The Nigeria Darkest Moments: Corruption & Pains

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The Nigeria Darkest Moments: Tell the story on how some few Nigeria present leaders are running the country as personal property. the story is quite unthinkable

Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016



Nigeria’s Darkest Moment:



The story of unprecedented visa scandal in the Nigeria High Commission in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa is a negative development which Will indisputably embarrass Nigeria and diminish its status in the diplomatic circles. The news of visa scam involving Mr. M. N. Cobham, the current acting High Commissioner in the Commission, who is also a presidential Ambassadorial nominee from Cross River State is no doubt a national disgrace.

Mr. Cobham, who is reported to have surfaced to the limelight following the retirement of Ambassador Yusuf is a man known to have a soft spot for women, money, liquor. Thus, the departure of Ambassador Yusuf had provided an opportunity and perfect ground for Mr. Cobham to satisfy his avarice and lust.

Observers of the unfolding events happening in South Africa have recently witnessed the issuance of questionable visas by the High Commission in Pretoria, beginning with the opening of the World Economic Forum that took place in South Africa in May 2013, when the agreement on trade and commerce between Nigeria and South Africa was signed.

An impeccable source who craved for anonymity, told this medium that, Ambassador Cobham "invented the new visa regime for ulterior motives not for the purpose of creating an enabling environment for investment, or for cementing of bilateral ties between Nigeria and South Africa.

The introduction of the Integrated Online Solution (OIS) in visa processing at the High Commission has been the cash cow which His Excellency, the Ag. High Commissioner has been milking and living fat on for years now. Through such scam, Ambassador Cobham was able to secretly acquire a huge and Luxury apartment at the Sandston neighbourhood in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is in this house the ambassador quenches his lascivious cravings with beautiful mistresses at the weekend, a staff who does not want her name mentioned said.

The Integrated Online Solution (OIS), which was introduced (ostensibly) to promote commence through synergizing the issuance of visa by both the consulate in Johannesburg and the High Commission in Pretoria has not served its raison d'être.

Accordingly, things fell apart when Cobham realized that he was short changed as returns based on agreements had not been forthcoming. It was the no love lost relationship between the duo that led to the revelation uncovering the truth of Cobham's complaints about the various occasions that the Consular General, Ambassador Uche Ajulu - Okeke had manipulated the business to her favour.

In his efforts to checkmate the Consular General and any perceived enemies who might have attempted to question his OIS's racketeering, staff at the High Commission and the Consular office were threatened with disciplinary action by Ambassador Cobham.

Two accomplices of the Ambassador whose names our investigation revealed are the Immigration Attaché at the High Commission and MJF travels, a company which is said to have belonged to Mrs. Buky, a sister-in-law to Mr. Cobham.

A reliable source in the Consulate in Johannesburg has informed the media that Cobham realized approximately R50, 000 that is, (N 1400,000) daily from the illegal exercise. Fraudulent payments for visa application was uncovered on the 26th of July 2016 by the OIS through bank reports. The revelation had been reported. However, no action has been taken at the time of filing in this report, according to the source.

The result of inaction on the parts of authorities concerned has left perceived enemies of the Acting High Commissioner vulnerable to his iron fist. The fears of staff have been confirmed by the recent dismissal of a member of staff in the visa section on account of not honouring a questionable visa request from the Ambassador. For this reason, the Ambassador has replaced two visa staff with agents working for him. The duo extended the dastardly act of nepotism and racketeering by threatening any of Nigerian diplomats in South Africa with dismissal, suspension or recall to Nigeria at the slightest provocation; while he enjoys his booming visa business and the huge proceeds from it.

The source further stressed that Ambassador Cobham and his lieutenant Mr. Togun live fat on this dirty and illegal business as both sign an average of 30 to 40 visas received from MJF travels daily. Recent developments also revealed that they are dragging the consular officer one Mr. Balogun into the dirty deals by allotting slots to him on a weekly basis to conceal their nefarious activities in Visa scam. The ambassadorial nominee is comfortable dining and wining with all his associates at his favourite hotel Michael Angelo. He convinced his accomplices in the visa racketeering that nothing will happen to them as his voice will prevail over the damaging report against them at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at home.

Our reliable source identified to be a close friend of the Ambassador before their relationship turned sour disclosed that Cobham frequently travels to Swaziland and Lesotho with his secretary who is a local staff in the Commission, and he sleeps with her at the expense of his legal wife.  As a form of compensation, the secretary serves as a visa correspondent and keeps visa stickers for Cobham and the Immigration department in the Embassy. While Togun, the corrupt immigration Attaché who was given a clean bill by the Ambassador and subsequently transferred to Pretoria from Johannesburg to hide from his crimes, is a key figure in the racket who helps in coordinating and arranging for meetings with clients from Johannesburg on referrals from MJF travels. It is reported that they charge above the official amount as applicants pay exorbitant fares ranging from R5000 to R10000 per application, which is equivalent to $300 to $600 respectively. All the proceeds from the visa scam is shared among members of the racketeering team during weekends at Sandston, Johannesburg.

It is unfortunate that abuse of this magnitude will be happening at a time when world leaders shower our government with praises for fighting the monumental corruption which is fighting back to destroy our nation.  Nigerians from all walks of life are shouting the gospel of change as championed by President Muhammadu Buhari. This is therefore a challenge and an indictment on the current crusader against corruption by the government.

It is our hope and prayer that government will investigate this shoddy dealing at the Nigeria High commission in Pretoria with the view to finding out the veracity of the many damaging reports against Ambassador Cobham.

The anti - corruption group.

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