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Incompatible couple making doting parents.what do kids need?answer is hidden in this story.

Submitted: May 10, 2007

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Submitted: May 10, 2007




She was very puny and delicate.

She belonged to an affluent family, very polite.

She was just "literate".

She was very pious with thoughts, very straight.

He was humongous and rough.

He came from a family, very poor and tough.

He was an absolute illiterate.

He was worldly wise and street smart.

Both had one thing in common; very good at heart.

They became husband-wife.

Incompatibility brought in strife.

There was conflict in all spheres of life.

Flinging contemptuous words on one another became their way of life.

Their biological needs gave birth to kids.

These little sweet hearts were in constant fear of mother being dead.

Quality of fights was cheap and demeaning.

Poor kids, from within were seething.

They made doting parents.

Caring and concerned in all aspects.

They had great difficulty in making both ends meet.

But, never let the kids face the brunt.

Their starvations and sacrifices were beyond the warfare.

Every penny, every drop of sweat was spent for kids' welfare.

The kids were ready to forego all these.

They pleaded for peace.

Their pleads fell in to deaf ears.

Neither of the parents heeded in all these years.

Kids are fed up; answering "what's up??"

Humiliation is killing; they resort to nocturnal living.

Afraid, they may land in asylum, they land on a decision.

"Quit home" is the sane solution.

Is it a home?

Heart wrenching it is; better leave the answer alone.

Bag and baggage, they leave.

Leaving the parents to grieve.

With a hope that they reform by this grief.

Will this shock help them turn a new leaf?

Only time will tell.

Whether this treatment could sell.

May good sense prevail.

Let our house be home for real.

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