Escape from Melrasia

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17 year old Skylar Clarke has had a hard life. Her mother died when she was seven, and she rarely gets to see her father. The only joy in her life is her little sister, Marigold. One day, the Melrasian government made a decision that would change Skylar and Marigold's lives forever. When a war breaks loose, she is left to take care of her sister all alone with no help. But then she meets Bryce Jennings. Bryce turns her life around, and makes her feel like a teenager, not an adult. When the war gets worse, all three children decide to flee the counrty, but will they make it?

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



My name is Skylar Clarke. I am 17 years old, and I live in the country of Melrasia. Melrasia is as small as Vancouver, and unknown to anyone outside of it, because we have an invisible shield over our country so it is unseen by anyone. The government forbids us to leave, yet I’m not sure why. We rose above the ocean about 100 years ago. Here, it is almost the same as any other country. We have schools, a government, workplaces, and stores, anything you could imagine.

I live at home with my little sister Marigold (Mari for short), who is 10, and my father, who works for the army. We rarely get to see him, which is really hard for Mari, because she has never known her mother, and our father is too overwhelmed with work for most of the year. My mother was friendly, beautiful, had a great sense of humour, and was always positive. Dad said that Mari looks exactly like mom. She died when Mari was one. Ever since then, I have never really been happy.

It’s hard to make friends at school when your dad works for the army. Everyone is scared, because they know if they disobey any rule of the government, they will be tortured. Dad says he hates his job, but I don’t understand why he doesn’t abandon it.

I have no friends, only people who are nice around me. My sister on the other hand, is loved by anyone who meets her. And who isn’t? She is always polite, and knows what to say, her curly blonde hair is amazing, and her sapphire blue eyes melt the toughest of hearts away. She truly is beautiful. Just like the flower, a marigold, she was named after. I am not. Or, at least nobody has told me so.

Today, which is Sunday, is not like the others. Right now, we would all be in the local church. But we are standing in front of the Parliament building, awaiting the appearance of our President, Willoughby Quillen. We were forced here this morning by the army. Attendance is mandatory, unless you are on death’s bed. Anyone to object when the army came to escort them got shot in front of their family. I’m curious about how many people my father has killed today.

The faces in the crowd are scared, worried, and maybe even excited. Who knows what this is all about? As I wait beside Mari, I take my straight black hair out of the braid I put it in last night. I twist it around my finger. Mari looks me in my emerald green eyes and asks,

“Skylar, why are we here? Are we in trouble?” she seemed very frightened.

“I don’t know Mari. Hopefully, it will be something good.”

I wasn’t sure if I was scared, or apprehensive. Either way, aren’t they almost the same? The army walks out on the stage put up, one by one. I see my father, on guard and waiting. Out strides Willoughby Quillen a few minutes later, flashing his toothy smile, and unfortunately displaying his noticeable white hair sticking out of his ears. He is a stout and ugly man, perhaps related to a troll. He places his chubby fingers up in the air to hush the crowd. We wait tensely, for what he has to say. He starts by clearing his throat, while making an ugly snotty sound.

“Children, ladies, men, and any other who may be attending this. I am sorry for you to miss out on your Sunday prayers. You all may be pondering, ‘What is this foolish man doing, by calling us all here?’ For one, I can tell you that I am not foolish. The government of Melrasia and I have decided on some new rules.”

Everyone looked worried, I’m not sure if I did or not, but I suspect I did.

“We have decided that girls cannot go to school anymore, also, women cannot vote, anyone to object will be tortured, and forced into slavery. Thank you for your time here, and have a wonderful day ladies and gentlemen.” He ended with a very strong sense of authority, which he usually did not have.

Each person left with an infuriated expression on their face. Of course they would, who would make such a rash move? This, in my opinion, is extreme sexism. I know that before, women were treated badly, and just like the new rules state, they were not allowed to vote, or go to school. Still, no one ever since then has done something like this. Maybe they were being foolish, after all… the government consists of lumpy, hairy and lonely men. Hopefully, everything will almost be the same. At least I won’t be surrounded by overwhelming lust at school.

That night, luckily, our father was walking Mari and me home. You could hear the muffled words of the angry people nearby, cursing at Willoughby Quillen. The afternoon eventually comes when we are near our house. We walk in the doorway, silent.

“Daddy, why is the President not letting me and Skylar go to school?” Mari asked quietly

“Mari, I don’t know exactly why. It’s probably for your advantage though. The president knows best.” He said firmly.

