Remember - Episode 5

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Remember is a story that tell about two people from different background, who really want to find true love and happiness.

Submitted: January 16, 2017

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Submitted: January 16, 2017



Yuki and Rei were taken to the hospital by some people. Two(2) weeks later Rei regained consciousness and asked about Yuki but the doctors said he's still in coma and they don't know when he is going to regain consciousness. Rei couldn't help but cry so hard. A month later Yuki was discharged from the hospital and Rei heard about this she went to his mansion but he wasn't there, she went to the company and he wasn't there too. She looked for him at so many places but she couldn't find him. One day Rei took Yuki's photo and asked anyone she saw if they've seen this person but she kept on getting a no. She met a guy name Haru she asked him if he has see this person? Haru took the photo and said yes I've seen this person Rie was so glad and asked where then he said she will have to give him a huge amount of money before he can tell her. Rei had no money with her she told him that she will be back and ran home she sold all she had and went back to his house the next day. Haru took the money and gave her mr muga's home address number. She went there and meet a maid, she asked the maid if she knows a man named yuki the maid replied yes and took her there. When Rei got into the house, the first person she saw was yuki she ran to him, hugged him tight and said are you alright? How have you been with tears rolling down her eyes. Who are you? Yuki asked, Rei heard this and look at him in the eyes it's me, your new maid said miss rina Rei was so shocked to hear Rina call her yuki's new maid. oh I see said yuki don't worry I'm alright so don't cry anymore. Let's go darling rina said to yuki and they both left the house. Rei seeing this fell on the ground crying bitterly in pain mr muga who saw everything asked her to get up and tell him what happened. She greeted him and told him everything that happened with tears. mr muga told her that his son yuki lost his memory and cause of this he can't remember anything and about miss rina she said she's his girlfriend

Rei in depression stood up and said its all over now yuki will never remember her and was about to leave when me muga stopped her and said you won't go but stay and pretend to be a maid I'm sure one day he will remember you. Rei hearing this gave a I bit of hope again and said okay she will. But will he remember me again she asked herself.

She went to the other maids and it seems like they all loved her they taught her what to do. Soon it was dinner time and everyone was on the Dining table Rei served the meal to everyone and when she got to Yuki, miss rina said she will serve his food herself but Yuki said to rina let her serve me. What's your name new maid yuki asked? My name is Rei with tears rolling down her eyes and she walked away to her room and cried all by herself. Yuki kept on wondering if they've met before. The next morning yuki and rina went to the company everyone were all happy to see him back and strong. Rei was still at home putting his room in other and rushed to the office, but before she could get there it was already late. Miss rina shouted at her and said this is not at home where you can do whatever you want okay, now get lost. I'm so sorry Rei said and walked away with tears. Yuki saw this and got angry he called rina and asked if Rei is an employee in the company yes she is said rina. Yuki yelled at rina and said why you shout her when you know she's a maid and had to finish some house work before coming to the office? Don't ever repeat this again and he walked away with anger. Rei went to her office crying and said please let my Yuki remember me.........! To be continued.

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