The Inn

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

14 friends meet again after their graduation and go on a trip, they spend the night in an inn where they have some fun


-By Srinath Srinivasan



It was the first time after completing their graduation from college that the 14 best friends Nikhil, Karthik, Naveen, Niketh, Pavan, Aman, Surya, Srinath, Sachin, Rathod, Yashwanth, Habeeb, Gopi, Rakesh meet again. They were all looking forward to meet each other and go on the trip they planned to go. It was a one day trip to a forest location so they got all the necessary supplies and got into their cars they had brought along for transportation and started their journey. It was about evening when they finally reached the location as it was a long drive tired from the journey they looked for a place to stay “ look there is an Inn over there we could stay there tonight “ said Nikhil, so they parked the vehicle and went towards the Inn. It was named Sandeep’s Inn, they went in and at the desk was Sandeep they asked him if there were enough rooms for all of them to which he replied there were many vacant rooms available. Surya got an idea, he went near Gopi and said “why don’t we have some fun with Sandeep? It would make this trip a memorable one” so they decided that they would.

13 of them went in, Naveen was in the car having some of the food he had brought along, but they asked rooms for 11 of them, puzzled by this Sandeep said “but there are 13 people”, to which Surya replied "No there are only 11 of us" and he counted his friends but deliberately left out Habeeb and Rakesh in the count, when Sandeep pointed it out that he left two of them Surya argued there is no one there. That was the prank Surya and Gopi decided to play on Sandeep making him believe that he was seeing ghosts they argued for a while but no one admitted that Habeeb and Rakesh existed, in the meanwhile Nikhil went back to the car and asked Naveen to stay hidden from Sandeep’s view, he was supposed to be another ghost.


Tired of arguing Sandeep tried to catch Habeeb but he just ran around managing to stay clear of Sandeep to which Gopi started “Dude why are you running around maybe you are seeing things, Maybe you have been in this Inn all alone for a long time and that might have made you go crazy”, “We are tired, so quit this show and give rooms for the 11 of us” said Pavan. Unable to argue he handed the keys and went to show them the rooms when they ran into Raju who stayed there and apparently was the only occupant except them in the Inn. They had all settled in and Aman suggested, why stop with Sandeep let’s have fun with Raju too and so they decided that they would do this the whole night, but it was time for Naveen to enter so Niketh and Sachin went down to make sure Sandeep thought Naveen was a ghost too. When Naveen came in and asked for a room, Sandeep gave him a pen to fill out the details and turned around to get the keys that's when Niketh came along “what are you doing with the keys Sandeep” asked Niketh to which Sandeep replied that he was handing it out to Naveen over here “where is he?” asked Sachin, “right in front of you pointed out Sandeep “there is no one there” said Sachin, “what do you mean no one is there” saying this he handed over the key to Naveen, who dropped it ,“see if there was someone there wouldn’t he have caught the keys?” said Niketh by this time Yashwanth, Gopi, Srinath came along and Naveen ran and hid behind Srinath, Sachin and Gopi, Distracted by Niketh and Yashwanth, Sandeep was unable to see Naveen go. Confused with what’s going on Sandeep opened the book where the details were to be entered, there was nothing over there. Naveen did not write anything, while Sandeep was checking the book with the help of Gopi and Habeeb Naveen went to the stairs as Sandeep was covered by all of the others he was unable to see any of it.


Then came in the second part of the prank where Nikhil managed to get out of the Inn through a window after changing his clothes and took two bags came into the Inn through the front door and asked for a room. Sandeep didn’t understand “Aren’t you along with them how is it that you are coming from the outside when you already went in?”, to which Nikhil replied “I’ve never seen them before” even the guys standing there didn’t show as if they knew him so confused as it is Sandeep got Nikhil to fill up the details in the book and handed him the keys. Habeeb and Naveen bunked along with Nikhil in this room.


Now by this time they all settled in, Surya craving for more fun came up with another idea he sent Habeeb and Rakesh downstairs to hide. When Sandeep went out of the desk they slowly crept up to the desk to remove the keys hanging over there to scatter them around, but Sandeep was aware that they were hiding over there and this was all a prank so as soon as they started to remove the keys Sandeep ran towards Surya’s room to prove that he was not seeing things and make sure they stopped bothering him. But Gopi saw Sandeep run towards Surya’s room guessing what must have happened he ran down told them everything and with the help of Karthik the four of them replaced everything and hid themselves. When Sandeep along with Surya came back everything was in its place “Sandeep there is nothing over there you are just imagining things being alone all this while must have gotten to you as soon as we leave just go consult a doctor” saying this Surya left along with him the others got down and asked as to what was going on, to which Surya replied “Nothing it’s just that Sandeep had seen the ghosts again”, while they were talking among themselves with Sandeep looking at them confusingly Gopi, karthik, Habeeb and Rakesh sneaked back to the room and the others held Sandeep back until they got back to the room.