I wasn’t sure whether he was lying or not, he probably wasn’t. He is one of those people that believe whatever they are taught. You can’t teach a dog new tricks. I decide to snap something back.

“Dad, how can this be of our benefit? We will never get a decent job, or a proper education! We will be stupid, all because of that pig of a President.” Mari gasped at my outburst.

“President Willoughby knows best, honey. He is only thinking of your future.” Sometimes he can be so naïve.

“Yeah, the future where I’m a stay at home mom with loads of laundry to do, and 6 screaming children.” I murmured.

We all take a seat in our scratched up wooden dining room set. We sit in silence for a bit, and then we turn our television on. We only have one channel, which is controlled by the government. In the morning, all the children’s shows are on. In the afternoon, all the talk shows, dramas and comedies play. And in the evening, they play all the news broadcasts. We sit in silence while a female voice narrates the story.

“We have a breaking story on the new laws that President Quillen just passed today. Young women, men, and children are protesting in front of the Parliament building. We will inform you much more, as the story happens.”

They cut to pictures of women, girls, men, and boys with picket signs saying things like ‘Sexism is so last century’ and ‘Melrasian government unfair’ But what really struck me was that a little girl with dark brown hair and tan skin, around the same age as Mari, was holding a sign saying ‘Willoughby won’t let me learn’ I am torn apart. I instantly think of Mari and her future. Her future where she won’t have an opinion on the next president. And the future where she has to explain to her daughter why she can’t go to school and her brother can. It’s heart breaking, really.

“Dad isn’t this horrible! Because of him, Mari and that little girl, alongside many others, won’t have a very bright future. Think of the future! Don’t you agree?”

I am asking him… almost pleading him to agree with me. Hopefully, he thought the same thing as I did.

“I already told you Skylar. The president is only thinking of your future! Hold on a second, the phone is ringing.”

I stare at my father blankly, not believing what he just said. I hate him, period. How can anyone think like that? My dad walks over to our plastic cord phone. He says ‘Hello?” and I can hear the faint voice of the army general, asking him do something unknown. Dad ends with an “Affirmative, sir.” He looks toward Mari and I, then says,

“I have to go now. I don’t know how long I will be. Whether its one hour, or one month, I don’t know. The general has ordered the entire army to stand guard at the Parliament Building, in case anything rough and tough happens. I will call you once I get word on how long I will be gone.”

Mari runs up to him and gives him a big hug.

“Stay safe, daddy.”

I don’t say anything to him, I turn away from him even. Because I know if something does happen, he will have to kill innocent people. Perhaps even that little girl. He says one last goodbye and closes the door quietly. I turn off the TV, and then turn to my side. I look thoughtfully at Mari, wondering about the next few hours. Mari has a distant gaze and asks,

“Are you mad at dad?” she seemed worried about my answer. As I answered her, I chose my words wisely.

“I’m not mad at him, I’m just… frustrated. What I’m really worried about is our future. The president’s decision may have a good impact on you and me, or a bad one. If this new law doesn’t change, you and I won’t get a very good job, or a good education like we are supposed to. Dad doesn’t see that. That’s why I’m frustrated.”

I get up from the table and I go inside of our ancient fridge and pull out some ham, cheese, and lettuce. I start slicing the cheese slowly. I stop and turn to Mari, who is sitting in silence. I grin sheepishly, and go to the radio and turn it on. A fast-paced song comes on, as I turn back and slice the cheese to the beat of the song. Mari giggles, and I laugh along with her. This is the first time in a while that I have been happy. It feels good.

I finish cutting up everything, and then put the slices in bread. I give the sandwich I made to Mari, then sit down on the couch and pull out the book I’m currently reading. I’m just finishing up “Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins. I love the whole Hunger Games series, I think it’s very powerful, and realistic. But every time I read about Katniss and Peeta I feel alone, because I long for someone to love me like Peeta loves Katniss. And yet, I’m alone and still waiting for my Prince Charming.

I close my eyes and try to fall asleep. I want to forget about the new law, and about the love between Katniss and Peeta. I zone out, calming all my nerves. Mari comes and sits next to me. She lays her sweet little head on my shoulder and closes her eyes as well. I’m so glad I have a sister like her. We slowly drift off to sleep on the couch.

