sometimes you need your love very badly

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: June 07, 2014

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Submitted: June 07, 2014




sometimes you need your love very badly

This story is about  a school going boy named Arjun

 His nature was so good & sober.he had less number of good friends

His daily life was going normal. One day what happens with Arjun as he entered in his class, what he see there where he used to sit every day one very beautiful and gorgeous girl sited there , he went in front of her and asked  why are you sited here! this is my place & I used to sit here every day  then the beautiful girl said to him, I did not know that ! this is your place where you sit daily I’m new here, I have got admission yesterday , so sorry for sitting on your place. Arjun told to her it’s okay! you enjoy my place and he sit beside of her, she introduced herself to name is ALIYA I am living here with my grandma my native home is in Calcutta, from here i'll continue  my schooling.After that Arjun introduced himselfto her. That day was very special for Arjun he was too happy, when he came from his school in the evening he saw Aliya, in front of his home Arjun surprised ! he did not think that she can be his neighbor without spoiling a minute he went in front of Aliya ! hey you are here how ! Arjun said to aliya that is my home I live there when I saw you here ! then I came ? then  Aliya met her grandma to arjun – at thattime aliya's aunty came there, when she saw Arjun with Aliya (she knew Arjun already) she told to Arjun beta! do you know each other, than Aliya replied aunty I met  Arjun at our school Arjun helped me alot today to know the school & their culture we had taken launch together and she told whole story to her . then aliya's aunty smiled and told ! you both are friends now isn't ? afterthat she blessed both and went for her work.

From the day they were good friend, they were study together, eat together ,to play together at school.

 Now Aliya used to come daily at his home and both  use to go together for the school ,hence time passed away Arjun and Aliya had gone in the 9th std. both became a very closefriend entire school and his/her parents used to talk about his/her deep friendship they were studying and living his /her life happily .

 That was the month of march the Holi vacation was going on....

Everybody  was celebrating the Holi festival (this is the festival of color in this people used to play with colorful water) and in the evening every person gets clean to color and take blessing to elder person.

But Arjun was not celebrating Holi because he did not like this festival, but other side ALIYA was celebrated too much ,she was in the full of color she liked to much the Holi.

On that day Aliya went to  Arjun's home in the evening and  took blessings to his parents’  but Arjun was hiding ,he don't want to face her.

some time later on Aliya did not see to Arjun ,then she spoke to his mother about ARJUN.

Arjun's mom replied ! he does not like to celebrate he will be hiding somewhere.

After that she went away from  Arjun's home ! then Arjun got relaxed & came out from his room.

But ALIYA was planning something special for Arjun...

Next day ALIYA calls her friend at her home and planned for Arjun!

her group  decied that she hasbathe to Arjun in colorful water in theevening , when Arjun came to play cricket with his friends Aliya saw  and she call to Arjun her home ! As he entered inside Aliya’s room ... Aliya and her friends caught Arjun immediately and they pushed Arjun into the colorful water ! Arjun could not understood what’s happening with him ,somehow he came out from the colorful water and he was totally painted with colors he shouted! what the hell you did with me ...he was very angry to Aliya .

 Aliya and her friends start laughing on Arjun’s condition then Aliya said you did not celebrate Holi yesterday with me so I played with you today ... and she  start laughing haaaa............

From that day Arjun started thinking about Aliya, his feelings became very different for Aliya everyday previous scene start coming in Arjun’s eye next day when Arjun met to Aliya he was speechless, he had not been understand what to talk with her ! He was dreaming about Aliya .

.Suddenly one voice broke the Arjun’s attention Buddhu where are you  ? about whom are you thinking

 he replied just I was thinking about you... and  what ?? She asked rapidly to Arjun what are you thinking about me..tell me.

Arjun said just thinking about yesterday what you had done with me ....and  then they  talked about their feelings.....

their happy life moving fastly..

 One year later 

suddenly Aliya’s parents came and she went with his parents to her native home because his parents decided to keep Aliya with him, so she had to continue her study from calcutta.

Since when Aliya had gone from her grandma home, once again Arjun was alone ! His life became vacant, Arjun was feeling himself very sad, he really understood Aliya’s importance  in his life. On other side Aliya was also not happy but she was showing off her happiness with his parents .

ALIYA was too sad without Arjunshe tried to contact to arjun by the social networking site  but she couldn't success. And there was same condition with Arjun.

After  2 years later Aliya appeared her +2 exam from her home town and she passed with 93% of marks.Her parents became very happy to see her marks and called her told we are going tommorow to meet your grandma so pack your bag 

aliya became very happy to hear the news  from his dad .she thought a minute & remembered about her old days.

she couldn't sleep whole night...

next morning she woke up  early  and she spoke with his dad I have to continue my study from the state city where my grandma lives.

her parents was not agree to this decision of ALIYA but he had to complete her whisper anyhow her parents told to Aliya okay!

After one week she got admission in that city’s popular and best medical college Aliya became very happy and she starts living her hostel life and start enjoying her college and Sometimes  she used to visit her grandma home

 Here Arjun got an engineering college.

