The Kiss That Haunts Me

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A fatefull kiss will haunt anybody.

Submitted: June 05, 2013

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Submitted: June 05, 2013



I cant tell your life is easy, because its not. Nobody ever is handed anything, people think the love of your life is just handed to you. I lost all that one day.

I was 16 years old sitting in my Algebra class, i had a huge crush on Amanda Cruz. She was the most popular girl in the school and i was the least. But if my dad was a lowlife and my mom a successfully business woman then i had a chance.

One Friday i had the guts to ask her out, i passed a crinkled note to her in Algebra, she looked at it then smiled and giggled. I didn't know how to take that. Was i supposed to be happy or worried?

At lunch i went to my locker to get some more books, i study during lunch so i don't have to do homework when i get home. She walked up to me and placed her hand on my shoulder and simply said yes id love to. She was referring to what i asked, if she wanted to go to the movies Saturday night.

I picked her up at eight that night, ill never forget it. It was a warm June night. Almost perfect. No clouds in the sky. I still seemed skeptical since i wasn't known around the school, i felt maybe i was being set up like my friend Adam who went on a date and she left him in the movies.

Still she was smiling and seemed like she was going to have a good time. We pulled up and she asked me if i had ever kissed a girl. I laughed and said of course i have im not 11. She laughed and kissed me on my trembling lips. I almost died right there. The prom queen had just kissed me. Boy that would be story the next day. We went in and the movie had already started so we decided to leave and just drive around town.

I took her to Alden Hill. Only the best make out spots in town like if anybody knew where to take there date this was it. Parents degraded the place saying 90 percent of teen pregninces were started there. I've heard stores but that it.

We made out for a while, to the point where the windows steamed up. She put her head down and looked sad. I felt nervous now. "Whats wrong Amanda"?

I have to tell you something she said with her head still down. I said its ok you can tell me. What she said whas forever changed my life.

She looked into my eyes and put her hand on my red cheeks and simply said ive always loved you. I was shocked i didn't know if i was dreaming. She asked me if i felt the same and i said yes i do, which i cant believe i said that. My heart was racing at the speed of sound. I was sweaty.

I made love to her in the backseat of my car, until the sun came up. Unaware that i had to be home at 7 in the morning to help my dad. She woke me up and said i think we should run away. I mean i was dreaming now. After a night like that what was i going to say.

We did it. I ditched my cell phone and she ditched hers. We both said were crazy and that our parents would find us someday. Fearing that we changed our names and i made fake IDs for us. I could pass as 21 she could to i thought.

I had money my parents were loaded, i had 20,000 in my bank account that was mine for college but now that me and Amanda had done all this i knew we were gonna need that money for apartment. We moved to California from Arizona.

I got us a apartment and a job at a local bank, the bank manager didn't ask questions when he hired me he said i looked young though. And said i could start in a few days. I got home that afternoon from the interview Amanda said she had news for me.

She pulled my hand and sat me down next to the bed and said im pregnant. I cried i was so happy. It was as if my whole life was coming true all the dreams i ever had about things like this.

The day Amanda was going into labor i was at work and she called me and told me to hurry to the hospital, she was in early labor. I was nervous. I got there just in time to see her give birth to a baby girl. We named her Kasey after Amandas mom. It was the best day of my life.

Amanda and Kasey were released 3 days later, and i was a daddy now i was so excited. She always told me id be a good father. I didn't know anything about being a parent but she said she would show me how things work.

We decided to get married that week. We picked a beach near Malibu and we had a small ceremony, the air was so sweet with the smell of ocean and Amanda looked beautiful as ever, her long reddish brown hair seemed to just carry with the wind, a tear ran down her eye as she said i do.... I was so happy.

The next week Amanda planned on taking a trip to Maine to see her aunt. I said id watch Kasey for the weekend. I planned on staying home and doing some work stuff.

Amanda flight left at 7 that morning. I dropped her off and she gave that kiss that was like when we were 16... That kiss i thought.

The phone rang at 11 that night, i was so happy i couldn't wait to talk to her.

It wasn't her, a man came on and said he was the Sheriff of Ames County and that they found Amandas car on the side of the road abandoned with no signs of a struggle.

I never recovered from that night. Im haunted by that kiss. Ill be right back she said i love you.

Kasey's 7 now. One day i was reading the paper, Kasey came up to me put her hands on mine. I looked up. "Daddy wheres mommy"?

I took a breathe, looked away and looked back into her eyes and said, mommys on vacation sweetheart...... She gave me a kiss and ran to play.



I never remarried or had anymore children, or never called my parents or Amandas. I left the past along time ago.

I look at the picture of Amanda and me when we were innocent teenagers. Wondering, hoping. Will i ever get that kiss again. I don't regret anything, the love of my life was with me for the time we had. I get goose bumps when i look at the picture. Her eyes come alive.....

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