When I wake up, it’s 10:00am, dad still isn’t home. I get up and turn off the radio, then turn on the television. An emergency news broadcast is on, but this time it is showing the Parliament building covered in graffiti. I’m guessing the protesters have vandalized the building. I hear that the protesters were forced to go home, but I have a feeling that they will do worse tonight. Mari wakes up and asks,

“Skylar, is dad here? What time is it?”

“No, dad isn’t here yet Mari. It’s now 10:05 in the morning.”

Mari sighs, and then goes to her room to brush her hair. I follow her, and sit on her small bed. I take the silver brush my mother left her, and I brush a strand of her golden hair. I start humming a song I heard on the radio a few days ago, called Drops of Jupiter. Mari closes her eyes and sways back and forth very slowly. When I finish, she whispers,

“You sing very well Skylar. You are really pretty too.”

She looks away, because she knows I don’t believe her. I finish brushing the last strand of her hair, then walk away. The phone rings, I answer it, and my father speaks,

“I’m sorry Skylar, I can’t talk for long. I will have to stay here for a bit longer. We have received information that the protesters might be planning an attack on the President. I’ll call if there is anything else. Love you.” And then he hung up.

I sigh, and then I sit on a wooden chair. I grab my “Mockingjay” book, and I read the last two chapters of it. I am feeling that this situation here in Melrasia as going to be just like the one that Katniss was dealing with in the Hunger Games series. Maybe we should start a rebellion just like the book. I wonder if that would help anything.

By the time I finish the book, its 2:00. Mari comes out of her room and sits on the chair beside me.

“Why don’t you think anything good about yourself Skylar? You are really pretty and you sing amazing.”

She is waiting for me to respond, her eyes flashing with an anger I have never seen in her before.

“Nobody at school has ever had a crush on me, or ever called me pretty. I see people talking about me always, and no one will talk to me because dad is in the army! That’s why Mari! Now PLEASE, leave me alone!” I’m breathing furiously.

I see a tear at the corner of Mari’s eye. Crap, now I made her cry. I take her small pale hand, and place it on mine.

“I’m sorry, Mari. It’s just that these new rules are getting to my head. Dad has to stay for a few more days, and I finished “Mockingjay”

She nods, and I wipe the tear streaming down her cheek. She smiles, and then I tickle her waist. We both giggle, but then we hear a gunshot. And then two, then three. Mari stops smiling and grabs my hand tightly. I look to the television, and a news report says that the protestors are back and that they are attacking the army. Every Melrasian citizen is outraged about the new rule, and they are planning on taking action. President Willoughby declares war.

Since dad is in the army, I will have to take care of Marigold during the war. Lovely, isn’t it? I look at Marigold, and she looks terrified. I get up, grab Mari’s hand and say,

“Get up, we’re going downstairs. Grab your pillow and blanket, we’re sleeping in the cellar tonight.” She does as she is told, and rushes back to me. We get to the middle of the kitchen, and I pull up the door. Marigold climbs down the ladder, and I follow her. I close the door, and pull the cord beside me, which turns on a dim light. Mari sets her pillow and blanket down on the floor, and sits on the blanket.

“What are we going to do Skylar? Dad isn’t here to protect us, and we’re all alone.”

“We’ll figure it out as we go along Mari. Right now, down here is the safest place for anyone. Now, we should probably relax for a bit.” Mari nodded and got under her blanket.

I find a chair to sit on and watch Mari drift off to sleep. A few minutes pass, and she’s fast asleep. I’m staring at the ceiling wondering about what’s happening. More gunshots have been fired, and I wonder if dad has killed anyone yet. I sigh, and then I slowly drift off to sleep.

When I wake up, I look around me, I forgot that we were down here. I look to the floor to see that Marigold is still asleep. It must be the evening. I gently wake her up,

“Marigold, it’s time to get up. Wake up Sleepy Head!”

Mari moans, then she kicks the old woolen blanket off of her. She sits up slowly, and her hair is in a complete mess. It looks like a rat’s nest. I giggle and she says in a low voice,

“What’s so funny Skylar? I’m not in the mood right now.”

“Your hair… it looks like you’re a wild animal Mari.”

She sighs and says,

“Can you bring down my silver brush? It’s in my room.”

“Fine, but you stay down here, I don’t want you to get hurt!”

I get up and climb the ladder. I push the door up to the kitchen, and then pull myself onto the floor. I look out the window to see dust everywhere outside, with buildings crumbled and a couple dead bodies spread around the village.

