The Con

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Nikhil and Surya who are tired of their normal jobs decide to quit it to con a wealthy merchant

Submitted: December 03, 2014

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Submitted: December 03, 2014




-By Srinath Srinivasan



It was the day Nikhil had been waiting for, he was working in a firm and had worked really hard to achieve the promotion that was to be announced. Fingers crossed, Nikhil was eagerly waiting with his friend Surya. They had graduated from the same college and had been friends for a long time. The manager came in to announce the names of the employees who were to be promoted this year, the announcements were made and sadly Nikhil was not one of them. Nikhil was sad and frustrated as he had struggled hard this year aiming for the promotion, Surya was sad too as he knew that Nikhil really deserved it. They had to continue with their work so they went back to their own cubicles. The day had come to an end and both of them went back to their apartment where they lived together. “You really deserved it, so sad you couldn’t get the promotion” said Surya not knowing how to console Nikhil, “I know but how can this happen, I really needed that job for all the hard work that I put in, I deserved it” Saying so both of them just remained silent and had their dinner. After a quiet dinner Surya finally spoke “Maybe it’s time for us to do something else”, “What do you mean?” asked Nikhil, Surya began “We have been working for a long time but what have we achieved till now? Nothing so now let’s try a different route”, “like what?” asked Nikhil to which after a great thought Surya gave a reply “Let’s con some rich guy"


Nikhil hesitated at the beginning but later on after listening to Surya who explained how they had worked so hard and still were unable to get anywhere with life he decided to go ahead with the con. Now that both of them were on board they quit their job, now all they had to do was to decide whom to con, when, where and how. Surya suggested to con Karthik, a wealthy merchant who lived in the same town. They now needed to gather all the information they could get, so Nikhil roped in his close friend Sachin. The three of them discussed the plan and started to stalk Karthik, they went everywhere he went and kept a close watch on him. After three days of vigorous surveillance they discussed all that they had observed about Karthik and the only thing they could come up with that might be of any use to them was his fondness for mobile devices. This being the only favourable information they had on him they decided to use this fondness of his to their advantage.



The three of them had brought a new smart phone and gave Sachin a makeover so that no one would recognise him. Sachin slowly tried to get closer to Karthik by repeatedly bumping into him at places which eventually lead to their friendship. Eventually Sachin started to flaunt his smart phone which was better than what Karthik had and when Karthik showed interest in that phone, Sachin offered to sell him the phone for a lesser price as he was moving away to US. At first Karthik didn’t want to buy but as he had a fondness for smart phones decided to buy it from Sachin for a lesser price. After buying the phone Karthik never bumped into Sachin, but Karthik thought that he may have left to US as he had earlier told him and so he continued to use his new smart phone that he liked a lot.


Things went on good for some days until the day came when a guy along with a policeman came to Karthik’s house, they introduced themselves as Inspector Gopi and Vincent. “Can I see your phone Mr. Karthik” asked Gopi, “why?” asked Karthik to which Gopi replied “Vincent here had complained about a lost phone which we have been tracking for some time now and the cell towers had picked this location, we just need to look at your mobile to make sure it’s not the phone we have been looking for”. Karthik went in brought his phone, Gopi had asked him to unlock the mobile after which he dialled in the code which would give the IMEI number it matched the number on the bill which showed that Vincent had bought the mobile. Which clearly indicated that the phone was stolen and it originally belonged to Vincent.


Vincent took his phone and Gopi looked at Karthik expecting an explanation from him for the stolen phone that he possessed. Karthik explained the whole story but Gopi didn't believe this story. Not knowing what to do Karthik tried to argue but it seemed to get nowhere so he decided to bribe Gopi which turned into an argument and slowly Gopi agreed to this and so Karthik went in to get the money and he paid them both. Vincent wanted his phone so he erased all the data by using the factory reset option, gave him his sim card back and they went their own way. Tired of all the drama that took place Karthik sat down on his couch. He knew that he had been cheated, Sachin may have been in hand with Gopi and Vincent but as there was no way to prove it all he just admitted that he had lost some money, learnt a lesson and took a nap. After waking up he removed his old phone inserted his sim only to find he had messages from the banks which stated that his accounts were wiped clean.

Sachin, Nikhil and Surya were waiting when Vincent and Gopi came to greet them, it was all their plan. When Gopi was arguing with Karthik about the stolen mobile Vincent had the phone, as the negotiations proceeded Gopi made sure karthik was not looking at Vincent. Vincent went ahead and opened all the mobile banking apps, transferred all the money to the bank accounts held by Sachin, Nikhil and Surya which were opened using fake id’s created by Nikhil, when prompted for the password Vincent simply hit the forgot password which lead to the one time password option, where a code would be sent by the bank to the mobile number registered. There was enough time for Vincent to do all of this as Karthik had been kept busy by Gopi with the negotiations and then Karthik went in to get the money for Gopi and Vincent, all this time Gopi made sure to look out for Karthik giving Vincent enough time to complete all of this. Sachin left town long back as he was the only one Karthik may remember apart from Vincent and Gopi. Surya and Nikhil withdrew all the money and left town along with Vincent and Gopi, who had now removed their disguise. Karthik was helpless he couldn’t do anything even if he wanted to whom would he go behind and what clue did he have other than their names which may be false, they had their moustaches and beards which when removed karthik would not be able to recognise, he checked with the bank only to find that the accounts to which money were transferred were emptied the same day. They were opened on a fake Id so there was no way to trace them back. All the five friends split the money and went on with their separate lives to enjoy it all.



© Copyright 2019 Srinath Srinivasan. All rights reserved.

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