The Holy Note

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Facebook notes are AWESOME

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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Submitted: June 03, 2010



So, it has come to my attention that a majority of people have been filling out 'facebook surveys' or tagging people to 'first impression' notes. While I'm sure there is some fun to be found in filling out surveys about yourself and having other people acknowledge your vanity (hmmm...there seems to be a trend with the word 'yourself'...coincidental?), I personally don't like the idea of notes. But then...I got thinking...what if there is more to facebook notes?

I'm sure somewhere in the galaxy, facebook survey notes are the equivalent to crappy, yet somehow educational, soap operas (Adios Mios! Lashawna's favorite color is pink! We must create a religious cult worshiping Lashawna's favorite color.) But if this applies to Lashawna's note, then if must apply to everybody else's. In which case, these nifty facebook surveys are in fact sacred religious text, and we mustn't criticize the divinity of what which is the Facebook NOTES! -But that can't be...ludicrous!- Don't be so naive, my little disciples. You see, Facebook Notes are your friends, your teachers. They teach you trivial facts about others, like how Mary's favorite food is cake and how Bill is still single. In some instances, they teach your stalkers how to become your ideal lovers, or even better, they increase your shares in stalkers (stalkers are the equivalent of priests and saints.) You spread the word and convert many with the usage of the \"tag people\" button. You become part of a wondrous circle and community, where your actions are repeated by your friends and followers. -But holy Facebook Notes, how do we become enlightened like you?- My children, you must prodigiously study the sacred texts of the Facebook Notes, and afterward, you must immediately repost IT as your own and tag as many possible. It is necessary that you convert many. You must also model after the many and holy leaders, such as Godzilla, Big Foot, and Perez Hilton, whose facebook notes have become so Godly, they are given fan pages. That, that is the ultimate sign of Enlightenment.

So I say to you, my children, go forth and spread the magical love and lesson that is Facebook Notes. Go fill out surveys about how lonely and bored you are, and by all means, tag as many friends as you can! We care! We totally, freaking, care! Your favorite food is spaghetti? IT IS NOW THE COMMUNIAL WAFER!! You love the Beatles, more specifically the song , 'I am the Walrus'? IT IS NOW OUR SERMON'S HYMN!! WE ARE FACEBOOKERS!!


By the way... About moi: - my favorite color is blue - my dream guy is tall, skinny, sweet, and smart - my dream girl has freckles, charm, intelligence, and grace - I like Italian food a lot

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