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Sethryn Antonio has been the newest member of the Fortune 500's McLuster Consultation Firm, for three years now, as the Planning Social Director of Client Events as well as the firm's best closer. Her two best friends, (Summer) - the office Senior Marketing Director Diva, and (Pandee) - the office Junior consultant/director.

Sethryn lived a routine, predictable lifestyle in spite of her huge salary. Surprisingly, as well spoken as she was with people, she was a train wreck when it came to socializing outside her job.

She longed to be like Summer & Pandee. They had confidence, poise, Appeal & social savvy. what she would soon learn the two also shared, was their secret double life as wild, partying cock jockeys every Wednesday nite at THE NONSTOP 'O' swingers club.! But they decided the time had come, to change Sethryn's social life for the better, but good! The two hatched a secret plan to get Sethryn LAID! Little did Sethryn realize, how well their plan would workout, thanks to Firm Board member, Kenton Ramrock.

Submitted: February 12, 2010

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Submitted: February 12, 2010



STRANDED! (Part 1)

It was a typical Thursday morning at the Mc Luster ConsulationFirm, at least, for one socially crippled, Sethryn Antonio. A transplant from upper Michigans, Grand Rapids, with moderately attractive features and the most talked about reputation from being more then a little sheltered when it comes to socializing.

An attractive, brunette with an insatiable appettite for learning about anything and everything that has to do with entertaining guests, clientel and making social gathering planning operate smoothly, Sethryn had always dreamed she could be one of those elite people whom was always 'in the know', and at the center of the group of most socially popular co-workers at the firm. And this would seem quite possible to achieve, if it wasn't for the fact that she simply never was one to step outside of her comfort zone.

She was clearly adored by those at the firm. Particularly, with whom she worked closely with. Some also looked upon her as the 'loveable company nerd', who was always nervous around those whom she considered a go getter...or 'can do' type. Home was always where she found herself feeling most secure. She was always the one to decline the countless invitations to attend any of the many company events, all of which were intended to allow the firm's 4,700 employees to become better acquainted. She was so predictable like that.

Today, like most other thursday mornings, Sethryn sat complacently in front of her computer, staring into nothingness, wishing she could be so much more sociable, like her closest friend at the firm, Summer Kendrick, the firm's hottest up and coming, young achiever, elite sociallite and office fashion-plate.

" I said, are you trying to hypnotize Windows Vista again, Sethryn? "

" Oh! I'm sorry...I didnt realize anyone was behind me", Sethryn stammered, as she wirled around 90º to face her sudden vistitor.

There stood Pandee Bennet, thoughtfully standing just outside Sethryn's cramped, slightly cluttered cubby-hole, waiting for her to compose herself.

" Oh please forgive me for startling you, Sethryn. I only stopped by to let you know that Mr.Gaines would like you to pull that financial prospectus for the Vitamin World account",she said while nervously observing the way Sethryn had carefully applied her make-up with such perfection as she'd always done, ever since coming to the firm nearly three and a half years ago.

" I see you look absolutely radiant today, as usual, " Pandee whispered in an eager, chummy kind of way. Since they first became friends, Pandee had always admired Sethryn. She seen her as the living embodiment of everything she longed to be. She couldn't understand why Sethryn didn't view herself in a more positive light.

Sethryn often became slightly nervous anytime Pandee was around, mainly because Pandee was almost always complimenting her in some way or another, which often left her feeling even more self-conscious.

" Shit! I left it at my apartment. I spent half of last nite working on it. Tell him I will have it in his hands tomorrow morning, first thing! I've had so much on my mind, with the company office party pools around the corner and all...Summer and I are in charge of putting everything together, you know? " Sethryn blurted, upon realizing her oversights.

" Oh! well...alrighty then, of course you know, you're sending me into the 'lion's den', without so much as a steak as an offering, don't you? "

" I'm so very sorry, Pandee. I promise you, it wasn't something I planned, "Sethryn pleaded.

" Don't worry about it, girl. I've been this company's unoffical 'lion tamer', for the past 8 years. Trust me when I tell you, I can handle Mr.Gaines, " Pandee replied under her breath, as to prevent their co-workers on either side of them from overhearing their conversation.

" Thanks a million, Pandee. Oh! Before I forget, I'm not so sure I'm gonna be able to go on our shopping excursion this weekend afterall. Summer has roped me into a total make-over, which I totally agreed to do, for reasons I'm still trying to figure out. Anywho, I have to stick with the whole make-over...(sigh), for an entire week."

