The pen of doom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
An assassin with powers against a strange pen that decides your fate... You will never like to touch the pen... especially the PEN OF DOOM.

Submitted: September 05, 2013

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Submitted: September 05, 2013




I stood there on the lonely verandah… sorry I was not alone; two broad shouldered men towered near the door which was drawn open. I could see the empty street outside. Moreover the door was the only source of light for the verandah. For some weird reason, his house was always kept dark, lighted with only a few mystical spheres which hovered beneath the ceilings. I’ve not seen his house since he has moved here about 5 years ago.

I stiffed up as I saw a slim and elegant shadow creeping towards me from the darker side. Slowly my brother Vernet’s neatly combed hair along with the ever staring pair of eyes and the nose which protrudes a bit long, came towards me. His black overcoat fluttered behind him.

I gave a bow as it is a must give respect to magicians. Finishing off the quick formalities, I hung up a questioning look to try if it would convince him to say the reason I was here. “Ahh…” a rough voice boomed around the verandah. “I forgot you were here… Gilbert if I am right.” “Absolutely sir.” My voice croaked in tension. “I’m a bit workaholic these days… but nothing serious I can already see you sweating with tension.” He gestured me to calm down. “You were always good at acting weren’t you?”

Now my mind was mixed with confusion. I replied “A little sir.” Dusting off invisible dust from his coat Vernet said, “I just wanted to utilize it. By the way don’t you know the hall of Théoden? “The picture of it flashed in my mind .The big stage, the bigger crowd and the rich anxiety among people. “You are to act in a play.” absolutely mad. Why does he call me now and ask in a play. “You need money right?” Well that was six years ago. I’m now working peacefully in a factory, but… I could not slip out a word opposing a magician. “Thank you, sir. I really needed a job. You are too kind sir.” I was about to burst out. I could not bear it any longer. “Can you see those two men” he said addressing them for the first time. “They will take you there…to the theatre.” With this he departed leaving me alone with the two strangers.

* **

I was in the hall of Vernet’s house .My stomach churning with anger and my eyes burning with revenge. ‘Vengeance’ that’s what I wanted. I wanted to see Vernet dying, falling at my feet, struggling before his death.

Imagine if a thousand mirrors were placed in front of you on the most brightest afternoon and you were to look only at them and not elsewhere. That’s exactly what had happened.

I was taken to a laboratory and not to the theatre. I was tortured by radiating my eye to some harmful rays. A good thing that satisfied me a bit was the test or whatever they were trying to do with my eyes failed miserably. From their astonished looks I found that many won’t survive if tests failed.

All those dint matter for now. I wanted revenge and that’s why I broke into his house at the middle of this night. Looking around me I found several doors which opened to larger rooms. The room my prey was in was not too hard to find out. A strange yellow light peeped its way through a small gap between the door and the cold floor. I carefully crawled near to it till I reached the small keyhole on the brown teak door. Holding my breath I peeped in.

A moderate sized room with a wooden table standing abruptly at its center. The arrangement of the shelves were a bit funny. Circling the room on all four sides, the shelves dominated the wall. Remarkably each shelf was arranged neatly with magical artifacts. Each neatly dusted. I dint know or couldn’t express what they were, but there were candles to strange wooden barks.

On the table sat Vernet muttering some long sentence a holding a strange looking pen in his hands. I dint mind any of these things, the door I was peeping through was the only exit and that’s what I wanted. I felt weird excitement of vengeance seeping in my body. From my pockets I took out a lighter and a small bottle of kerosene. Pouring it gently on the door, I lighted it.



Gilbert :

There was nothing much to talk about the room I was in. almost total darkness enveloped the room save for a sleek candle which was struggling to keep it’s fire steady. Behind the candle on the table sat a hooded man. A long cloak hung over his body. Taking out the pipe off his mouth, “So mercenary how much do you ask?”