It was late and Aman was ready with the plan to scare Raju so Aman, Rathod, Nikhil and Sachin went to Raju’s room Nikhil hid himself in the corner with Sachin blocking Raju from seeing Nikhil, “There seems to be some leakage from the wall which is between our rooms do you have any idea why this is happening?” asked Aman to which Raju replied no. Then Rathod asked Raju to come along with them to see the wall where Pavan had poured some water, meanwhile Nikhil with the help of Sachin managed to scatter water from the bottles they got along with them all over the wall and then Nikhil hid himself under the bed while Sachin left.

Raju returned back to show them nothing is wrong with his side of the wall, as they returned Raju was surprised to see that even his side was not that dry it had water all over it. Aman began with his questions “did you pour water all over it? Why did you deny it when we first asked you? Why the hell would you do something like this?” to which Raju replied he didn’t do any of it and suggested maybe the water seeped in through the top and so they decided to go check the terrace but Raju didn’t want to leave his room open suspecting that this maybe a prank he locked the door after him making sure no one was left behind, but Nikhil was already there. As they went to the terrace to see whether there was any water but there was nothing, why would there be any when all of this is just a prank. Meanwhile Nikhil who was in made up a big mess scattering everything he got hold of and after messing up the whole room he hid beside the door waiting for them to return. When they did return Raju opened the door only to be shocked with the mess that was made, acting surprised all of them entered in distracting Raju while Nikhil sneaked back to his room. “Maybe there is a ghost as Sandeep said” as soon as Aman finished saying this Sandeep had come and went in the room to see what had happened Raju was furious so he came out locked the room and made sure he remembered everyone who had come along except Nikhil suspecting Nikhil was behind this he argued that it was his work but as they were talking Nikhil calmly came out of his room looking sleepy. Raju was confused he didn’t get it, Nikhil came out of that room but Raju had locked his room to make sure whoever did it would be hiding in the room and would not be able to get out as he locked it behind him.

“This is a very tiresome night and I think something is wrong with you two one claims to see ghosts the other says his room was clean but the next minute its messed up by someone maybe you two are not used to company and made up ghosts who gave you company, now it’s time to sleep tomorrow go consult a doctor both of you” said Gopi chuckling to himself and they all left to their respective rooms where they made fun of Sandeep and Raju’s innocent looks before falling asleep



They woke up in the morning packed up everything it was quiet they didn’t see Sandeep or Raju anywhere the Inn seemed dark in the morning as the doors and windows remained shut “ maybe Sandeep didn’t wake up yet” said Rathod as they locked their rooms to leave. When they got down everything seemed closed no sign of Sandeep anywhere they kept their room keys on the desk and went towards the door only to find it locked.



It was shut the windows and everything “maybe Sandeep’s angry and so he did this” said Karthik, “Let’s ask Raju maybe he knows about this” said Gopi some went upstairs only to find the room had been nailed shut by wooden planks which were not there the night before. Nikhil immediately ran towards the window through which he got down last night only to find it had firmly fixed metal bars to it. Their cell phones had no signals, trapped inside they decided to break open the door. That’s when someone came along and opened the door from the outside he was shocked to see them inside and he shouted “who are you people? What are you doing inside my Inn?” to which Surya replied “Who are you? Where is Sandeep isn’t this his Inn? Why did he lock us in?” to which the guy introduced himself as Vincent saying this is his Inn, Surya came out to show him that the name of the Inn itself says Sandeep’s Inn and ask Vincent how could it be his Inn. But to his shock the name was Vincent’s Inn.

By this time the guys who went to get Raju had come down saying there is no sign of Raju it looks as if he never lived here his room had been nailed shut years ago.

“There was a guy named Raju when Sandeep was the owner but they both died due to a crack on the floor in Raju’s room killing them both, yesterday was their 5th death anniversary and as there was no one here I closed the Inn and went to visit their grave and Sandeep’s parents” said Vincent.

Surya didn’t believe any of it he went to the book saying he did write their names on the book that has to prove Sandeep was here. When he reached for the book there was nothing there in fact it looked as if no one had ever been there. Speechless as they were they returned back to their cars and started their journey back home this truly was a trip they would never forget. They thought to themselves we tried to scare two ghosts with ghosts.



The End

Submitted: November 26, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Srinath Srinivasan. All rights reserved.

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