 He was little angry to her because she did not tell to Arjun at the time of when she was going her home, he does not want to talk to her but he has to understand her situation. Still both were good friend and no one had proposed each other and Arjun had no any idea of love even he did not know the meaning of love and Aliya doesn’t want to reveal her love about Arjun.

One day Aliya decided to go to her grandma home to meet Arjun specially!  on Saturday when she went to her grandma home everybody was happy to the presence of Aliya! but her eyes was searching someone but she could not find. In the evening when Arjun came from his college he became very surprised to see in front of  his home he was not believing on his eyes he feel as if he was dreaming because Aliya was sited at her garden with her grandma family . Next day Arjun went her grandma home and met to Aliya she became very happy to see the Arjun and after a little talk with Arjun as usually every friends talk about but Arjun do not want to show his curiousness to her. He did very serious talk with her but he was very happy, happiness was playing on his face .Again Arjun’s life had taken a great turn he became very happy and funny too but Arjun talked too much to Aliya,  he was happy to meet her! full day Aliya and Arjun spend together to remember his/her best memories.

Now she start coming on weekend at her grandma home to spend time with Arjun.

Again, one day what happened with Aliya she had to go her native place because of some reason.

 Arjun was missing her a lot He want to talk with her but he has no contact number  of her home.

That day he  think about Aliya whole day & night he felt that may be this is called love(and that night Arjun decided to purpose to Aliya which was good thing for Arjun! the valentine day was near but Arjun has the problem that he has no contact number of her and she is not going  to come soon at her grandma home . the valentine day came near, one day Arjun talked to her best friend and took her number and now he call Aliya early morning he called to  Aliya became surprised when she listened Arjun voice on the phone (she thought how Arjun can call her which she never imagined)


ARJUN ---…………………………… (SPEECHLESS)

ALIYA --- hellohello………hello who is this?

ARJUN-- (suddenly) hey how are you

ALIYA --- (with curiousness,)omg Arjun how you remembered after a long time how did you get my number

ARJUN --- You recognized me, how are you 

ALIYA --- I’m not good. You say about yourself, itne dino baad kaise yaad aa gai meri.

ARJUN --- YAAD TO HARDIN AA RHI THI Teri but mujhe dar lagta tha kahin tum mujhe pehchano nhi or baat na karo mujhse.

ALIYA --- hey how can you think like this you poor boy now thik hai na I’m talking to you 

After 10min of normal talk on the phone

ARJUN --- hey Aliya can i ask something to you

ALIYA --- yeah off course

ARJUN --- just tell me tumahara koi special friend hai


ARJUN --- I mean someone special JO tumahare bahut hi close ho

ALIYA --- Nhi to but why are you asking like this

ARJUN --- again koi special friend jo tumhe bahut accha lagta h

ALIYA --- no

ARJUN --- OKAY I tell to you, you know you are very special for me

Kya tumhe nhi lagta I am your most special friend

ALIYA --- (Aliya became speechless)…………

ARJUN --- WHAT HAPPENED why are you not talking to me

ALIYA --- (……….SPEECHLESS……………..)

Arjun ---- bas tum mujhe itna bata do am I not special for you, if I am not then I will never talk to you agar tumhe bura laga ho to sorry

ALIYA --- Arjun now don’t say anything) I LOVE YOU TO MUCH

ARJUN --- REALLY …………..

Aliya --- yes stupid



Still Arjun was in the washroom

ARJUN --- NOW I disconnect the call I will talk to you later


other side his mom was searching for arjun she had some work for arjun in this early morning

 Arjun was in washroom since 1 hour when he came out every one was surprised  looking his face because he was too happy to purpose Aliya.

From that day he start talking on the mobile day and night they were on the mobile Arjun was become crazy in the love of Aliya . Now he could not live one day to talk without Aliya

After 2 month Aliya told to Arjun please don’t call me tomorrow because I am going my home if you will call me than there can be a problem because my cell will not be with me for one day despite of this Arjun called to Aliya (because if he did not talk to Aliya one day his brain starts paining ) he could not live one day without Aliya’s voice!

When the Aliya’s cell rang her brother pick up the phone and said who this is but Arjun told others name, coincidently Aliya was there so she took the phone and disconnected.( her brother did not like to arjun)

Then his brother asked to Aliya who was this she did answer to her brother that wrong number but his brother want to know the truth,  once he call to Arjun from another number but Arjun did not told anything right.