I go to Mari’s room and sit down on the chair in front of her vanity table. I look at myself in the mirror, and observe my face. The way my lips are strawberry pink, and the way my hair parts actually looks kind of… nice. I put my hand on my cheek and look at the color of my skin, it’s a creamy colour. Up until now, I haven’t really looked at myself. I have always doubted that I am attractive in anyway, but now I feel a bit better about myself. But not enough to believe I’m pretty. I pick up Mari’s brush and head to the kitchen. I grab some snacks to get us through the night. I climb back down the stairs, but then I hear a knock on the door. I put her brush on her blanket, and leave the snacks on my chair. I climb back up the stairs and answer the door.

A boy with dark blonde hair and amazing chestnut eyes is standing there. He is about 17 and he smiles at me. He pushes back a piece of his hair and says,

“My name is Bryce Jennings, um… I was wondering if I could you know, stay here for a while.”

He is looking straight at me and I feel weak in the knees. He is SO cute… I snap out of LALA land and reply with,

“My name is Skylar, yes you can stay here. You can stay as long as you like, in fact”

He looks at me again, and I nearly faint. What did I just say? I told this stranger that he could live here! But… he is SO attractive and he seems worried. I invite him inside and he enters. I almost trip over our welcome mat, but he grabs my arm and saves me. I land in his arms and he smiles.

“Better watch where you’re going. A pretty girl like you doesn’t deserve to get hurt.”

I swear my face was as red as a tomato. I quickly lead him to the cellar and he climbs down. He reaches his hand out for me to grab onto. He helps me down the ladder and makes sure I’m okay. Maybe chivalry isn’t dead. He looks at Mari and says.

“Hello there. You must be Skylar’s sister. My name is Bryce, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She smiles and says, “My name is Marigold, but you can call me Mari.”

She takes his hand and shakes it, and for a moment, I’m jealous. I tell him that he can sit on my chair, but he says,

“Where are you going to sit? There’s no other chair.”

I reply, “I’ll sit on the floor in front of you. It’s no big deal.”

He looks doubtful for a minute then sits on the chair. I sit in front of him, and I make sure he can’t look down my red sweater. I’m safe, and I look back at him. He was staring at me, but he quickly turned away.

“So, why aren’t you with your family Bryce? Especially in an epidemic like this.” I finish speaking and turn towards him. He looks sad for a minute and looks down. He whispers almost inaudibly,

“My family and I were down protesting Willoughby’s new law when the army went and shot them. I got away before they shot me. Which is why I’m at your house now.”

I feel so bad for him, so I take his hand and place it in mine. He is warm, which feels good on my cold hand. He looks at me and smiles sweetly. I look down and say,

“Our father is in the army.”

He looks remorseful, then says,

“Its 11:30, Marigold should be getting to bed now, right Skylar?”

He winks at me like we are sharing some kind of secret and I agree with him.

“Yep, time for bed Mari. Here, I’ll tuck you into bed.”

She lies down and I cover her with the ratty wool blanket. She says,

“Skylar, can you sing me a song before bed?” She looks hopeful but I say,

“No Mari, I’m not that good. Besides, I wouldn’t want to scare Bryce away.”

Then Bryce says, “I’ll sing you a song Mari. This is my favorite song. I hope you like it.”

Marigold closes her eyes and nods. I look at him. He closes his eyes and opens his mouth slowly. He opens his eyes, and the first note comes out crisp and clean.

“Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry. You don’t know how lovely you are. I had to find you, tell you I need you. Tell you I set you apart. Tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions. Oh let’s go back to the start.”

He was looking me in the eyes when he sang this part. He is singing the song, “The Scientist, by Coldplay” I look at the way his lips move along with the words, and I secretly hope that one day, he would place those lips on mine. But I know it won’t happen. By the time he finishes the chorus, Mari is asleep.

He looks to me and says,

“How’d I do?”

“You did… amazing. You’re amazing…”

What did I just say?!? He smiles at me and says,

“Now it’s your turn.”

“What do you mean “My turn”? Do you mean singing?”

He nods and says,

“Sing your favorite song.”

I want to object, but it’s almost like his brown eyes are hypnotizing me. He winks and I feel light-headed. I sigh then start on the song “The Only Exception” by Paramore

“When I was younger I saw, my daddy cry and curse at the wind. He broke his own heart and I watched, as he tried to reassemble it.”

I finish the verse, continue onto the chorus, and watch as he escapes into another world. I wonder what he’s thinking about…

“Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul that love never lasts. And we’ve got to find other ways. To make it alone, or keep a straight face.”

