Love begets love?

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love at first sight's trauma.

Submitted: May 10, 2007

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Submitted: May 10, 2007




My friend met him in a party.

He was around thirty.

She was not even twenty.

This friend of mine was a little girl.

He was a ‘not so young' man.

But then, love is blind.

That gentle (?) man captured my friend's heart and mind.

Mind refused to think.

Heart began to sink.

This girl was getting crazy.

Everything seemed to be hazy.

In the mist of love.

She made our friend, a ‘dove'.

The messenger of love.

Her love proposed romantically.

She accepted gracefully.

He was a die hard romantic.

She swooned in its magic.

Being in his arms was ultimate.

Oblivious to the roving eyes of her soul (?)mate.

My friend opposed her family's opposition.

She became her love's idol of admiration.

He patted her bravery.

She was carried away by his flattery.

Our warnings and advises fell in deaf years.

She promised to live happily for years after years.

One fine day it happened.

She eloped.

Her marriage turned out to be a fiasco.

She became a psycho.

She had a belated realization.

About her husband being a womanizer beyond correction.

He was an incorrigible flirt; filled with immoral filth and dirt.

Failure in love and life lead to depression.

Sense of guilt stopped her from going to her own for consolation.

Shattered, she landed in a sanatorium.

Thank god; she was not buried in a crematorium.

Thanks to her family for timely intervention.

To pull her out of that ghastly situation.

Love could be blind; it must not be insane.

 That you choose a life partner, so inhumane.

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