Cleaning Up the Manure

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political article about the enormous amount of money being spent by the new presidential administration

The noble GOP warns of rising debt and how spending so much in tax money now will place an undue burden on the shoulders of those who'll pay taxes in the future. The 'omnibus' bill being debated in Washington DC is described as chock full of 'pork' and filled with very little in terms of building jobs and boosting the economy. Seasoned, respectable senators and journalists stand up and point out how the numbers on Wall Street shrink as more and more efforts are made by the Democratic administration to infuse money into our economy. As the idea of future revenues of the affluent being fixed with higher taxes, these well versed, well educated, and well moneyed journalists and Republican senators go on and on about the terrible price Americans will pay as a result of the wreckless spending of the White House. Doom and gloom flow from their mouths like the spittle of the overweight, over spoken radio host who says he speaks for us all when his eloquent rhetoric really supports the conservative, wealthy facet of our society that will finally be taxed on a more even basis.
So you have a bill that is laden with 'pork barrel spending' of such projects as pig manure management, agriculture and rural development, green energy and water development, homeland security, veteran's affairs, broad band technologies, and above all limits on executive compensation; all of which are specifically designed for production of jobs and economic growth. With such a mess where almost ten percent of our labor is out of work, banks are drying up because investors are skeptical and hardly anyone has any cash left to invest, let alone to support a business or purchase products. These programs are supposed to create jobs for the people of this country, not disappear in another vacuum of some corporation or major bank. Am I supposed to really accept that these funds, as huge as they are, won't put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work? But these 'pork' earmarks do not uplift the fat cat, GOP conservatives of Wall Street or the upper level of society that pigeon-holed the world with government loopholes and corrupt business policies, and pushed the economy down into the toilet to begin with. These overbearing, overpaid voices of the wealthy have no problem at all watching the lower paid masses go broke and join the homeless with every breath of the blowhard voice of the GOP.
The American government established a precedent of aiding foreign countries, financing peace to our allies around the world through the projection of power, intervening when one country commits atrocities on another when things like global oil commodities are involved, but not where basic human lives are. We've become so inclined to help destitute nations that we ignore starving people in our own and are so quick to allow illegal immigrants from Mexico into emergency rooms that refusing actual American citizens who cannot afford medical insurance on the same terms is the normal policy, and the GOP has the gall to obstruct medical reform. The Secretary of the State promises nine hundred million in international aid to the Gaza Strip, a big payout to the Hamas militant government for attacks on Israel, and nobody bats an eye except for maybe a menacing grin or two from Iran. Hundreds of millions are spent on a new satellite tellescope to view the distant heavens while congressmen and senators quibble over seriously needed funds to put Americans back to work, serving their constituents by describing how much it will cost future generations. Hey, guess what Mister radio, GOP blowhard? It already cost the current generation TRILLIONS in taxpayer bailouts, corporate theft, and non-transparent federal spending to get us here in the first place!
Sure, let's all be calm and patient. Allow what's left of the lame-duck administration to finish the job of ruining our economy and pulling the rest of the free world down with us into this chasm of debt. But let's not mess with the future generations of the wealthy or Bernie Madoff's wife; that wouldn't do anything but get to the very root of the cause to our sorrows. Thank God that the will of the people of this country still has some tiny glint of say in what's left of a democratic society where the leaders are supposed to be there for, and by, the People. Like it or not our elected president has started to put an end to the corruption in Washington and Wall Street, despite the remnants of the last Republican administration, a once noble party that represented everybody in their districts, not just special interests of those who could afford to contribute the most in campaign funds.
Pork and manure and TRILLIONS in federal funds? It's no wonder that America lost its confidence in investing with Wall Street or the Grand Old Party. At least President Obama has graced us with actually revealing the process of cleaning up all the muck, unlike the last administration that gigged us, for who knows how much, since 911.

SR Urie

Submitted: April 12, 2009

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