He opens his eyes, and then I stop. He smiles and says,

“You have a beautiful voice Skylar. And I kind of think you’re pretty.”

He looks down and bites his lip.

“You don’t know this, but I’ve had a crush on you since 3rd grade. Truth is that the only reason that I chose your house as a new “home” is because I wanted to get to know you better.” He smoothes a piece of my black hair away from my face. He smiles, and he says,

“I know you barely know me… but we will know each other better these next few days. I need to get some sleep now… so I’ll see you in the morning.” He smiles shyly then sits back on the chair. He says

“Goodnight Skylar, have a good sleep.” I nod then lie down next to his chair.

He closes his eyes and goes silent. I try to go to sleep, but a million thoughts are buzzing through my head. He said that he has a crush on me… no boy has ever had a crush on me. I keep thinking about him, and I finally go to sleep. I dream of him and me holding hands while walking on a street, somewhere else. Definitely not here though, that’s for sure.


When I wake up, Bryce’s black hoodie is over me, and I smell pancakes. I look to his chair to find that he isn’t in it. Mari isn’t in her bed either. I brush my hair with Mari’s brush, check my breath, and then climb up the ladder. Bryce is standing at our oven with a frying pan, while Marigold is sitting at our table with a plate, a fork and a knife. Bryce smiles and says

“Good morning Skylar, I made you, Mari and I some breakfast. Its 11:30, come over and sit here.”

He pulls out a chair for me to sit on. It’s across from where he is sitting. Gosh, he’s a real polite guy. Maybe by the time this whole situation is over, him and I will be together… Bryce comes over and puts a smiley face pancake on Marigold’s plate, a circle shaped one on his, and a heart shaped one on mine. He brings over the syrup and puts it on the table. He comes over to me and wraps his arms around my neck. He whispers in my ear,

“I hope you like it, Sky.”

No one has ever called me Sky before. I think it’s kind of sweet. We all dig in, and it feels like we’re a family. It’s like it was almost meant to be. We all finish, and to my surprise, he’s washing the dishes. I stand next to him and say,

“You don’t have to do them, it’s fine, I can wash the dishes.”

He shakes his head and replies,

“It’s fine, I think you’ve got a little syrup on your shirt.”

“I’ll be in my room if you need me.”

I turn and head to my room. I shut the door and flop down on my bed. I get up and pull out a black silk shirt. I pull my shirt off and over my head, and bring out my white bra. I fasten it on, and the door opens. Bryce is standing there, his eyes wide. I grab my black shirt and put it over my chest.

“I am so sorry, Skylar. I just came to talk to you. I’ll be waiting outside” He quickly shuts the door and I can hear him sigh. I put my shirt on, and fix my hair. I put on some black eye liner and some mascara. I say,

“You can come in now, Bryce.”

The door opens slowly and Bryce is looking down. He shuts the door behind him, and sits on the corner of my bed. He looks up at me and says,

“You look beautiful this afternoon. You always do, Skylar.”

“No, I don’t Bryce. I’m ugly, I’m not a supermodel like the other girls in our school. You are funny, kind, and attractive. I don’t know why you like me, I’m so plain.”

He gets up and sits facing me.

“I like you because you are beautiful on the inside and outside. The other girls are just posers. You are your own person Skylar. All these years I have hoped that you wouldn’t end up with the wrong guy. I have been waiting for you, for what seems like a thousand years.”

He leans in, and his lips meet mine. His hands are around my waist, and mine are on his shoulders. His lips move with mine slowly, like a slow song. The sun blares in my room as he puts his hands on my cheeks and I pull myself to the bed. He is still kissing me, gently, without force. He pulls away and kisses me one last time. He sits up and says,

“We should check on Mari…”

He gets up and winks at me. He opens the door and closes it gently. I sit up and I can’t help but smile. My first kiss… with Bryce Jennings. Does that mean we’re together? I get up and fix my hair then check the time. It’s now 2:30. When I leave my room, Mari and Bryce are sitting on the couch while watching an emergency news cast. I sit down beside Bryce, and put my head on his lap. The newscaster is reporting that more than 50 people have been killed. Marigold’s expression is frightened, and I know Bryce is worried. He shuts off the television and says,

“We need to escape from this hell hole. It’s not safe at all… I’m tired of this stupid country.”

He gets up and puts his hands on the kitchen table.

