A little piece of my soul

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Elliot blames himself for the death of Isabell was it really his fault?

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



"What do I want? ....I want us to be together until the end of time."

Its been two years since she "left." Look at me,I can't even bring myself to say that she's....dead. I remember the last thing I did,I took her into my arms. I moved her soft hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. Her chocolate brown eyes looked back at me. She had tears run down her cheek. I can't stand to see her cry she was too beautiful to shed a tear. She leaned closer to me and whispered," I love you. Remember that." I smiled at her with my tears running down my cheek. I lifted her chin kissed her soft lips. I asked her what she wanted. She simply smiled and said," What do I want? ...... I want us to be together until the end of time" and right at that moment....her heart stopped. I lifted her head and kissed her warm lips one more time before they grow cold. I held her body close to me and screamed. My tears falling hard as I punched the ground. I couldn't believe she was gone. The memories of us together played through my head. I let her die and I have to live with the burden of not having her near.

How did she die? I don't like to talk about it...but we got in a huge argument. She told me she hated me and I looked at her and said,"Then how about you just go die and use someone else." She looked shocked and slapped me. She grabbed her keys and left. I heard her tires screeching on the road as she sped off. thirty minutes later she called. I can barely understand her but then I heard it...her glass shattering and she screamed. The last she said before the phone cut out was," I'm on wickenburg" I jumped in the car and drove toward her direction. Then I saw it...Her car hit a tree and the front of it was destoryed. I quickly got out the car and helped her out. She was crying and blood was dripping down her arm. I looked at her and helped her close. She coughed and whispers,"I'm sorry,I don't hate you and I never did." I cried hard and told her that I was sorry I should've never told her the things I did.

It was my fault that she died! If we didn't get in that damn argument she would've been at my house still! We would've been watching movies and cuddling or playing board games or even taking more pictures together. But no, I hate to be a selfish jerk and hurt her. And now she's gone.....And its all my fault......

Her name? Oh god,she had the name of a goddess in my opinion. Her was was Isabell Aubree Hatter. One glance at her and she had my heart. She made my heart sing. I knew she was the one. That fearful night that she died...she didn't take my heart with her. She took a little piece of my soul. I will never love other the way I loved her. the pictures of us still make me cry. I'll see her again soon,I can just hear her words hum through my mind,

"Elliot,I love you. This isn't your fault. Please stop blaming yourself. Things happen.......Things happen......."


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