A Collection of 100 poems

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This is a collection of 100 poems that I have written over the past few months..Thanks for reading..do share your opinions regarding these poems..

Submitted: April 23, 2014

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Submitted: April 23, 2014



Poems Written By Srinath

  1. The light is crystal clear

It’s not darkness that I fear

It’s the thought of u not here

Has got me stuck in reverse gear

All I want is for you to be near



2. You are the person in my mind

You are truly one of a kind

You are the treasure I want to find

On my heart your name is signed



3. You are the colour white

You are my only delight

You are the hope of light

It’s for you that I fight



4. The wind blows in your way

I wish that you always may

Be happy and joyful everyday

For you any path I would lay


5. You are the song playing in my head

It’s your name that is always said

It’s about you that I always read

Any path I chose to you it always lead



6. You are as beautiful as a fish in the sea

You are the only thing that my eyes want to see

You are everything in the world for me

With me forever would you like to be?



7. I’m going through a phase of separation

I believe it’s because of desperation

I have been from the stage of annilation

But I returned to my path even after deviation



8. Into the pool of life I’ve dived

No matter what I always survived

Against all I have always tried

To get back all that I was deprived



9. I’m nothing but an embodiment of lies

Anyone who wants to cross me dies

It’s more of like a curse that tries

To drag me down to the bottom of cries



10. I’ve lost what was once within me

I just didn’t have the capacity

To hold it with me for eternity

I have lost you my sweet sanity

And now all I’ve got is insanity



11. I don’t want to  touch you too much baby

Because loving you might drive me crazy

I know that I have been too lazy

But leave me not my perfect lady



12. For All the writings on the walls

For Every drop of rain that falls

There supposedly exists some cause

I don’t know the reason for the pause

But Without you all I’m is at loss



13. All my life I have been searching

Searching forever for something

Something never leads to nothing

Nothing ever fulfils anything

Anything is better than nothing


14. For every fear that I ever face

I always feel like I need to race

I know it’s not some frenzy or a craze

My vision is not blinded by haze

It’s just my life's another phase



15. All that I ever want is to remind you

That I’m never anything without you

Even if it’s just once that I saw you

I never had it in me to ever leave you



16. Every promise that I ever break

Every wrong step that I ever take

Every mistake that I ever make

If you see me repent for it it’s fake



17. It’s been so long I forgot to try

Every time I think of me I cry

Every smile that I have is a lie

All that I can do now is to die



18. I have been alone for far too long

I don’t know where I ever went wrong

My misery is not some stupid song

But I just need someone to be along



19. I don’t know why I suddenly have a feeling

That my wounds are never going to be healing

All the happiness in me seems to be leaving

Without you I don’t know why I'm still living




20. I swear this time it won’t be the same

I know that all I have been is lame

Now it’s all going to be about the game

I will make sure you remember my name




21. You are so wonderful just like a song

You are a tune I could always sing along

When I'm with you my smile lasts long

Without you living a life is wrong



22. I withstood the wrath of the mightiest storm

So much so that even hell feels just warm

It’s with such a gift that I was born

That even death is scared to do me harm



23. I know that I'm not a person who is impeccable

For you I'm the person who is easily forgettable

But it’s just that you are so damn irresistible

Please don’t leave me here alone and miserable



24. Why is it that the world is boring

I think I’m the only one exploring

Just know that all I’m imploring

Is to listen to me without snoring



25. Your beauty is like the most wonderful poetry

Your beauty secret is an interesting mystery

It makes people wonder about your history

Were you a queen in the angel’s country



26. I know that your belief in me was shaken

Don’t know how but you’re surely mistaken

If this were a dream I hope to be awaken

Without you it’s like my soul is being taken




27. I don’t want to be someone who is forgotten

I never want something like that to happen

I don’t want memories of us together to faden

I’m not some product that u can just trade in




28. My eyes doesn’t believe what it is seeing

It’s because you are so damn mesmerising

It feels like my life finally has a meaning

You are the reason that I’m still breathing



29. You are the reason there is light

You are the only one who is right

It’s for your happiness that I fight

For now all I can say is good night




30. You are my life's one and only priority

It’s you that I want to see with clarity

I just want to be your responsibility

