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Iam sharing some lighter moments of my what? if u laugh a bit at my cost.i have no problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted: May 12, 2007

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Submitted: May 12, 2007




Music is my life; no music no life.

I am few years short of turning gold.

Music makes me forget I am that old.

With peppy numbers, I go in to trance.

A big figure begins to dance.

Watching his bulky mom dancing,

Expression on my son's face is amusing.

Naughty but serious faced, he controls his laugh.

Attempt fails; bursts in to laughter, till he begins to cough.

Feeling shy (?), he hits me like a bull.

I am happy; his mood is far from being fowl.

Sonny finds this exercise serving dual purpose.

Pin drop silence breaks; dancing mom never sulks.

Wonderful is the feel.

I promise; it is real and not a reel.

Hey, you are getting me wrong.

Wonderful? Its' not the dance.

Its' the ambience.

Lighter than cotton ball.

Thanks to my dance which is at beck and call.

All I need is a fast number.

Just that its side effect affects my neighbor's slumber!!

Hold on; what did I hear dear?

Thank god, I am not the neighbor.

Thank, you must dearie!!



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