A hindu girl & A Christian guy- journey from colorful world to black n white...

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a lovestory......

Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



I try hard to get my normal life back as single bt any hw i go failed as – The day whn v saw eachother first time in GOA n met in the same city BARODA as a frnd beforeone year in june 2010….tht was my beautiful accident ever happened in my life..!!

It was like v met tht was destined…Lyk evryone, I too fell in love wid ur DIMPLE...!! The endless chats of ours in evry morning, evening n the late night chats on weekends in whch v used make fun of eachother n used to share so many thngs whch was happennig in our lives... Now u are nt here wid whom i cn share my feelings of happiness,sorrows n all..

I miss the names u used to call me as-"babbie", "miss earth" n "chakli" n specialy whenever u called me as "betu” I was feeling so gud..n the day when u told me tht u see me as ur "life partner" …I cnt say hw I was feeling inside…!!

whenevr n whrever i go to d places whr v hv spent time together ,It makes me remind of u n i wish u were here..

whenever i listen to the music whch v used to listen n liketht reminds me of u... whenever I see d pics of us together I just say perfect pair…u r the person whom I wanted in my life. U were d person who undrstood me completely.

whenever I stand near window of my room n look at d road where any white “swift”passes from here I just remind of u tht before passing through my house u called me n I cme to see u from d window for a while…

The way u took care whn i was sick..hw cn i forget ??

Its all like v were addicted to each other… U made my life colorful....worth living....bt it turned into Black n white world...

The dreams whch v had seen to live together for whole life tht all r broken nw…. U r the reason for my smile..u made me smile in any situation n nw u took away my smile wid u n now i just hv tears....

Just bcoz u r christian n I m hindu- the religion problem !!

Bt I cn proudly say V are nt selfish.. V sacrificed n compromised with our life, our unconditional love, our happiness, our feelings n so many things just to make our parents happy…V dint want to take any step tht hurts our parents… Bt parents dnt listen us wht v want.. as its our mistake tht v r from different religion n still v fell in love wid eachother… nw v hv to adjust ourselves in tht world whch is given n decided by our parents whether v wnt or not…!

U r gng to marry sm othr gal bt I dnt knw abt me…wht will I do..? Now I want to run away from here from all ths. i m feeling so lonely widout u... U r not thrown away from my life.

Bt I miss u n love u lyk hell its just tht nw I cnt convey my feelings to u bt I knw in my heart tht u tooStill love me n miss me…. Bt nw v hv to accept ths reality and hv to live for our parents n move on in life…….

I pray to GOD to give u in my lyf in our next birth in the same religion and again we wil meet n fall in love with eachother and v wil fulfil all our dreams……!!

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