Because this is my first day of 2018

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Submitted: January 01, 2018

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Submitted: January 01, 2018



We get so excited thinking it's time for new year to begin and there will be much more to it when it only takes few days until you realize there is nothing that is new year in this year as well and it's not up to new year that will provide you with better things  and fulfill all your dreams it's you who decides to make everyday of every year something special, something different, something unique,something worth looking back.

Our lives keep getting pushed with the blowing wind no matter if you are ready to move forward or not and time is passing as if it's getting late and people who were once with us are miles away,the reply we waited for days are finally deleted,those long nights with our books opened and minds closed turned into memories,talking about how worst we did in our exams and telling each other to not worry because they are in the same line as you are all just words that are left in our heart,right after getting up in the morning thinking of going back to sleep as soon as you reach home back,when the first lesson begins thinking of the last lesson and with all those thoughts in our head there was one thought that never left us growing up, that is everything will disappear and we will miss it badly.

We will regret growing up and will want to go back.
We will want to be loved so badly.
We will want to make real friends so badly.
Everything will turn into if and desires.

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