" Tell me I didn't just here Sethryn utter the most beautiful words she could have ever spoken to me! Did you just say..

" Make-over? Yes, I did. 'Total make-over', to be precise. Yes, I said it, but even now, I still can't believe I agreed to do it. I mean, you know how long its been since she made it her priority to rehabilitate me? I mean, to hear Summer Kendrick tell it, I'm some kind of sympathy case, she has taken on as her personal 'project', as if changing me is somehow, going to greatly improve her personal life, here on earth. Can you believe that? "

" Um, well Sethryn, it's not like she's out to turn you into anything terrible. I mean, look at you! Your're already stunning. You got great looks, gorgeous eyes...a smile that practically stops the office hunk, Kenton Ramrock, dead in his tracks, anytime you two are near each other. So it's not as though she'll have to rebuild you, "Pandee said, trying to sound positive, in order to hide the fact she wished Summer would take her on as one of her total character make-over projects.

" Well, I don't know. Summer can get a bit extravagant, when you don't reign her in, sometimes. And she's been itchin' to revamp my whole image for more then a year now."

Just then, Sethryn's computer chimed, " you've go mail, " causing the two to pause their chit-chat, and both looked slowly over to the big AOL Logo occupying her computer screen.

" Hey! suppose you remind me just who it was recently, that whimpered to me about how much they wished they would get noticed by the office 'elite', so they could escape their private social 'purgatory'? Hmmm...? "

Sethryn easily detected the arrogant stain of deliberate saracasm in Pandee's tone, as well as her envy and slight hurt and disappointment from earlier, after telling her about Summer's ' total make-over'. It wasn't that she wanted to take Sethryn's place, but because she simply wished a knowlegeable and well connected, fashionable social butterfly like Summer, would approach her too, with a driven desire to make her next 'big thing' at the firm.

Sethryn realized this a long time ago, when Summer first approached her back when she came to the firm, and Mr.Gaines paired the two and instructed Summer to teach her the ropes. Just knowing how left out Pandee felt, broke her heart. Pandee was suck a warm, kind and sincerely wonderful person, both in the office, as well as away from the company. Sethryn's heart went out to her. She was 'real' like that.

" Well, I'm gonna get know... to see what it's about and who it's from. So, I guess I'll meet up with you over lunch, right, she asked coyly, " and Pondee quickly agreed and blushed as she sauntered away with the childlike enthusiam that Sethryn always found slightly antagonizing.

Just when she finished her conversation and whirled around to chech her email, around the far end of the dual-sided cubical lane, came the always ubeat fashion plate of the firm, and she was rapidly approaching Sethryn's cubical.

" There you are girl. You are just gonna freak when you hear what happened to me last nite. By the way, you can be really hard person to locate when you wanna be."

"What makes you say that, Summer? I hardly ever go anywhere after work, except home or to the store, " Sethryn replied, appearing somewhat sincerely confused by Summer's comment.

" That's exactly what I mean. See, I've always told you how painfully predictable you are, with your Lame excuse for whatever you call that drab and extremely non-eventful life of yours. You see, I expected you to respond like you just did, " Summer's far too honest response exclaimed, as she sway from one side of Sethryn's cubical entrance and then to the other, while she allowed her gaze to canter about the countless photos of her friends and vaction locations, and more past.»it's that were barely clinging to their upholstered workspace.

" Girl, tonight you and your ho hum self are going out on the town with ya girl, so we can get you liquored up and then laid, " said Summer, as she smiled at Sethryn and then whirled and shuttled away to her office.

" Uh...I don't know, Summer..., " Sethryn stammered, but only to be interrupted.

" Oh yeah ya do! And just in case ya don't know, Now ya know! I'll pick ya up tonight around 9pm. Dress ready to get lit up from the titt up, so the fallas can beat that shit up! "

Deep down, even as shy as Sethryn seemed on the outside, she couldn't deny that she loved how shamefully sexual Summer was, even at work.

Okay, so now, not only did Sethryn have to deal with Pandee's over zealous notions of stary-eyed idolism, but now she had to figure out how she was going to get out of Summer's openly erotic invitation to go out on a fuck-fest, swinger date.

She always admired Summer for going for anything she's ever wanted. This includes men. Anytime she ever seemed to cross pathes with a guy who sparked her interest, it was never a complication to seduce him into her bed, back seat, hotel elevator or any other locale she might consider handy.