On me you have all the authority



31. You are the queen of my heart

You are truly a work of art

With you a life I want to start

Without you I just fall apart



32. You are the fuel required to ignite my fire

You are my heart's one and only desire

It’s your love takes me so much higher

If looking at you is a job I would never retire




33. You are the love of my life

You free me from my strife

You are as sharp as a knife

Forever I wish you would be my wife



34. For you even from the grave I would return

About is only what I want to learn

Without you I feel like I’m going to burn

In a fire forever till you would return



35. You are the reason my heart is beating

You are the air that I am breathing

You are the reason for me believing

That this life is worth living



36. You are as astonishing to me as a ferm

From you I don’t expect any kind of return

You are so beautiful you make my life turn

It’s for your love that I always yearn



37. It’s with ambition that I have grown

Its terror that I have always shown

To strike fear is what I have known

Around me better lower your tone



38. I just don’t have it in me to give up

To my expectations I want to live up

My life I would always build up

To satisfy my own needs I grew up



39. I don’t love you anymore

All thoughts of you grew sore

I now despise you to the core

On your face I would slam the door



40. I swim against the stream

To you strange it may seem

To my enemies I’m always mean

As winning is my only dream



41. I will surely rise above it all

This is going to be my wake up call

Beware of me or u might fall

It’s my court and I dribble the ball


42. You are wonderful like the rain

You wash away all of my pain

You are the treasure I want to gain

Without you I would go insane


43. You are as beautiful as gold

You are someone who is always bold

You are the real beauty I was told

You really lighten up my world



44. You are as delicious as a cake

Wonder how long god took to bake

Into my arms I want to take

For you a place in my heart I would make



45. I have been to hell and I’m back again

Without you everything is in vain

Life without you is nothing but pain

It’s your trust that I want to gain


46. I’m praying on my knees for salvation

I have been stuck in this stage of desolation

I may not be god’s perfect creation

But to succeed now I’ve got determination


47.  If only I could see what you want to see

If only I could be what you want me to be

If only I could live as long as you live

Wouldn’t that be everything you wanted in me?


48. I don’t know why I’m having this urge

That someday between us love will emerge

But you just remove me as a purge

Into one I want us both to merge


49. I had an aim in my mind

But my heart wasn’t kind

It left me hopeless and blind

Now I’m left somewhere behind



50. Every thought of you that I ever got

It’s like all of them are pain that I bought

But now I’m so better that I forgot

You and now happiness is all I’ve got


51. Right now I have a lot of freedom

But all I’m feeling lately is just boredom

Everything I wanted to do now seems dumb

All this time alone makes me feel numb


52. I like the way the wind makes your hair sway

It’s so beautiful it makes me want to play

But I can’t because you are so far away

With you I always want to stay


53. With you every sight I see is serene

With you I always want to be seen

With you no one can ever be mean

Wish you were my lovely queen


54. My sweet girl it’s time for you to go to sleep

Close your eyes and happy memories you may keep

Anybody who hurts you forever may they weep

All I want is to watch you fall asleep


55. I prefer to express myself with a song

But I have been gone for so long

This is someplace where I don’t belong

Better get me out before I move on


56.  I was born to watch the sunrise

If you are good to me I will be nice

Hurt I and you will pay the price

Against all odds I will surely rise


57.  You shine as bright as a star

Makes me want to put you in my car

And just take you someplace far

Admire you for the beauty you are


58. When the boys are back all you can do is hide

You cannot do anything to prevent the fierce tide

We strike with all our strength and all our pride

No matter what you do you can never break our stride


59. You are so beautiful like the night

In my world of darkness you are the light

Every time I wish to catch a glimpse of your sight

Watching you is my greatest delight


60. You are my wonderful queen

No place else such a beauty I’ve seen

With you no one can ever be mean

All I wish is more time with you I had been


61. This is my second coming

You can’t stop me from becoming

Something fierce and cunning

It’s better if you start running


62.  This is the last opportunity that I’ve got

This time I have to give it my best shot

Fail this time I would rather not

Right now winning is my only thought


63. Your eyes are beautiful and so blue

You are the form of beauty no one knew

Wish I could stick to you like some glue

My love for you would always be true


64. This is all that I will ever be

Is that so hard for you to see?

Why can’t you just agree?