“Here’s what we are going to do. We are going to sleep early and pack our closest belongings and some food. We will leave at 12:00 tonight, and try to avoid the army. If we get to the ocean border, we will take one of the patrol boats and sail to a nearby country.”

He looks determined, and I know he wants to leave badly. I nod and send Mari off to pack her belongings. Bryce smiles and says,

“You’re a good kisser.”

He laughs and looks at me. He comes closer and hugs me tightly.

“We’ll make it through Sky, and when we do, I’ll make sure that you and Mari will always be safe.”

He tells me to pack up, so I head off to my room. I grab my backpack and put a picture of mom and dad inside. I grab mom’s old pearl necklace from dad’s room and write him a note.

‘Dear dad. If you are still alive, Mari and I have left the country with my friend Bryce. We will be safe, but we can’t stay here for longer because it’s quite dangerous. We will always remember you. Love you forever and always, Skylar <3’

I pack some of my clothes and leave my room. Mari and Bryce are waiting for me. Its 3:00pm, Bryce says that we should be getting some rest now. Mari goes to her room andBryce goes to lie on the couch. I turn on the radio and keep it on low, a slow song begins to play, Far Away, by Nickelback. Bryce stands up as I turn away, and he grabs my waist.

“Care to dance?” He asks hopefully

“Um… I don’t know how.”

“Just grab my shoulders and you will know what to do.”

I grab his shoulders and he starts stepping back and forth. I follow along and before I know it, we’re slow dancing. He kisses my neck and then my lips.

“I love you, I loved you all along. And I forgive you, for being away for far too long.”

Bryce sings that part of the song when it comes on. When the song ends, he lies on the couch.

“You don’t have to sleep there… you can sleep in my room if you want.”

He nods and tries to go to sleep. I shut the radio off and go to my room. I shut the door and climb into my bed. I think about what happened today. My first kiss and slow dance. I can’t believe that all this has happened today. I feel… hysterical. I close my eyes and I almost fall asleep. Then the door opens and shuts. I hear footsteps and then someone climbs onto my bed. They whisper,

“Goodnight Skylar. I love you…”

It was Bryce. He puts his arm over my chest and pulls me close.


Bryce wakes me up at 11:50pm, and I grab my back pack and leave my room. I make sure I don’t leave anything personal behind, and then I shut the door. I go into Mari’s room and gently wake her up. She sits at her vanity and brushes her hair quickly. She slips her silver brush into her bag and hugs me.

“I don’t want to leave Skylar, I’ll miss dad too much…”

I can see her eyes watering, so I quickly think of something to say,

“Mari if you stay here any longer, there is a good chance that you could get killed. I will miss dad too, but when we get to another country you will love it better there. We will have a much better life than what we are living.”

Mari smiles faintly, and she picks up her bag. I get up and leave the room with her. Bryce says,

“Are you ready to go guys?”

We all nod and he opens the door. He checks to make sure no one is out there, and then he gestures for Mari to go out. He turns off the light, and we leave together. He takes my hand and we walk down towards the ocean border. Every so often we stop to make sure no one is following us.

At around 1:30 we arrive at a wooded area, which means we are very close to the border. Mari complains that her feet hurt, so Bryce lets go of my hand and gives her a piggy back ride. When Bryce has to let her down, we are at the end of the wooded area. We can smell the ocean air, and hear the breath-taking ocean waves.

When we can finally see the ocean, we make sure that no army personnel is watching. The coast is clear, so we run to the border.

“Stop right there! No one can leave this country!” We hear an authorative voice… which sounds close to my father’s. We turn around and book it back, but we hear a gun shot.

“Skylar, Bryce! AHHH!!!”

I turn around and Mari is on the ground. She isn’t moving.

“Mari! NO!”

I turn to run to her, but Bryce grabs my hand.

“We have to keep running, or they’ll shoot us as well.”

He pulls me to back to the wooded area, and helps me climb a tree. He climbs up after me, and puts his arms around me.

“Skylar? Is that you? Come here now!”

It’s my father’s voice… the same one we heard before Mari was shot. Does that mean that he shot his own daughter? Before I know it, I am crying silently in Bryce’s arms. He is whispering in my ear,

“Skylar… I’m so sorry. We have to make it through together. When we get to the country, we can graduate High School together, and go to College together. I’ll get a good paying job so I can buy us a house and we can live together. It will be the perfect life. Please don’t cry…”

I hear my father scream and cry, he finally realized that he had shot his own daughter. The rest of the ocean border supervisors come to help him, which is when Bryce whispers,

“When we saw the ocean border the first time, I looked to the left and saw the patrol boats. Now that all the ocean border supervisors are distracted with your father, we can make a run for it.”

