Strings of the Heart

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When love is found; and lost, it is not the proof of thread that counts but the Strings of the heart that matters...

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013




Strings of the Heart.


I was sitting in the hospital chairs, the strong smell of the phenyl looming like an omnipresent sprit, clutching the last few remains of Kunal’s presence in my life.

The police handed over the artefacts recovered from the scene of accident. There was wallet, a bag with a few books and his Diary and the watch I had gifted him; the hands struck at 7:55 pm. It marked the time of his last moments.  I slowly opened his wallet, a few hundreds, some old tickets a card and a Photograph. It was our last picture together; those tinkling eyes seemed to be mocking at me now. I opened the bag he used to carry. The diary, it was so special for him. He would always carry it with him, on tours, to the office, to any place he went.

“Thank God not the bathrooms”, I would scold. He would laugh at this.

“I can smell something is burning” he would joke.

But never had he let me even  hold the diary let alone read it. But today, there it was in my hands like a closed treasure chest. But it was with trembling hand I opened it. There on the first page was a beautiful line.

“Love is like the ocean, it is deep, vast and omnipresent.” 

He had written in his beautiful slant cursives. I smiled, despite myself, at the depth of his thoughts. I flipped through the pages; there were poems and later an entry. Like, he was actually talking to the diary. It was about our first date.

We had been to the Marine Drive. Oceans always attracted us. We sat there gazing at the vast blanket of blue, lost deep in thought.

We were lost in the tranquillity for a long time.  I looked at him and smiled. His eyes gazing at me. It was a beautiful moment. He slowly took my hands in his.

“I love you”, he said still looking at me with that twinkling eyes. I smiled. And it spoke more than any word would have. That was the beginning of our beautiful relationship.

It was always the little thing that we enjoyed. It was not the expensive restraints, the fancy cars. But, teas at the little stall, chat night dinner, chocolate treats which we cherished the most. We never messaged the night away.

“Raat ka deewana” he would call himself. I would only smile and realise the depth of his definition of love.

Once, it was a very long and busy day we both had. We never even got to call each other. And so I decided to call him to my place. We had dinner and caught up with each other. It was way past the usual “good night” time but still there we were with a cup of ice cream and loads to talk. I led him to the terrace of my apartment. I lay there in his arms under the starry skies.

“It has been such a long time we have grazed at the stars” I remarked.

“No”, he said after a small pause. I wondered what he meant. He replied almost as if he had read my mind.

“I see them everyday… twinkling in your eyes.”

I shall never forget those moments.

I flipped through the pages and read on. I almost felt him speaking through the pages. Without even realising I had reached the last page of his entry. It had today’s date. He wrote it probably just after my good-bye.

He called me evening just I as I was leaving.

“Hey. Where are you?” he asked.

“Office. Just leaving.” I replied.

“Meet me at the café Corner, I have a news for you.”

I knew I couldn’t argue. There was something about his tone that me go weak in the knees. Despite having a report to finish I agreed.

“oh! Alright then I’ll see you in an hour.” I replied wondering what news he wanted to give me. I probably thought he was promoted; it had been due since a while. Or maybe his sister was coming from the U.S. he was really close to her and her daughter was his favourite nephew. I kept wondering all the way long. I reached there and saw he was already there. Sitting on his bike, grinning his mischievous smile.

We went in and chose a table in the far corner of the café. I sat in front of him and waited. The matron came by and we ordered coffee and a sandwich. I was still looking at him, and there he was, taking his own sweet time and left me to keep guessing. I finally lost my patience.

“Are you waiting for any auspicious time to tell me what you had to” I snapped. He laughed. Only he could laugh at a situation like this.

“Well, it’s time we did search for one” he winked. I had already lost my patience and he was talking in riddles.


“What!?” I was angry now.

“Dad and Mom agreed to our marriage.” he said. I was for a moment stunned. There was no bound to my joy.

“That’s such great news” I so wanted to jump up and down.

“So let’s get on with the preparations. They want to meet you this Sunday.”

“Of course. I’ll talk to Nikhil and bring him along as well.” I had lost my parents and Nikhil being twelve years older to me, had taken care of me since then.

We spent the rest of the time discussing like two little school children planning for a trip. We finally got up and left paying the bill.  I decided to go home by a rickshaw though he insisted on dropping me home but it would mean going in an entirely opposite direction for him. As he prepared to leave, I kissed him and turned to leave. He called me back and got down from his bike. He came forward and gave me a tight hug so much filled with warmth and love. He kissed me on the forehead and look at me. He smiled at me.

“Madam. Madam” it was the hospital nurse.

“Papers are ready and the body can be released” she informed me. I was still hazed and at a distance I heard foot-steps echoing. I looked and saw Kunal’s mother walking in with his dad. I couldn’t meet them. I decide I would leave their lives forever. As I got up, the nurse asked me to sign the papers. I refused.

“You are not his wife?” it sounded more like a statement rather than a question.

I was not married to Kunal, at least not by the Thread of proof. I was bound to him by the strings of the Heart. I was sure she wouldn’t understand. Nobody would. I left the hospital without Kunal or his remains. With just a heavy heart, a numbed mind I walked back filled grief but yet flooded with memories of a life-time.

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