My Master's Experience in USA

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life is not a story which can be scripted by us, we are just made to choose between the good and bad.

Exactly like counting stars - one republic

"I feel something so right
By doing the wrong thing
And I feel something so wrong
By doing the right thing
I couldn't lie, couldn't lie, couldn't lie
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive"

we need to make ourselves better in each and every aspect to become the best and happy.

Submitted: September 17, 2014

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Submitted: September 17, 2014






It was one fine morning in my hometown, when I had overcome all my inner conflicts on both personal and professional fronts and decided to do my masters. Many people advised me against it and tried discouraging me saying “It’s a hard life to face” “Be Happy in India” etc. After ignoring few of them and arguing with many I succeeded in convincing my parents who care, friends who share and the selfish people around me who didn't’t want me to win the over world, to allow me to pursue my masters abroad.

I was very clear in my thought and made up a pretty optimistic plan for my life in United States. But on reaching the United States I realized that there were many factors which could pull me away from my goal. I had many new things waiting to be learnt like new people to deal with and too many situations to understand. Often people judge others as being selfish and nonchalant but I believe they are much more focused on their life and working for their goals.

I have thought I would complete my masters very smoothly by doing a part time job on campus, but reality was harsh where there were many seniors who have been struggling to hunt a job for the past one year. It resulted in a slow and steady loss of confidence levels in me. And then in a week I began to realize what homesickness is and how it feels to miss our loved ones. It wasn’t a new thing for me to live away from home but this was a situation of its own kind I was dealing with. I had too many things to do to make myself better and reach my goal. It also involved all the financial liabilities I had put in for this dream and coping up with all these pressures was getting difficult with each passing day.

Then a line from my insides “I had a lot of force inside me which drove me a long of distance to reach this position but when I reached here and when my goal is just few feet away why am I loosing the force and confidence that I have in my insides.”

All I needed was to work on my personal skills. I started socializing and tried adjusting myself with the system. I dared myself to be prepared for the worst and began to apply for each and every job on the campus and knocked every door of all departments. Thankfully I landed me into a job after a month long endeavor and now I am juggling between my education and work. Coming to my University, I had joined the San Diego State University in Electrical department. The place was a perfect complement to my goals with its all its striking facilities.

There were times initially when I thought I had committed a mistake when I decided to come abroad but then things began to get better and I felt I was on the right track.


Thanks alot readers for spending your valuble time on my short note. 

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