“You see the scenario don’t you? The usual amount could be sufficient to finish a businessman or an old shopkeeper. But this is a humongous plot. Have you seen him at the least?” I said raising my voice at the end. Crossing my legs I rested my shoulder on the chair. “There then.” He said bending and brought out a bag. Placing it gently on the table, ”There is 20,000 $ in it… better count them if you want.” I scanned the bag, exactly 20,000 good. [1]  As I mumbled to speak, “I’ll give you after the mission.” Saying this he departed from the room by the door on the other side perhaps.

I sat there for a while, thinking when did all this start ? How did I come to this situation? About four years after Vernet’s death. Somehow the effects of the experiments caught up with my eye.[2] I was lucky or I would be chained in a lab and silly doctors swarming around me like hyenas around a dead deer asking me to view an apple or other useless stuff. Leave it I don’t have the interest to think of the past. To show the limit of my skill, I can move things by concentration.

I’ll now ask you a question. ‘What do you see if you glare at a glowing bulb?’ a bright light and a pain in eye? or at the most a thin filament within it? But my eye can see the red hot filament and the electric waves which flow through. I can see these with a simple glance.

Well… I don’t like to Praise myself and I’m not that kind of person either. In fact I fell that I had done too much flattering about myself already. After I found out my skill of this I went once went to the lab and stole the files containing information about my test. The consequences of the test are exactly the same but a bit delayed. That’s it. I also found that my eyes are extremely vulnerable to fire. I can’t remember for how long I had not seen a fire… ahh… since I had burnt Vernet.

Getting out of the building, fresh cool air greeted me. I enjoyed it for a while as I walked down the lane. Then I slipped into my sweaters. Walking on the lonely streets of Ormagham, I planned the plot of assassination. My mind was thinking hard. Oh… I’m sorry if I had not told you who I was going to assassinate, it’s the ‘Prime minister’.




2. Alen

Oh my head! was spinning hard with frequent throbbing pain as if struck repeatedly by a steel pipe. I was breathing heavily and my body really needed rest. My eyes were giving me only blurred vision of my surrounding. I knew that it was a certainly a dangerous situation. I was about to collapse. Why? I was in my math special class.

I nudged my friend nearby. “20 minutes remaining.” He answered without thinking a second. Below my weary head lay my math note with two scribbled problems and a good but strange looking pen, black and unusually wide and long. I surely seemed odd in the hands of a 14 year old boy. I was of a medium height not too short or not too tall, slim as my father and brushed the straight silky hair which hung till my brows.

Well I can’t take it anymore, I’m sleeping. My drowsy head felt better on the table. Pleasant dreams flashed into my head. SPLASH! Water gushed into my ears as I woke up uneasily. I glanced around me the class had ended. Students were already walking to their bus. I saw my opened math note. Hey! Hang on… I’m sure I wrote a sum or two on my note. I made sure I was on the right page. But nothing, the page was blank! Leave it I told myself, I could just copy it from my friend, no worries. I took the pen with carefulness and put it in my pant pocket.[3] I was about to close the note when I stopped. A moment please, I saw some letters appear on the pages. Can’t be…perhaps an illusion or I doubted if I was still dreaming.

Slowly but with a handwriting that won’t allow you to take your eyes off it, appeared on the blank page. Word by word, it wrote till it read, “The black day for the government has come.” I was puzzled and stunned. What are these? my friends playing tricks on me? But the letters…they were magical wasn’t it.

Trying to forget it, I departed from my class, my bag hanging on my shoulders. I gave my class a final look to see if I could find a grinning friend, but no hope. My school was just two blocks away, so I walk home.







Gilbert :

The crowd stunned me. I dint know that the prime minister had that much fans. He was talked bad among the people but the crowd… well that’s not the reason I was here. Innumerable people blocked the roads as an old fashioned car was struggling to find its way into the crowd. Without any delay the head of the prime minister was visible though he was quite far away. Bald headed wrinkled face and finished off with blue eyes. His hands waved to the gathered crowd, accepting their praises. So I sighed I have seen my prey.