He helps me down the tree, and grabs our backpacks. We grab hands and run to the left of the ocean border line. We jump into the boat and he starts the motor. The ocean supervisors look to us and shout,

“Come back here! You aren’t allowed to leave!”

They start running towards us, but by the time they reach the boats, we can’t see the country, which means we are outside the invisible shield. Bryce turns off the motor and sets down our bags. I lie down, and he lays his head on my chest. I put my hand on his cheek, and we sit in silence as we watch the cloudless, starry sky.


When it’s light out, I wake Bryce up. We can faintly see the buildings of a new country.

“Bryce, how long would it take to get there if we put the motor on now?”

“If I put the motor on now, we would probably run out of gas before we get halfway there. By my judgement, we should probably get halfway there in about a day or two.”

He rolls up the sleeve of his flannel Plaid shirt, and checks the time on his watch.

“It’s now 7:30. We actually… made it.”

He has a faint smile on his face, and I can tell he is satisfied.

“How are you feeling, Bryce?”

“I’m feeling absolutely ecstatic! We aren’t trapped in that horrible country anymore! We can finally live the lives we always wanted.”

“I still wish Mari was here… I can’t believe that dad actually shot her. She would have been such a smart and beautiful woman. Now… she’s gone, and it’s my fault. It should have been me who was shot.”

Bryce shakes his head, and I feel another lecture coming on.

“I know that Mari should be here now. It’s a cruel world… and it was fate that decided that Mari should be shot. She might have turned out smart and beautiful, but in my opinion, not as smart and beautiful as you are now. It’s not your fault she was shot. It sounds terrible that I say this now, but all things happen for a reason. God might have had a reason for this to happen.”

He grabs my bag, thinking it’s his and opens it.

“Bryce, that’s my bag, not yours.”

He apologizes, and pulls out a picture of my mother. He hands it to me and says,

“Now I know where you got your beauty from.”

I put on a fake smile, and look at the picture. My mother had long, wavy blonde hair, with a hint of red when it hit the sunlight. Her eyes were the same sapphire blue as Mari’s, and she had the most beautiful smile you could imagine. I remember she had a lovely sense of humor and she always knew how to light up a room. I put the picture back in my bag, and pull out the first Hunger Games book. I hand it to Bryce and he asks,

“The Hunger Games? I’ve heard about this book, but I’ve never read it.”

He reads the back, and then turns to the first page. Before I know it, he`s turning to page 2, then 3. I`ve got him hooked on the book now. At least it`ll give him something to do besides talking about my mother.

“This is such a good book Sky. Thanks for letting me read it. I can’t believe Katniss volunteered for her sister in the reaping!”

I can tell Bryce is enjoying the book. He hasn’t said anything to me for a while now. He is already halfway through the book, so I imagine it’s about 9:00am-ish?

I pull out my IPod and put my headphones in. I choose a beautiful song by Evanescence, called My Immortal. The piano intro is beautiful and haunting, as well as the singer’s voice. I find myself humming the song when the chorus comes on, and Bryce has stopped reading. How long has he been watching me? I stop humming and turn my IPod up, then lie down and close my eyes.

I wish he hadn’t pulled out that picture of mom. He opened the wound I had before, even further. Mom would be proud of us now. I wonder if she’s looking down on us right now. I see Bryce’s mouth moving but I can’t hear him, so I pause my iPod.

“Pardon me Bryce?” I say. He takes my hand and looks me in the eye

“I know you’re mad at me Sky. You have every right to be. I shouldn’t have gone through your bag. I’m sorry that I brought up your mother.”

He takes a strand of my hair and twirls it around his finger. He rubs his hand on my thigh, and it sends a shiver up my spine. I sit up and move closer to him, and he snakes his fingers through my hair. I bring my face closer to his and I brush my lips on his. Before I can take another breath, Bryce presses his lips on mine. I open my mouth and kiss him harder. My hands brush up his legs, near the top of his thighs. He places his hands at the beginning of my ribcage, near my chest. I lay down once more, and he is leaning over me.