Summer was the living embodyment of female sexuality in motion. Men absolutely fall over themselves just to be near her, while the women, straight or not, all find her sexual essence too intense to resist, and a majority of them secretly find themselves more then willing to soak the sheets with her, if given half a chance. This absolutely excited her. Oddly enough, it excited Sethryn even more just knowing this about her.

Sethryn felt as though she was being watched. Just then, Pandee stood in the doorway of the cubical, with her usual big smile. In her hand she was holding the account for Vitamin World, in her shaking left hand. She was waiting for Sethryn to invite her to continue filling her in on what was needed to do with the account changes.

Sethryn always hated this and would often become purposefully busy anytime it happened, to aggrivate Pandee to the point of finally speaking her peice and eventually walking away, to irritate someone else with her disturbingly upbeat, perky attitude.

Now that she had finally freed herself from Pandee's torment, she could now settle down and concentrate on her new assignment, or so she thought. But fate was about to throw a new distraction her way.

" Excuse me, Sethryn, is it, came the sexiest, masculine voice she'd heard all week.

" What? Oh! Yes. I'm sorry, " she blurted nervously, once she realized the voice belonged to Kenton.

" Please forgive me. I didn't realize you were there."

" It's okay. It's my fault. I shouldn't have startled you, " Kenton apologized.

" What can I do for you, " she asked as she found herself quietly inhaling a deep breath of his manly cologne and sexual musk.

His eyes seemed to be fixed on hers as he spoke to her, only she was completly caught up in the glow of his unequalled beauty, to notice a single word he was saying to her. She was too far gone by this point.

Sethryn had day dreamed about Kenton stripping away all her clothing and forcing her to accept his lusty advances almost daily. Each time, her daydreams afforded all new exotic scenarios unlike any that had come before. She didn't have a clue where they originated from or how she wa able to continually come up with such burning passions seemingly without any effort, and she honestly didn't care. All she knew, was that her breasts throbbed, her thighs trembled with undeniable mere sight of hime. She needed him, to unleash her inner lust once and for all time. But how? She know she could never make a play for him, and risk rejection. That just wouldn't be her at all.

Later that afternoon, with work well out of the way, Pondee and Sethryn were at the mall, picking out some new clothes for Summer's 'girls night out' adventure, in spite of Sethryn's ongoing reluctance.

" You know Sethryn, tonight's outing is only going to do you good, right? "
" And how do you know this, Pandee, " she replied as she stopped dead cold in her stride and looked deeply into Pandee's eyes

After pausing for a long moment, Pandee began to say something, but suddenly hesitated, thinking it better not to say a word.

"That's what I thought, " came Sethryn's smirking snap-back. Her tone made it quite clear she was being sarcastic.

"Pandee, tell me this, "she asked.

"Yeah sure Sethryn."

"Exactly how long have you known Summer and exactly what do you know about her, anyway? "

As if she could tell why she was asking, Pandee thought about playing naive, but upon noticing how serious Sethryn's facail expressions was, she decided against it.
"Well, I've known her for most of the time she's worked at the firm. As for how well I know her, let's suffice it to say that there was a period of four or five months when she considered me her specail make-over, just like you are now.

"Tell me you're joking, " came Sethryn's reply, in a tone that made it obvious that Pandee's revelation surprised her. Pandee sneered in her direction, evidentally offended by Sethryn's comment.

"You mean to say that she ...I mean, you were ...Oh my dang, girl! I had no idea, Pandee", was Sethryn's resply.

"Yeah, I can see that."

As theycontinued to shop, the time grew closer to Sethryn's make-over session with Summer. Soon enough, Summer was going to introduce Grand Oaks to the new and improved Sethryn Antonio.

Pandee and Sethryn were both getting dressed when Sethryn's cell phone rang.


"Hey lady, it's ya girl, Summer. You got Pandee handy", asked Summer, sounding entirely too entusiastic for Sethryn's comfort zone.

"Uh ...yeah. We're both tryin on new outfits we bought today. you didn't indicate what type of place you're taking us, soIthought it best to go shopping for some new clothes. Pandee even insisted on joining me. Can you imagine that?"

"Yeah, Pandee's very useful when it comes to clothes shopping and fashion tips. She's got the knack for knowing exactly what works in such situations. I wouldn't dream of arranging such an evening without including her", Summer fired back in her signature, demure tone.

"Exactly what do you mean by that?"
"Whoa there kitty! I promise you, you'll understand everything, in due time girl. All in due time."