After one week Aliya called to Arjun and said why you had called me when I told to you that don’t call me then Arjun told his reason to call her

Then Aliya became very sad and said sorry to Arjun but in this week in Aliya’s home his parents were discussing to send aliya abrod to continue her study. To listen this matter Aliya become very sad ) and from that day she begin to live very sad after one week when Arjun called to Aliya she did not pick his phone Arjun tried 10 times but she did not respond

When Aliya did not pick the call, Arjun gets very sad he start thinking about her that why is she not  picking the phone, after 20 to 30 minutes later when Aliya got normal then she called to Arjun but Aliya did not want to say  at the time when Aliya was talking to  Arjun  aftersometime he realised that she is talikng to the different way today, then he got to know something is wrong there  when he asked to Aliya what happened then she start crying Arjun become very tensed that why is she crying Arjun want to know the reason of her sadness he asked many times but she did not told anything to Arjun  she replied when time will come you will come to by yourself or I’ll tell you. in the 4 week she had to go

Now Aliya had stopped to call to Arjun and  other side Arjun was very upset and worried about Aliya one day when Arjun call to Aliya then she told to Arjun I will talk to you later and I will told the reason why I am so sad and she disconnected the call  Arjun wanted to ask a lot of question. one he ask to her friend. that where is she & y she is not answering my call than her friend told him everything

To listen all these things Arjun become very happy that she is going to abroad to continue her study& other side she was upset sad because she will go away to him... agter going to canada she was not in contact with arjun

 After years when she listened that arjun is in not good condition,

she made a call to arjun and ask about him

ALIYA --- I am fine what about you

ARJUN --- I am not good but how you remembered me today

ALIYA --- mujhe tumahari bahut yaad AA rhi thi that’s why

ARJUN --- mujhe V tumahari bahut yaad ati hai but why did you call me after a long time, when you know I can’t live without list

ALIYA --- I know you can’t but do you know why I called you today

Because I was missing you today a lot I don’t know why it seems I can’t live without you Arjun today you are remembering me too much so I called you

ARJUN --- Aliya I am not happy without you every day your memory ran for bite me since when you have gone from my life  everything  has been changed (this time Arjun gets very emotional and he starts telling his problems) now I don’t want to live without you just tell me how I can live without you.

ALIYA --- with emotion  Arjun I am also but you can’t do anything about me now only my desire is for you that you did something good in your life which that I could feel proud for you now I promise to you I will talk to you once in a  month.

ARJUN---  Aliya please if you can call me once in a day than you can because you know that without your voice I am in the pain If you want then  please call to me once in a day otherwise don’t call me

ARJUN--- I know Aliya you will have but if you won’t then I will not be good even I can kill myself because I had realize your importance in my life  now that  this life is nothing without you for me..

 After this Aliya disconnect the phone and she start crying for Arjun to see  Arjun’s situation! but she could not do anything now and Aliya could not see the Arjun in this situation but she controlled herself and stopped crying , other side Arjun become very tensed he start thinking  why she cut the phone directly that day Arjun did not sleep at night he was thinking about Aliya next day he start doing his daily routine he had to go to his college . in the college he does not used to talk to anybody (to his classmate) he used to live there very sad only he did his study in his class and in the evening he came to his home cause to live alone at home he start thinking about Aliya due to this reason he got a severe brain pain daily and after sometime he gets sleepy, in his college his batch mate start talking about Arjun’s situation everybody wants to ask to Arjun but he did not tell to anybody

After some day he got normal and start talking to his  batch mate and start enjoying  hence time passed  Arjun got very good and he forgot to Aliya  after 1 ½ year of his college

ARJUN  was doing his study very well and living his life happily with his friends he had been forgotten everything , that day when Arjun was with his friend Arjun’s phone rang he pick up the call and he listened Aliya’s voice when she said hello rapidly Arjun recognized the Aliya’s voice and told her how are you sweetheart  then Aliya told how did you know that I am calling you then Arjun replied I have told to you already I can never forget you  have you remember then Aliya told yes to him and she start talking about her 2 ½  years life  what happened with Aliya in this time . she had forgotten completely to Arjun .

And this time Arjun needs Aliya too much but Arjun could not talk to Aliya HE tried continuously 6 month to talk to Aliya but he could not reach on his storey. one day he was very depressed the reason was that that day he was feeling very alone and helpless without Aliya he thought he defeated to his life now this life is not any meaning without Aliya for Arjun  lastly he decided to write a mail to Aliya and he wrote a mail for Aliya which that written below after write this mail he decided to kill himself because this life he doesn’t want and he took a lot of sleeping pills & next day in the morning he was half dead in his room..

(  mail)

My life is so empty without you

 come back to me

I need your love…


how beautiful was your eyes

how sweet was your words

 how lovely was your smile

how naughty was your nature

how gorgeous was your face

how great was your attitude

how lovely was your affection

these all things makes you different from others my angEl

you were full of my desire…


When I think about you I goanna be mad, your love give me so much of pain because in the present you are not with me and in the future i want to be with you

Every moment I feel you, how much I remember you don’t know. because you are not with me andwhen I think about my past there were an angel in my life & I was too happy with her .

That was you when you were going from my life that was very panic moment for me but still you are with me as a feeling , I try to forget you but I can’t, I don’t know why,  Every time(still) my eye is searching for you, my heart loving you my sweetheart(beloved)sometimes I think  no meaning of this life without you  now I can’t live without you but I’m fighting with your memories , I don’t want to remember you because your memories  gives me a lot of pain and nobody is here to love me like you so each and every moment my brain think about you, you were the only person who understood my feelings.

Without you my every interest has gone, Every time I feel myself in danger ,every time I feel myself very alone, loneliness kills me every moment what did I nobody knows and nobody can pull me back to this disease except you.

If you can feel my pain then please comeback in my life again.


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