Ode to ACLU

Union(Ode to ACLU)

Oh to be so wise, all knowing in your ties
To the courts, to the press, the traditionally oppressed and their lies,
That allows me the life and liberty American soil provides,
So that you can stand and yell, rebel and become my allies;
Improvise, compromise, win the Nobel Prize, cross your eyes
To who I really am.

The monster, the criminal, the shell of humanity is where I hide,
Brain is mush and my morality fried, dyed, oversupplied,
For though I've been caught, stopped, further course of crime denied,
I have you, true and blue, and will sue with you, Union, at my side;
Stand with pride, endure the tide of law applied, and Justice denied
To who I really am.
Okay. I am the Union and for all I will stand,
I carry the weight of which I hate anyone staying my hand,
My cause so grand that I shall blow away any foe despite the cost or brand,
For it's the accused' rights that I deny any victim's try for anything Justice demands;
Yes, we must fight through day and night, spite wrong or right by command
To who I really am.

Submitted: July 23, 2009

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