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Submitted: May 02, 2007

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Submitted: May 02, 2007





I couldn't sleep yesterday night.

There was an invasion by a small rat!!

I fear and get repelled by that rodent.

To keep it at bay, all the lights were on.

My sleep was gone.

That can do nothing, I was told.

Not that I didn't know, but I am not bold.

Afraid to go to washroom,

Lay thro' out the night in my bedroom.

Wee hours of morning, I decided to overcome fear.

I mustered courage in full gear.

I stealthily opened the bathroom door.

That silly fear reappeared and gripped me all the more.

In my own house, I felt like a robber.

To myself, I began to blabber.

I wished (myself) all the best.

To pass this" gutsy" test.

Eyes were all the while searching,

The place where the pest was perching.

In and out of all rooms, I tried locating, its place of hiding.

How I wished to resort to chiding?!

Lo and behold, I feel pathetic.

With no movement, I am just static.

Scared and helpless, am sitting on the couch in one single posture.

I am yet to find that creature.

This rodent, I hate.

Are others your mate??

Not really.

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