I’m breathing heavily, and I know my heart rate is up. Looking up at him, I can’t help but smile. He’s so gorgeous, any girl would be lucky to have him. But why was it me that he chose? He could easily have a gorgeous, blonde cheerleader from our school. His hands start to unbutton my white blouse, but a chopping noise comes from above. We both look up, and there’s a black helicopter above the boat. We both sit up and start flailing our arms like crazy. We shout as loud as we can, and the helicopter starts to descend. We hear a loud voice say,

“This is a Canadian Police Helicopter. We will be sending down a rope ladder for you to climb up. Please wait for a few seconds.”

I scream for joy and Bryce holds me in his arms. We zip up our bags and hoist them up on our backs. A few seconds later, a long rope ladder falls in front of the boat. Bryce helps me onto the ladder and I climb up a few steps. He follows after me, and the ladder starts to be pulled up onto the helicopter. A few minutes later, a man in a black uniform is holding his hand out to me. He pulls me up onto the helicopter, and a woman with the same uniform hands me a gray woolen blanket. Bryce is on the helicopter shortly after that, and I wrap both of us up in the blanket.

“So, where are you two from?” The man asks.

“You probably won’t believe this, but we’re from a country called Melrasia.”

Bryce begins to explain the history of Melrasia, and how we are invisible. He also explains what made us flee the country, and what happened along the way (Besides the whole romance part) When he finishes, the police man and woman start nodding, and the woman says,

“We believe you. You explained with such detail and you had no signs of lying. I’m glad you two got out before you got killed. But I have a question, are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?”

I look at Bryce and he winks at me. He turns to the police officers and he says,

“Yes. Skylar is my girlfriend, and I couldn’t ask for a better one. She`s everything I ever wanted, and more.”

Both the officers smile and pass us a bottle of water. I take a sip, and then I hand it over to Bryce. I ask the man what the time is, and he replies,

“Its 3:00pm. We should be landing in Vancouver in a couple of hours.”

For the next couple hours, we explain to the officers what it was like in Melrasia. Bryce tells them about his family, and I tell them about mine. I learn the lady’s name is Jacqueline, and she has two girls, named Jenny and Sarah, and a boy named Liam. The man’s name is Robert, and he has a girlfriend named Julie. He is planning to propose to her when it’s December, and there’s snow on the ground. I hope she accepts.

When we finally land in Vancouver, its evening. The sky is getting dark already, and the city lights are very bright. Jacqueline gets us the papers for our Canadian citizenship. It will be a few weeks before we are granted the citizenship. Jacqueline says that we can stay at her house, until we find part time jobs to buy an apartment. It isn’t long before we are enrolled at the local high school, we are in grade 12. In Melrasia, we didn’t have grades. We were put into classes depending on our age.


The Saturday after we had just graduated grade 12 together, Bryce takes me to the beach. We spent the entire day in the water, and walking hand in hand on the shore. Eventually the sun starts to set and we lie down on our beach towels. I pull my long gray cardigan over top of my bright red bikini. Bryce turns and looks at me. He strokes my cheek with his thumb, and I rub my hand on his bare chest. He turns, and pulls something out of the tote bag we brought. He stands up, and he holds his hand out for me to grab onto. He pulls me up and tells me to turn around. I turn around, and wait for a bit. He tells me to turn back around, so I turn to face him. When I see him, he is on one knee, holding out a silver chain necklace with a teardrop shaped diamond.

“Skylar Clarke, you are the most beautiful girl in the entire world. With you, I feel like I could be anything I want, I could do anything I want. I’m in love with you, and I have been ever since I had first laid eyes on you. I guess what I’m trying to ask is, will you marry me?”

The sea air was all around us, it smelt so beautiful. The sky had many vibrant reds and oranges in it. I have never seen Bryce look so handsome before, his brown eyes were sparkling, and his blonde hair was being blown by the breeze. I smile and look him in his gorgeous eyes.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

He jumps up and wraps his arms around me. He puts the necklace over my head and fastens it. He spins me around, and we laugh, and laugh.

Bryce and I have been married for 10 years now. We are expecting our first child, a girl. We have already decided on her name: Marigold Jennings.

Life has gone really well since Bryce proposed to me. He is working as a police officer, alongside Officer Robert, (Whom by the way is married to his girlfriend Julie) I work as the glee club teacher at the high school Bryce and I went to. Bryce finally convinced me that I should showcase my singing.

To this day, I don’t know anything about what’s going on in Melrasia. I have no clue if there’s still a war, and I have no clue if my father is still alive. I pray every night, that the citizens of Melrasia are safe and unharmed.

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