To think of an assassin or a mercenary, you think of a person with a pistol slithering in the shadows of building. But I am entirely different. Dressed as a businessman, I rarely use the gun give by my boss. I strongly rely on myself.

Dark rain clouds loomed around the horizon. “Tonight would be pelting.” I predicted. But although I tried to calm myself, I can’t stop a heavy feeling in my stomach. This is really a big catch. The cries and noises rose as the Citroen[4] neared me. Excited citizens pushed their way into the crowd. At the same time groups of old men stood at the corners cursing him with words which I like to share with.

I nudged my way to the center of the road and drew out a light weight dagger from my belt. I tried to hid it form others but I dint think anyone noticed me. Without drawing much attention, I bent down and dropped the dragger at the middle. Now the Citroen was just 500 mts away from me, considerably safe, I assumed. I pushed my journey back to the pavement.

Though it cost me about 3 minutes to get back on the pavement, the car was still at a safe distance. And there I stood fixing my eyes on the dagger. Thank god, it was cloudy. A bit sunny and it have miserably reflected the light making it noticeable even for an 80 year old.

I heartily admire the patience of the chauffeurs. If I was asked to drive that car, I would have just blasted into the crowd…full speed. Now time to concentrate…the car was closer to the dagger and so was the grinning prime minister. Get ready Mr. Minister! Take your last breath. I stared at the dagger. My head burned, my limbs stiffed up, and the dragger rose slowly from its place. Amazingly it was still unnoticed. With a deep breath, I collected my powers and lunged the dagger towards the car, gliding swiftly it on the windshield. I saw the chauffeur open his mouth in extreme shock. Ah…this is the place where I have to give it a lift. With another wave of power, the dagger went sailing over the windshield and …bulls eye! Right on the throat.

My shuddering heart didn’t allow me to see the rest. I merely walked on the pavement away from the street. But I couldn’t help myself glancing back at him. The entire Citroen was surrounded by people as bees around a hive.


Alen :

For some reason the street was swarming with people. Some excited and many confused. My expectations were ware extreme. I was striving to know the reason. Unfortunately, I dint find any face which convinced me to ask the matter. Everyone were in such a state that it seemed as if they could slap me if I quested them a bit wrong.

Rubbing my eyes I saw a Citroen all right. It was standing at the middle of the road and a short man speechless and totally shocked. I guessed him a chauffeur. He was bringing out some words from his quivering lips. Countless press and photographers were flashing their cameras for the next morning paper.

Just as I was about to ask an old man sitting near a café, a businessman with a blue sweater came walking towards me.[5] He was good looking but was unusually sweating while it’s freezing outside. “Excuse me sir” I stopped him. “May I know the reason for the disturbances there?” I pointed towards the car. His eyes stared a little and then, ”Well asked young sir! The whole country is buzzing with the assassination of the prime minister and standing on the same road where he was killed, you are asking what has happened? You are really funny boy” he walked past me patting my shoulders gently.

I dint move for the next few seconds I was stunned. I dint mind the death of the rotten prime minister but was shocked by the letters on my note…’A black day for the government’ must be a coincidence I concluded. Sighing I started to move but stopped as I saw a wallet lying on the pavement. The man was walking fast from me. Picking up the wallet I followed him. Turning around the street he walked into a lane, small and unused. I wondered what work a businessman has here. Somewhere it seemed odd.







5. Quinn :

Houses and streets whizzed past the window of the limousine which was gazed by a worried face of Quinn. He was a broad and big man. A big moustache hung below his nose and a curly sort if hair grew thick over his sweaty forehead.

“Can’t you go any faster?” he shouted. The poor chauffeur nodded, “but the speed limits sir?” he asked in a most respectful tone. “Never mind you fool is this the time you follow idiotic rules? I say you I have to be there within 5 minutes. The entire government has collapsed.” The helpless chauffeur nodded.