Hearing this, unsettled Sethryn's usually calm stature. She didn't know why exactly, but for some reason, her intuition told her something just was not right about Summer's last remark.

"Alright, have it your way, Summer. I made a promise to see this crazy thing through, and a deal's a deal, so whatever. At least tell me when and where this 'awe-inspiring' make-over is supposed to take place, then let's do the damn thing, she scoffed back, deliberately exposing her frustration for Summer's non-chalant attitude of secrecy.

"Actually darling, I'm approaching your condo as we speak, with my make-over bag in tow. Do be a dear, and meet me at the door in two minutes, won't you? Bye", Summer mocked, immitating Kerrie Jones' stuckup attitude from accounting at work. She and Pandee use it as well, kinda like their own little inside joke at the office.

Sure enough, within two minutes, She was knocking at the door, and Sethryn was there to meet her, wearing a robe over her sweat pants and T-shirt.

"Oooo ...girl, this is gonna be such an unforgettable night of your life", Summer spewed with enthusiasm as she feined kissing her on each cheek, and whirled past her carrying two bulging bags towards the den. "Now girlfriend, let's get you looking sexy-licious, shall we?" An hour later, Summer turned to Pandee, and with a wink, turned Sethryn around for Pandee's assessment.

"Omigod! Summer, I believe you have captured the hidden Sethryn that has been lying dormant all these years. Tonight, we are gonna unleash her on unsuspecting on all the 'HOT' guys out there", an amazed Pandee said as if she could not believe her own eyes. She stood to her feet, genuinely in awe, as she began slowly walking around Sethryn. No longer able to say another word, she was witnessing a small miracle. Summer was good, and Pandee knew it, but even she realized this was her crowning make-over achievement.

"What do I look like", Sethryn asked, almost overflowing with anticipation. "captured what?"

"Hush! I'm tryin' to concentrate girl", Summer quipped.

The fact that both, Summer and Pandee continued to stare at her, much like two judges at a prestigious AKC dog competition, made her very nervous. Seeing their serious expressions turn into enormous smiles, excited her. She rushed to the mirrored wall across the room to see how she looked, not knowing what to expect. Any feelings of dread and uncertainty quickly melted away upon gazing at her reflection. She looked absolutely gorgeaous!. Summer had given her a classy, sexy, yet sensual look,with only a hint of sluttiness. Sethryn loved it!

Pandee and Summer disappeared into seperate rooms to get dressed, and then the three were finally ready to go. The three loaded up into Summer's Aston Martin, and off into the nite they went.

They exchanged funny office gossip as they journied down the highway for nearly and hour before Sethryn's curiosity couldn't
be contained any longer.

"So, exactly where is it that you two are taking me, and why is so far away?"

"Sethryn, girlfriend, you really need to learn to just 'go with the flow' sometimes. You never simply relax and allow things to hapen. Tonight, you need to allow urself to live a little for once in your life, aiight? Damn.", Summer gently scolded.

"As much as I don't wanna risk making you upset at me, Summer's so right, Sethryn. You can be a bit of a control freak, at times. You don't always have to be in complete control of each and every single moment and activity you engage in", laughed Pandee.

"Girl, telling her that is just a waste of breath. You know as well as I do, Sethryn's seen that movie, 'Are We There Yet', and she'll ride your last nerve, asking that same question the rest of the way to where we're going, until you tell her, so you may as well accept it", Summer smirked sarcastically, to reassure Pandee that she wasn't upset with her.

"What the hell, Pandee?!? You mean to tell me you know exactly where we're going, and you didn't say anything? Why", Sethryn shouted suddenly, in a burst of instant irritation.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, there! Take it easy Calamity Jane. You have no enimies in this car, so just calm down", Summer interrupted, trying to quell the situation, speaking in a calm voice of reassurance. She could sense that Sethryn was becoming more and more angry with all the secrecy. She was not the type who liked being kept in the dark about things that involved her, especially by people she trusted.

"I'm sorry Sethryn, believe me, I really am. It's just that we planned for this nite to be the best night of your life, as well as the innaugural unveiling of the brand new Sethryn Antonio. We never meant for you to become upset with either of us.", sobbed Pandee, as tears began to well up in her beautiful, grey-ish green eyes, upon realizing how upset she had made her. "Honestly, we never meant to hurt you."

"Okay, fine. I apologize too, for freakin' out on ya'll ...but why all this secrecy in the first place? I mean, why not just tell me upfront", Sethryn replied with a noticeably restored patience and understanding in her tone.

