me down to you

Your sweet breath in my ear

You say I shouldn't fear

That I should be brave, too


You tease me gently, with a grin

Say that I've always been too meek

Your fragile fingers on my cheek

Tears dripping off my chin


Yet even as you mock

We both know our time is gone

So with the light of coming dawn

I rush to find a rock


I find one, then I cry

Because it's just so small

The size of a baseball

I pray with just one swing you'll die


I kneel down at your side

You smile and hold my gaze

I swear to you the dead will pay

Then I lift the rock up high


You sigh and close your eyes

You seem so much at peace

I crush your skull, your heartbeats cease

Beneath departed skies

Submitted: June 21, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Squeamish. All rights reserved.

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