Quinn breathed hard; the star on his pocket showed him his post in the government, the police chief of London. He was a respectful person but on the same time he had gathered a bunch of enemies too. His firm voice and his actions made his enemies shudder before him and unable to succeed anything over him. No wonder the government has placed him in a respectful position. But work was getting tighter those days.

Minutes later the car stopped. There was frenzy outside the car. Police officers assembled around his car. Salutes greeted him. “Sir…” an officer begun. “ Stop.” said Quinn adjusting his collar, “I know them. You better control the situation here. I want it brought back the way it was hours ago. And I also don’t want to see those photographers anymore and the noisy crowd must be sent out.” He completed signaling the others to move aside. He neared the Citroen and inspected the car, the prime minister who was taken into an ambulance.  Walking back to his car he was stopped by his assistant Marshall,”Well sir, regarding the finding of the assassin…?” he ended short. “That” replied Quinn, “I’ll find it myself. Leave me alone.”











Gilbert :

I was starting to feel uneasy, I dint like the feel of the boy following me. Yes, he asked me the matter and I replied the best way I could. Though my face was sweating, I dint think I left any big clues for his to follow me. I turned back but the boy was now where to be seen. Perhaps he turned back as he saw the lonely street and by the way I found something interesting about the boy. I sensed a heavy scent of magic around him, quite a strong one too. I thought I must get to know what it was. But no hope, he was nowhere.

Giving a little shrug I walked towards the house where my boss had said that he’ll give me the remaining cash. I found the house with the exact location full of weeds, flat roofed, small wooden door and a short fence running around it. I got into the fence, dried leaves filled the front yard and the overgrown grasses made it a shelter for many snakes.[6] I headed straight to the front door. Without straining a bit I found that the door was not bolted from any side.

The inside of it was no better, furnished poorly with only a table, a sofa in an excellent condition[7] and a cupboard. I dint think it was a house but probably a place for meeting or some peaceful conferencing room.

Trying to relax myself I rested on the sofa for a while, trying to forget the happenings of the day and thinking of the money he will get. Sure that day was a big one and was going well in fact better than he expected. Within moments the man will arrive with the bag of money and taking them he’ll fly off to some other country.

That moment I saw a movement through the keyhole. I straightened up. Whoever it was he was trying to ring or find the doorbell. Getting up I walked to the door adjusted my sweater and opened the door. I couldn’t help a smack escape from my lips, what is this silly child doing here? What did he think he was doing by following me all the way here? Sure he was going to pay for all this.

His hands were holding a black wallet. Wait a minute it’s mine. My God! When did I drop it? More than the wallet I feared about the contents inside. I had my ID as an assassin which I show it to my boss. If by any chance the boy had opened it, he would have known who I was.

I stared at his eyes. For some reason he was fearless this trick usually works on children stare their eyes and they get frightened. But that was not the case with this boy. Handing me my wallet, “Good work Mr. Assassin.” He said. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked. I really doubted if I had heard it right. Without any second thought,”I appreciated your work today. Ah, the killing of the prime minister.

I was starting to get angry. “I think you are just out of your heads you fool... Get home early before I complain your parents”. Even this didn’t make any difference. “You better accept or I’ll inform the police”, he said. To this I stood still. “Come in boy, we’ll talk about it.”I thought the boy will refuse, but amazingly he stepped in pushing me aside. As I closed the door, he was sitting comfortably on the sofa, with his school bag on his lap. “Excuse me “I said, he slightly tilted his head towards me. “ I didn’t know who you are, but now I know”. I was paused in between by the boy; he was striking the table hard with his palms. I closed my eyes and thought about the situation and comforted myself. All will not fall if a small rat knew the secret. But still better kill him, I decided.