"We were worried that you wouldn't agree to come with us, had we told you", Pandee murmurred under her breath, almost dreading what would be said next as a result.

"What Ms. Thang is trying to say, is that this whole evening was supposed to be a complete and pleasant 'surprise' ...and you're gradually ruining it with all your questions, so just sit back, enjoy the ride, smoke a joint or whatever it is you normally do at home to relax, and leave the rest to us, aiight? Tonight is your nite to enjoy, ok? Pandee and I had to call-in alot of favors to make this nite very special for your nervous ass, so the least you could do to show your appreciation, is shut the hell up, and let the plan unfold, heifer",

Summer spoke with a voice that was strong, and yet, friendly. As an added affect, she ended her admonishment, with a comforting smile, that reassured Sethryn that everything was already under control and that she didn't need to worry anymore. A brief pause filled the air, and then all three women burst into laughter, assurring that all was fine again.

They began dishing dirt about their past sexual triumphs, and eventually about secret crushes on fellow officemates and so on, as they continued on their journey. By the time they had arrived at their destination, Summer had approached the club from the back parking lot entrance. There was no evidence of the explosive outburst that Sethryn had unleashed, noticeable.

"Alright ladies, listen up! We have finally reached our playground destination, came Summer's announcement, as she proceeded to imitate a flight attendant giving final instructions just befor passengers were allowed to exit the plane. "We at Summer Fun Coaches, ask that you please return your seats to their upright position, and remove any trash, joy jelly, joint roaches, and any other debri that wasn't in the coach prior to your trip, and kindly exit the coach in an orderly, lady-like sophisticated fashion, and remember ..have one helluva nite, ladies! And as always, thank you for choosing Summer Fun Coaches. Now get ya skank asses out of my car", Summer announced just before bursting into histrical laughter.

"Oh my dang, girl", Sethryn replied, struggling to keep from laughing as she exited the car, shaking her head as if she disapproved of Summer's satyrical joke. You ain't right. Not one iota, and you know it, so you wanna show it!

Meanwhile, Pandee's reply seemed somewhat more like a ritualistic announcement, "Hell yeah! These luscious thighs have been waiting for this moment all week! Mmm, mmm, mmm! And now that its here, momma gonna get her FREAK on!! Believe that! I came to break a brotha down!"

Suddenly, Summer stepped in to interject a dose of much needed reality, to reign Pandee in, and back to reality, otherwise, Pandee would've kept on and on.

"Uh, right girlfriend. You say that everytime we come up here, and the whole ride home, you're always complaining about how your coochy's swollen shut, just like the last time, so spare us your fake brave and bold routine", teased Summer, as she took one last look in her rearview mirror to check her lipstick.

"Fuck you, bitch", Pandee replied playfully, after having her ego deflated.

"Nah, ya scandlous ho, that trout's not in my league. You'll be lucky if you can con one of these desperate guys in here to spend any time humpin it."

Summer, that was just wrong, girlfriend", feigning a cough, Sethryn, covering her mouth in an effort to keep from laughing to Pandee's face.

"ahh... Now the two of you lovely bitches got mad jokes, huh? That's alright. I got both
of you scandalous skeezas. Now if you're both done hating on me, may we please enter this den of sin, so i can see how much 'snake' i'm gonna take? Momma's pussy is hungry, Damn!"

"Um, ladies? Do either of you mind telling me exactly what you're talking about, cause I don't think I like the vibe I'm getting", an extremely skeptical Sethryn inquired in a suspicious tone, indicating she wasn't going to take another step until she received an answer.

After a considerably long amount of double talking, coupled with some serious convincing, both Summer and Pandee managed to get her to agree to go into CLUB VIBRATIONS with them for at least one hour.

Reluctantly, Sethryn and the the two con artists she referred to, as friends, strutted into the adult, swinger club. Summer and Pandee were expecting nothing short of having one helluva good time.

Upon entering, the three were greeted by half-dressed, studly beefcakes, clad in only their white tuxedo collars, bowties and black pants, standing on either side of the door's lobby. Pandee couldn't help rubbing the tight chest of the one named Wild Rock, as she snuggled up to him, grinding her robust ass deliberately against his meaty bulge below. Summer turned to both ladies and said her final piece, before turning towards one of the many bars along the walls of the club, and sauntered away into the scantily-dressed crowd. Just before disappearing from view, she shouted out to them both...

