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Lover's grief

Submitted: July 22, 2007

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Submitted: July 22, 2007




You bid farewell.

I didn't take it any well.

It is difficult to believe.

That you left me to grieve;

You are there in the sky.

Am unable to locate, how much ever I try.

All your friends are twinklers.

Dearest, where are you in those clusters?

Why don't you shine different?

That your presence becomes apparent.

Do not become a lone star.

Loneliness is difficult to bear.

Who will know this better than thee?

That devil snatched you from me.

My heart aches for you; I have a lot to speak to.

Please pull me out of this blue.

Every night is passing without your glimpse.

I may start losing my mental balance.

You always said; your wish is my command!

My wish is, speak to me!

Will it be your command? Please tell me.

I can't take this anymore.

Life is turning very sour.

Deep sea is taking me.

Where? To join thee!

Hear I am; there..... You are.

I too am a star.

We will shine as a pair!

No star is luckier than me.

I will never be separated from thee!

No........ You are falling.....

Please, you cannot be leaving?

Falling stars turn wishes true.

My love, you are the falling star.

Please turn my wish true??!!

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