I turned towards him. “You people work under a boss right..?” he asked. I got frustrated and almost shouted “yes...what about that?” Then I suddenly realized that my master can come any moment from now and he will not be happy to see a boy sitting in the middle of the room.  Killing and disposing would take some time, so getting near the boy I pulled his feet. “Get into the cupboard you fool” I said pushing him in. “Stay there till I open it. “


7.  Alen

That man must be nuts to send me inside that cupboard, I wonder if he had ever opened this cupboard for years. It was full of cobwebs. Dozens of spiders and varieties of beetles and insects crawled over me. I was feeling thirsty. I still had my school bag with water bottle inside. But the place made me sick and dropped the idea of taking out the bottle. Interesting thing was the cupboard had a lot of holes which is what I wanted. I selected the biggest and gazed into the room to see what was happening.

A few minutes passed. Door opened suddenly. A man entered. He wore a long overcoat which hung loosely over his broad shoulders. It was not hard to find that he was the master. Thing were heating up and I was witnessing the plot of the assassination. A warm feeling sprang within me. Within a few minutes I may know who the head of the assassination is. Though I knew the danger I was in, the curiosity overcame it. I stared hard at the standing figure. I have seen the man somewhere. . He removed his overcoat and came closer. Now I could see him clearly. He was ….the Police Chief! I recognized him. I’ve seen his face in the papers its Mr. Quinn, the police chief of London. He was still wearing his uniform pinned with golden stars gleaming at his pocket. A treachery of the Government..!!  I realized the pitiful state in which my country is in. I can’t think of any words to say. That man will certainly not like me knowing all these secrets. I brushed aside a spider crawling over my forehead and waited for the deal of money transfer to get over as fast as it could be so that the man will release me from this damned place.


8. Gilbert

I held the suitcase in my hands for a while, enjoying the ecstasy for a while till the unpleasant memory of the boy in the cupboard flashed into my mind. Placing the suitcase on the table, I walked towards the cupboard and gave it a pull. Almost immediately the boy stepped out with a big frown on his face.

“You know how it is inside?” he asked as if complaining to a waiter in a hotel. I was certainly impressed by his bravery. Even before he knows that he has no chances to survive. “Stick you head in it for a while, its swarming with insects. Thank goodness there wasn’t a snake.” “Well little pest, I’m afraid you time has come. You have already seen, known and heard many things that I don’t want any sole to hear. And before you die, please hand me that magical thing that you hide in your pocket. It keeps attracting my eyes. My god can you tell me what it is.”

The boy hesitated for a while and then drew out a pen. It was a strange one. I am sure you can’t get one of them in a shop…I’ve seen it somewhere…someone had it…I tried to forget those stories. “Then I’ll have this before you die, a pleasant memory of you.”

Slamming him against the wall, I gripped his fists tight and drew my dagger.

“Don’t you feel as a coward by hurting a poor unarmed child?” a raspy voice, echoed around the room. The door burst open without a warning and at its entrance stood a man in official black coat. He was grinning from face to face. I am confused…I’ve seen this guy somewhere. For some reason the look of his pokes a wave of anger within me.

“You are not shocked, are you bro?” he asked in a funny voice. “NO!” I shouted. I was spellbound I just stood there gazing at him till my mouth could speak. “You can’t be…” I could not complete….”Vernet.” he completed the sentence, “Your dear brother.” He ended the last word with a spice in it.

Funny, I had burned him alive in his room. But how did he escape? “Do you think a dumb fire on the door can kill a magician? He brushed his hair back in a stylish manner his fingers long and frail with the usage of magic. His fingers seemed like blades.

“I managed to get these words out of my mouth, “This is entirely between me and this boy. I’ll advice you not to interfere.” I completed and tightened my grip on the boy.

“So you call him some other boy but for me he is my SON. Do you ask me to see me son die in front of me?” I was shocked, I dint know he had a son then. I don’t think I saw a smile on Vernet’s face.

I couldn’t bear any longer, I lifted the dagger and slashed the boy’s throat…’CRASH’ a soar sound echoed around the room as I landed hard on the wall. The dagger lay on the middle of the floor and the magician remained smiling.