You can never change me


65. Without you my heart would just burst

By seeing you itself I could quench my thirst

I want to be the one to tell you this first


You are someone I would never desert


66. When I’m around you I feel so alive

I feel like now I have a reason to survive

To this conclusion I finally arrive

For you my darling I will always thrive


67. You are as beautiful like the sea

Wish that you could always be

With someone who treats you like me

I will surely love you for eternity


68.  You are an addictive drug that keeps me high

Without you not a single day goes by

If you are not around I would cry

Without you in my life I will surely die


69. You can never run from the past

It will catch up to you real fast

It’s something that will last

It’s like devil’s perfect cast


70. Around you I have to be so careful

Otherwise my life would turn dreadful

Even if what I did wasn’t sinful

You would turn my life to awful


71. This is going to be the end of a chapter

I want my life to end with laughter

It was just success that I was after

But because of it my time became shorter


72. The people who really know who I’m are few

They are the ones who know what I’ve been through

They will definitely know the story of how I grew

You wouldn’t be this way if my hardships you knew


73. It’s time that you realise

That you are so nice

With you I’m so wise

You are the apple of my eyes


74. The sound of your voice is like a melody

For me it’s like an ultimate remedy

With you by my side I can be anybody

Without you all I’m going to be is nobody


75. On your face I don’t like to see a frown

You are a queen that I wish to crown

Before you always I would bow down

Without you in a sea of tears I would drown


76. All I ever wanted to have within me was dedication

But I didn’t because I didn’t have the right motivation

I couldn’t find a proper source to get some inspiration

If I had these surely would have done some innovation


77. I thought of you as a friend

To you always my ear I would lend

But all you ever did was just pretend

I didn’t realise that you were a dead end


78. With every group I always wanted to blend

To everyone I know I wanted to be a friend

Helping hand to everyone I always extend

But to avoid me people always tend


79. I trusted you once but not again

What you gave me was just pain

By letting you go I would gain

Happiness, of this I’m certain


80. My times with you is as pure as gold

Wish memories of you would never get old

It’s to you that my heart is sold

Together happiness we shall always unfold


81. The times spent with you are so wonderful

Remembering them always leaves me cheerful

I would never in my life find someone as beautiful

It’s with you that my life is so meaningful

82. If only you could see what I want you to see

And I could be everything you want me to be

Then my life would have some clarity

And we could stay together for eternity


83. Time is slipping away like sand

Even when I try to clutch it in my hand

Things are not going as I had planned

Without you alone here I stand


84. People change from what they used to be

But I was a fool because I couldn’t see

That even you were bound to leave

But still I wish you could be with me


85. I thought in you I could put my trust

But like a bubble my faith in you burst

With your sorrows I quench my thirst

I hope that it’s you who dies first


86. The sadness within me doesn’t leave

No one ever seems to believe

All things I’ve lost I would retrieve

From my troubles I want to take relieve


87. I’m staring into this abyss

Every chance of progress I miss

I want to be in a state of bliss

Is there a way for me to achieve this?


89. I thought you were someone I could trust

But you treated me like I was dust

Get away from you I surely must

It’s something I should do first


90. All this time my vision was blurred

I believed in something that was absurd

But from my path I won’t be deterred

I will always continue to move forward


91. I’m not a toy for you to use and throw

With every thought of you my rage will grow

All the pain you gave me I may not show

But surely you will reap what you will sow


92. With every trouble you gave me I grew stronger

Every pain I felt because of you made me bolder

But about you I would no longer bother

Because with vengeance I shall strike back harder


93. The struggle you put me through couldn’t make me weak

The anger in me grows stronger every time that you speak

Even though it’s painful every memory of you I would keep

Every possible way for vengeance on you I shall seek


94. The trouble you put me through couldn’t make me weaker

With every pain I endured I grew even more stronger

I have enough strength to carry the world on my shoulder

Someday you will surely face the wrath of my anger


95. Your voice to me is a melody

It’s the most beautiful symphony

You have a pure sense of empathy

To be with you is my only destiny


96. I’m paradox personified

I’m trouble certified

Horror even more horrified

Purely evil justified


97. If you were my girl I would have you crowned

Into the lake of your love I have drowned

Without you all I would feel is frowned

The only pleasure to me is your sound


98. For you my blood I would give

All I want is for you to believe

In me and I swear never to deceive

Your love is the only thing I want to receive


99. Your love takes me to the other side

My feelings for you I don’t want to hide

Into your arms I always wanted to slide

Whatever you say I surely will abide


100. It is your trust I want to gain

Even if it gives me more pain

Please don’t think of me as a strain

Hate towards me I hope you would drain

© Copyright 2017 Srinath Srinivasan. All rights reserved.

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