'Detachable' Love

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looking at love in a different perspective.should i call it,philosophical??

Submitted: June 09, 2008

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Submitted: June 09, 2008



Love is deep affection. Human or animal or any living being express love; Different are the ways; various are the types. Let’s not go in to depth. Love can be between siblings, lovers, friends, parents……… It is endless.  A master shares a special love with his pet; an alcoholic loves liquor; a dancer loves her talent….


Loveless life lacks luster. Love brings pain is also true. This feeling called love builds a strong bond. When this bond breaks for any reason, the heart breaks. It is shattered to smithereens.  To rise from this traumatic debacle takes a very long time.


Love, we must; without which there is no charm in living. But, we must try and cultivate ‘detachable’ love. This love lost does not give so much pain. Detachable love makes you philosophical. ‘Love gained will be lost’ is the bottom line of this theory. Be prepared for this loss and tune the heart to bear.


In this mortal world, nothing is eternal. Love is no exception. Life is not in our control. Love revolves around this life. Living has to end; this is the law of nature. Same is the fate of love; death is certain. Cherishing the love filled memories is altogether a different chapter under this title.


Accept love as it comes. Spread it as much as you can. To love is your right and duty. Loss of love must not hurt you. This is another side of the coin. Treat them equal; gain or loss.


This philosophy preaches love, but from a different level. It also teaches to experience and handle love with minimal pain. Bask in love; let it not burn you. Bathe in love; let it not drown you. Strike a deal; not business like. Give love in abundance. Accept reciprocation in obeisance. This give and take is a significant part of life. Same is the story of loss. Let’s try to live with that with least discomfort. This will help preventing our life turning in to mess.


It is always easier to preach than practice. Putting it in to practice is highly difficult; but not impossible. Let’s start; now………..











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