Far away we met!

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This story is about the bond that John and Marn share between each other. Marn was ready to sacrifice anything in life for john. They were not able to digest the fact that they were just best friends. And there enters Blessey who interrupts the whole story. Read along the story of John and Marn.

Submitted: August 15, 2016

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Submitted: August 15, 2016




I was sitting on my couch, eating. I sensed something was going to happen. I was absolutely sure about that. I had double vision. I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything. I was doing a small research on the people who achieved like a billion things aged twice lesser than me. I felt an urge of guiltiness inside me when I was wondering if I knew astrology (sensing bad things). I suddenly felt as if I was multi-tasking-eating, thinking, browsing. I was left all alone because of the girl who left me two months back. I was dipped in my own thoughts.  I was scrolling my old conversations with Marie. I never expected that “I hate you” was going to be our last conversation. It was a co-incidence; I heard m5’s sugar singing suddenly. I received a text from her-“Yeahhh!!!! I just can’t love you once again”. It was just non-sync. I never texted her too. One side, I felt so happy when I got to know that “ I hate you" was not our last conversation. I was thinking about Marie. How I met that boyish girl as a stranger and ended up as more-than-besties. We had a fight going on. I had told her I liked Blessey, the new comer to our college. I don’t know what disturbed Marie about it. Marie and me were seriously bestbestbest friends. Whenever she would see me, she’ll shout-“WELCOME JOHN BABY, TO THE FUN WORLD” and place her wet lips on my cheeks. We were often mistaken. But we were sure that it wasn’t love which was going on between us. Marie, the girl with short hair, worn-out jeans, placing a cigarette on her mouth. Everything suited her perfectly except her name. So eight years back, I started calling her “Marn”. But it got replaced too with “baby”. The first day we met, we never had the slight of an idea that one day she would fight with me, kiss me, share her cigarette with me. There was nothing girlish I could find about her.

One month back, I had told her I liked the cuteness of Blessey. I knew that even if I had came committed to Blessey, Marn will be my only love. She would often come and whisper into my years – “I love you”. We meant what we said but we were just friends.

Once, I wanted to prank her. So, me, rob(one of my friend)were ready to prank her.. The “prank” day came near and at last it came.

Rob during that day, ran to Marn, and said “I love you”. She gave a cheerful smile and slapped him soo hard. She didn’t know that it was just fun .Rob never expected her to do like that, and he shouted-“JOHN LOVES MARIE”. And we became viral throughout the college.She never talked to me after that. It was not because she was angry on me , it was because we were mistaken. I couldn’t bear it. One day , I ran to her and whispered “baby, I seriously love you and I don’t care what these people talk about us””I just want you for me forever”. I saw tears rolling down her cheeks and at last she hugged me and gave the same old kiss she gives me always.

I thought about her for a while and decided.


The end


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