Happy Birthday

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David's parents had planned a birthday surprise for him. As David travels through this journey of surprises, he discovers that they mean much more than they appear. Down the road, David unravels life's most important lessons...

Submitted: April 24, 2016

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The Birthday Story

"Happy Birthday!" David's parents wished as he woke up with a beam on his birthday morning. David rubbed his eyes and was overjoyed to see the new bicycle he had asked for.

"Thank you, Mom and Dad!" he said in an excited exclaim.


His Mom urged him to get ready for his surprise. David was excited. He wore his birthday clothes in a twinkling and was waiting at the doorway in no time.


All three of them walked to the basement where their parking lot was. They hopped in the car and David buckled his seatbelts of ready for his journey of surprises.


His surprise was: his parents were going to take him for a long drive around the country and they were going to try every local delicacy before they got home. They had shifted to Cyprus just a month ago and were not very familiar with dad's childhood home. So, dad was their tour guide.


Cyprus is a beautiful country with its endless stretch of green intertwined with gorgeous,

colourful blossoms with its lonely snow-capped mountains in the horizon and friendly local people.


David was devouring the visual treat, when the car came to halt.

"Dad, why are we stopping here?" asked David.


“This is our first stop. The most famous delicacy of Cyprus- Halloumi Cheese...here it comes!"

And the day went on as such. David enjoyed himself immensely. But there were nagging instances that did not leave his mind nor let him rest in peace.


At the first stop, he saw a little boy with large eyes eyeing his sandwich. As he was taking his sea, the boy asked him for a sandwich. Davis tentativly tore off a piece and handed it to the boy. One could see boy's ribs and he had a distended belly. As soon as he got a piece, he leapt for joy and hopped off.


“These street children!" said Mom shaking her head.

"Why did he ask me for food, Mama?"


“Well, probably because he is hungry and does not get food to eat," replied Mama.

David thought it was terrible and as he looked down at his plate, he felt guilty for wasting the burnt sides of white bread of his Halloumi Cheese Sandwich and the slices of tomato. His heart went out for the poor little boy. He then realized how lucky he was to get everything he wanted when there were so many who couldn't even fulfill their needs. What's worse was there were more such instances to come...


It was noon and the sun was baking the ground with vengeance and draining away the energy the three travelers. They stopped for lunch at a cafe. David skimmed through the menu and turned his nose at the dishes.


"What's wrong, dear?"

"Ummm...I don't like the food here. Let's go to some other restaurant."

"Oh, in that case, what about McDonald's?"


David grinned and they were off to their next destination. On their way, they stopped at a gas station. David saw a skinny old man with worn down clothes at the gas station, he was gobbling up a piece of bread. The contentment on his face reflected that of David's when he was eating his HappyMeal at McDonald's.


As they left McDonald's, they travelled along a narrow lane. Down the road was a trash bin with a pile of rubbish surrounding it. The flies and the dogs had two unusal companions. Two little children in rags. They were rummaging a pile of trash. One of the two found a half-eaten candy bar and the warmth of the broken-toothed smile melted David's heart as the boy broke the bar into two to share it with his sister. David thanked his stars for he did not know what it was like to be hungry.


y the time they reached home, it was midnight. There was one thing left to do: The birthday cake!

An overstuffed David stuffed pieces of chocolate cake into his mouth and no sooner than later dozed off to sleep.


The next morning, however, no one stopped the incessant screeches of the alarm clock. It was way past nine o'clock. David's parents rushed into his room to find a sick and pale child whose tummy was under the ravages of a stomachache.


This followed for a few days which made the trip to the hospital necessary, which would become David's second home in the time to come. David had stomach-cancer.


Liquid food, hospital bed and clothes, constant pain, hair loss, needles large and small- these were the ways of life now. Although, food was abundant for an affluent family like his, he could but sigh as he remembered the good old days when he could eat throwing caution to the wind. He now knew what hunger and helplessness was.


David beckoned his worried Dad and whispered something into his ear. Dad smiled.

The next day, David was pushed in a wheelchair to a hall filled with many poor children who were happily licking their plates and spoons.


"Now, I think I am the luckiest boy in the world to see such merriment and contentment before I leave this world!" thought David.


Their beams were the last things he remembered as he drew his last breath and left a smile for the mortal world.


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