GRE DREAMS chapter 1-In LOVE with MY LIFE

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
life has so many twists and turns. Soon you cross them u will be faced with a new one. At the end you will fall in love with your life.

Submitted: June 14, 2013

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Submitted: June 14, 2013



Sravan Bandi 

30th july '13

‘Aims, Challenges and Goals this is what student is. . . . it may be gals or studies. Camera reflects student’s brain.’ my experience in my life taught me this.

‘If Student wants to aim something in a genuine way the goal appears in focus and rest of the things hm…out of focus’

My dad boring me with his lectures before my GRE. . .


‘He achieved it Gopal!! He cracked it’ my dad proudly shrieking his son’s achievement in GRE. . .

‘Hello.. Hello shit!! Network problem.’ Speed breaker to his excitement.


‘Yes venky!! I cracked it, 321 my score’ venky on other side of my phone.
‘So to US, which place??’

‘Cool!! Once again congrats buddy you owe me a treat.’
‘I will venky and place it’s your choice.’
‘Ok talk to you later!!!’ dad calling me.

Mom came with her as usual festival special kheer. . .
‘I want chicken mom... Hahaha’
‘sshh!! Shut up and eat kheer. . . Give it your dad it’s sugarless’ mom teases dad for his diabetes and takes care too. 

8 months later shifting my place to California for MS tomorrow

‘Mom is in mixed emotions happy and sad exactly like 50-50 sweet n salt’ after all Indian mom loves their son.
‘Son!! Now you have achieved what you want and now you need to complete your ms and get your Mr.’s.’ he laughed.
Everyone in house supported him with their giggles. It was their biggest joke of the day.
“Dad, come on I am too small” I lied.
“Did you find any gal for you?” Dad asked me with a suspicious look towards mom.

Tears rolled down my cheeks when dad asked me.
In few seconds, I left home to venky’s house on my thunderbird.

“I remembered priyanka; my hearts calls her priya”
My speed raised from 40 to 80 and then 100 and my heart from 72 to 80.
“Miss u priya!! Miss you!!” Screamed till the pain left my insides.



At venky’s house 

“Congrats buddy!!!” A tight hug of friend is like drinking an energy drink to every one.
‘saw happiness in venky’s eyes and the same time friends happiness will have a hidden reason.’ Its rite.
He asked me to send nexus4 phoneJ with a big smile on his face. Venky is fond of phones.
‘I will bisc’ I call him bisc whenever, I tease him.
‘Don’t ditch me!!’
‘Ok ok man.’
‘when are you boarding flight?’
‘Tomorrow at 1:40 am.’
'At night, what a timing boss'
‘hm  what to do!!!’

‘Is priya in touch with you?’
‘Yep, she called me just now’ I lied to him and said ‘bye’.
‘Buddy!! Don’t say bye, I am coming to airport.’

Started my bike and Again priya hit my thoughts……… ‘Air opposed me and Tears supported me.’
Reached home at 5:30 evening. Mom was struggling with vessels. She is busy preparing snacks to me. The scene at home remembered me old telugu movies.

‘Surya……surya!! Where are you?’
‘Dad!! I am on terrace’ as dad reached me priya left my thoughts.
Dad came in his night attire. He looked fresh. I think he is ready to leave me at airport.
‘What are you thinking kanna?’ kanna my nick name.
‘Nothing dad, just blank’ cool breeze my sweat vanish.
‘No problem son just 2years, you will be earning there any problem just call me I will be transferring money.’
‘Not about money dad’
‘then what?’
‘Can I cop up with my attitude and nature.’
‘You can Surya, you have that thing in you and you will be sending an Audi car!! Haha J’ he smiled as usual.
“His dream to travel in Audi of his own but he couldn’t do it due to me!! So I have to fulfill it” I said to myself.

‘Ravi uncle will be receiving you there’ he said this for more 20 times.
‘Ok dad I know’ my reply for him for 20th time.

Soon we travel in cab towards Airport. Lightings are awesome at Samshabad Airport.
“Everything is blank now and my thoughts said I won’t be back or step again in Hyderabad for 2years and I can’t breathe this air, can’t see Buddha, can’t  hang with friends at Inorbit and mainly miss kingfisher beer with my friends, I remembered my total engineering in a flash and I feel my eyes gloss with tears.”

Clock struck 1:20!!!!! Announcement “flight number BLA BLA BLA.”
Showed my passport and tickets, took a warm hug from mom and dad, plus blessings too.

A tight hug from venky and venky shouted nexus when I entered in to checking area.
They waved hands up and up till I can see.

At 1:35, I was in flight, Airhostess welcomed me and I checked my seat number as it is not business class where airhostess takes you like a child to your seat.

At 143, I received a call from priya my heart beat raised and my lips started smiling without my order and I started blushing.
“I love you, I love you surya.”
“I love you too” I replied with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes and Goosebumps all over my body.

She proposed me at 143 morning!! Awesome!!
I love her timing and her more.
And ‘I will miss u for 2 years.’
Airhostess interrupted “sir, can you please switch off your phone, madam you also please.”
 Then I turned back to see the lad back of me in a beautiful blue salwar kamiz and
I was shocked!!!
“Priya you!!” She came and sat beside me.
I said “I love you and you’re coming to ………” She interrupted me with a kiss.
My lips started moving with hers and it was my first kiss, so I don’t know how to…
I kissed her so hard!! I pulled her lower lip and she replied ahh stop it.”
Her shy smile struck my heart at like cool breeze and gave wings to my heart.
“we will be one from now’ I said and she slept on my shoulder and I was about to remove her top……”

“Get up sir!! Get up maharaja!! You lazy fellow.” Mom was shouting from the kitchen.
“Got up mom, don’t shout.”
“It’s a nice dream mom………… you made it shit.”
Am I not kissing her!!
shit!! Shit!!

Time is 8:30am clock struck… tak tak tak…

“It is college time, I have to rush up.”
“Bye mom going to college….”





© Copyright 2020 sravan bandi. All rights reserved.

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