"just remember ladies, we came here to drink, get drunk, krunk, dick all up in our trunk, so get get all of this meat-fest smorgasbord! Oh, and Sethryn, honey..."

"yeah, Summer?"

"Pandee and I went through alot, and cashed-in several favors to make this nite possible for you! Don't blow it, alright?" Without another word, Summer disappeared into the gyrating sea of hedonistic, half-dressed swingers that surrounded her in every direction. Most of whom appeared to be on a first name basis with her, from her many frequent visits.

Meanwhile, Pandee had already become acosted by two deliciously studly Jamaican hunks, each magnificently well endowed where it mattered most in a place such as this. And just as it had been only moments earlier with Summer and her admirers, Pandee's suitors seemed equally well familiar with her as well. With their hands canvasing every inch of her feminine sensuality, Pandee moaned, as a pair of the many hands found her moistness underneath her dress. And just like that, she was wisked away into the crowd, happy, as she was uninhibited.

A smirking smile eased acrossed Sethryn's face, as she marvelled at just how freaky her office co-workers were behaving. The very thought of learning that both were living such perfectly balanced, double lives, astonished her. Then, she thought of all the people they all worked with, and how the two had them all completely fooled. She began wondering what their boss, Mr. Gaines, would think, if he knew both of his office superstars were nympho-maniac, hedonists. Just the thought of him finding out on his own, firsthand, caused her to laugh out loud. Luckily for her, the music was blasting far too loud for anyone around her to really notice, or even care.

She began to relax for a moment, and decided to take in the atmosphere, when she began to notice just how enormous the club's main room actually was. Then she began to notice that nearly everywhere she turned, people were kissing, and groping eachother without concern for the fact that they're complete stangers to each other.

Then, her eyes turned to the two gorgeous women sitting just two tables away from her, who were busy smothering each other with fiery hot, open-mouthed tongue kisses, while secretly finger-fucking each other under the table. In front of her, across the room, sat a group of what appeared to be a power group. She couldn't help noticing, that one of the ladies accompanying them, was gently jacking off, the men sitting on either side of her, through their silk pants.

Just then, it reoccured to her, Summer and Pandee had brought her to 'swingers' club. One thing became all too clear to her ...the fact that. Pandee and Summer brought her here to get her fucked, and fucked repeatedly! The longer she thought about it, the less she felt willing to remain, as she had agreed in the parking lot. 'One full hour', she thought to herself. Sixty long, drawnout minutes, she thought to herself, as she continued to stare in awe about the room.

"Excuse me, Miss Antonio, is it?", came the sexiest, strong voice from behind her, derailing her train of thought. It sounded so seductively familiar to her, but no one she knew, would be seen in such a place as this.

Shocked that anyone in shocked that anyone would know her name in such an establishment, Sethryn whirled her head around to see who had formally addressed her.

"Omigod!" Absolute horror suddenly overtook her face, upon recognizing her gentlman caller.

"Mmmmmmister ...Mr. Ramrock! I mean, Mr. Kenton! What I meant to say is, Kenton, sir." Sethryn fumbled awkwardly, trying to find the correct words to say, as she gazed in absolute humiliation. It was her most embarrassing moment since forgetting her lines in her 6th grade school play. It was her secret office crush, Kenton Ramrock. In a few months, he would become a superior at the firm, as her new boss.

Her stammering was halted by the same, sexy syrupy-thick, voice that had always moistened her crotch at work. She had often talked with Pandee, about how silky smooth and masculine his voice was, and there he stood, leaning over her shoulder.

"I believe, just Kenton, will do, Ms. Antonio", he spoke, as his words brought a tingle to her rapidly moistening, nether region.

"I couldn't help noticing you were alone, and appearing somewhat stunned by what it is you were witnissing all around you, so ...I thought I would come over and say hello. However, I want you to know, as much as I've been wanting to make your acquaintence, this wasn't the way i had invisioned our first interaction away from work, but ..."

"Please forgive me, if I sounded the least bit condecending, and/or even the slightest bit judgemental, Kenton. It's just that, this place ...I mean, well, its all just so overwhelming to take-in all at once. I've never been to such a place before, and I was conned into coming here, by both, Summer and Pan..." She thought she'd cum right then and there, just from the sound of his voice, when he suddenly interrupted her nervous apology.

"There's absolutely no need for an apology, Sethryn. What you do on your own time is of no business of the firm.

[Continued in Part 2]

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