Nath 'n' Nita

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

When friends go separte ways, the same sweet memories that they once cherished, starts haunting them. Nath and Nita will now have to learn to live with it.

Hand in hand they walked towards the pile of boulders that lay beside the sea. The sea seemed to be flaunting its might as its vehement waves lunged into the rocks wearing them down with its synchronous arrivals and retreats. They climbed on top of the pile and now faced the thundering waves. Each wave was adamant upon drenching them to a greater extent than the last one had. But they were not frightened by this never-ceasing fury that they witnessed in front of them. They knew what they had come here for, and they very well knew what their next move would be. They tightened their grip across each other’s hands, looked at each other, smiled, and then leaped into the hostile waters.
Nath woke up startled from his sleep and found himself sweating profusely. He felt lonely and frightened. He frantically searched for a cigarette in the dark, his unstable mind failing to even hint him to put on the light. He soon found a packet and a matchbox by its side. As he lit the cigarette, the yellow red light that emanated reminded him that light existed, and he got up and put on the lights in the room. He dragged a puff and scenes played in front of him. Guilt ran haywire through him. It was just one word, one single word that has caused this rift between them. With great pain, he remembered that day, when in a fit of anger he had called her a whore, the most appalling of words that a girl would ever want herself to be addressed with. And when it came from one of her best friends it caused a scar that would never heal.
A few miles away, another person was shaken awake by a similar dream. Sitting on the edge of her bed, Nita couldn’t comprehend why such a dream had occurred to her. She couldn’t even make out if it was a dream or a nightmare. How could her mind cook up a play that involved her with someone who she thought she hated now? All these days, was she being dishonest to herself when she had been proclaiming to her inner self that she hated him? She hadn’t ever had a dream that after its screen time has asked her so many questions. Questions after questions sprouted inside her head and she felt a bit lightheaded. She stood up and walked towards the wash basin. She turned on the tap and dashed some early morning cold water onto her face, but the questions hadn’t decided to recede. How could she even dream of being with a guy who had mistrusted her, and moreover, called her a whore?
Nath’s mind now traversed the present world and found itself sitting on the backseat of a car along with him. It also saw Nita who had perched herself on one of the front ones resting her head on one of their mutual friends. And suddenly, it saw Nath writhing in pain with indignation all over his face. But he was neither able to utter a word nor move a limb. His mind then followed the direction in which Nath’s eyes were set. And then, it saw the reason for which, after a few days, Nath would call Nita a whore. Back in the present, Nath lighted another cigarette. Did that guy really get intimate with her or was it his hallucination? If he did, why didn’t she object to his actions? But then, who was he to question her? Nath had always known that she was not meant for him. Even when he met her for the first time, she was already in a relationship and it was his irrational foolishness that led him to fall in love with her. It was as if there were two persons within him debating with each other. When one concluded that what he had done was right, the other vehemently denied it. Nath couldn’t make up his mind, he never would. So he decided to adopt a different line of thought. As cigarettes burned into ashes and then fell into a make shift ash tray which was actually an empty cigarette packet, rationality visited Nath’s mind. He now saw before him those good old days when Nita and he promenaded along the sidewalks talking about every minute happening in their respective lives. He wondered how nature itself had changed for the worse these days. The same nature that had looked to be in its full bloom during those Nita days, now hovered over him with a gloomy aura every time he stepped out into the open. Or was the nature reflecting his states of mind, Nath contemplated.
Nita dried her face with a towel and walked towards the window. She slid the window pane open and then looked outwards. The sun was slowly rising above the horizon. As it rose, the yellow red rays percolated into the hall, and then into her body, into her mind where it awoke those sweet memories that lay hidden within her. Those days when they talked to each other for hours sharing their sorrows and happiness alike, the same days when they would get into petty fights, resolve them, and then laugh about the same after a few days. Never will it be the same, and never will they reappear, Nita grieved.The yellow red light percolated into her eyes and now awoke her tear glands. A tear ran down her cheek, leaving a trail as if a snail had just passed by.
Nath’s roommates were now awake and they walked into the hall as Nath sat there smoking cigarettes after cigarettes like a deranged man. For the first time, he welcomed their disturbance. At least now he could divert his attention from the thoughts that had pestered his mind for the last one hour. He got up, avoiding the questions that his roommates asked with a nod of his head and walked into his room to get ready for office. Meanwhile, Nita wiped the single tear that had rolled down her cheek and proceeded into the washroom to make herself presentable at work.
To work, Nath boarded a bus while Nita hired an auto. However, the rumblings in their minds refused to cease. Though there was cacophony all around, created by the commuters and the vehicles, they did not hear any of it; the rumblings stood out ostentating its prominence in their lives. They got down at different gates of the office, took out their ID cards and walked in. Nath entered through the left end of the office while Nita chose the one on the right. They swiped their cards across the access machines and as they were about to enter their respective departments; from the corner of their eye they caught a glimpse of each other. Their rational thoughts advised them that it would be the worst that they could do to themselves if they turned and looked towards each other. Because these days, even a glimpse of their once best friend, only worsened their pain of separation. But their hearts craved for even the slightest of sightings of their foregone ally, and both of them followed their hearts. They went ahead with that drastic step and turned in the direction of each other to amend that glimpse into a better vision. Even before the light that reflected from each of their figures could form an image in front of their respective eyes, a screen appeared between them. On that reminiscent screen they saw their posthumous pasts, standing together, hand in hand, greeting each other on their first ever meeting. “Hi! I am Nath, nice to meet you.” “Hi! I am Nita, nice to meet you too.”

Submitted: March 22, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Srikanth Narayan. All rights reserved.

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good yaar!!but pls edit it a bit so that it becomes easier to read :)

Tue, March 22nd, 2011 3:37am


Hey, thanks a lot for taking time and reading this piece. I'll make sure i'll take a serious note of your comment. I would also love to read your articles.

Sun, April 17th, 2011 12:56am

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