The boy stood harmlessly near his father. I could manage to sit and I rested on the floor and questioned, “That’s your pen right? You were working on it before I killed you…well not exactly killed …”  “You don’t know about it. It decides ones future. Or sometimes even tells ones future. But a thing is certain.  The decision always favors its owner. Cool isn’t it? “. I was trying hard to act innocent. But in fact I was involved in a very difficult task. My energy was consumed rapidly as I lifted the table behind Vernet.  I don’t know if the boy spotted this. I knew I was going to give Vernet a surprise. I don’t think Vernet knew that I had such powers.  With a sudden wave of strength, the table slammed Vernet hard and strong right on his head. His eyes bulged. I think I saw glimpses of blood. He was struggling to stand. The stumbled twice before he fainted on the floor.

That will do him good till I finish this pest. As I saw the boy, I saw fear for the first time in his eyes. So I concluded that this Vernet, his father, had been following him and has promised to protect him. No wonder he was talking boldly and fearless. At that time, I saw the boy doing a thing I least expected. He took out a book from his bag and started scribbling with his pen. I had the strength to get up trudge towards the boy. The stopped whatever he was writing…and ...’THUMP’…He dropped the book in front of me. I saw what he scribbled. Nothing meaningful…just a scribble..I was still looking into it. The boy drew out his water bottle from his bag and sprinkled some water on the page. Should I have blocked the water? ...too late the letters already began to fade. I starred hard at the empty as hard as my spinning head could. For a moment I saw letters as mild as the stars in day light. ‘THE DRAGGER STRIKES GILBERT’ it read.  Steadying myself I decided what I should do. I must change the word, ’ STRIKE’ to ‘MISSES’..I must hurry then, the first word T has already appeared, I fell on the floor concentrating on the book and the faint letters. It didn’t change quickly as I expected. Each millimeter of changing required enough energy to lift the table and drop it hard. Imagine myself doing the change in letters at my present condition. I held on to the task. The words had already changed till miss which was already a big achievement,. My head or my body couldn’t bear any longer. Almost all of my energy has been sapped out. My god! Does it need exact grammar at this moment to act my way? I fainted. My head hit the floor, but only for a moment.

‘CLANG’. The noise of the dragger hitting the wall was heard. I couldn’t explain how I felt of my success. But my condition was worse. I still needed to act. All was not over. Picking up the dragger I stood and tried not to fall down. Aiming as accurately I could, I threw the dragger at the boy...too bad. The boy was struck only by its handle. But the shock made him freeze for a moment and that helped me. Moreover he dropped the pen. I stumbled as fast as I could towards the boy.  Though I was walking like a drunken man, I didn’t bother. I reached the boy before he could react. I stole the book along with the bottle on my way back.

Approximately at the center of the room I fell limp. My body couldn’t hold me any further, from my spinning vision I noticed managing himself up his feet. Fast...I urged myself. I let my shivering hands scribble on its own. Automatically my hand scribbled something without my effort which seemed good. My hands frantically grasped the bottle and sprinkled the water generously. I waited patiently, Vernet became stiff and shocked. The boy was no were to be seen. I still couldn’t see what the appearing letters read. By seeing the face of Vernet, I was afraid if it could turn against me. He was still putting on his sarcastic grin. Slowly he trotted towards me… his arms out stretched as if to hug me. He was so near that I could slap him if I swung my arms.

Right in front of my obscure vision, the shape of Vernet expanded…stretched. I dint know I was seeing right or if it was my weak sight. But not giving me a warning or some extra time to think, he blasted into thin air… hot and burning waves reached my face. I was seeing the room burning… table lit up, the cupboard was ablaze and the entire room was BURNING WITH FIRE!


[1]  I’ll explain it later.

[2] Luckily a bit delayed.

[3]  I usually hang pens in my shirt pocket.(especially costly ones) but this was far too expensive and moreover I dint want everyone to see it.

[4]  A costly and fashionable car (1920’s)

[5]  Not towards me actually. He was walking on the pavement & I was standing in his way.

[6]By staring a little, l already saw two green snakes slithering casually among them.

[7]  Sarcastically.

© Copyright 2020 Srihari. All rights reserved.

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