Generalizations and Stereotypes

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Can you challenge societal beliefs?

Submitted: September 25, 2014

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Submitted: September 25, 2014



Guys like Neat Stuff

When I first saw the heading “Guys like Neat Stuff,” I said to myself “that is wrong because guys, in my opinion, usually like technology items, such as, video game systems. I also thought of most guys organizational skills because of the word “neat”, and how guys are usually the opposite of neat. As I was, reading under the heading I realized I was thinking almost the same way as the writer Dave Barry.

Guys like a really Pointless Challenge

When I first say the heading “Guys like a really Pointless Challenge” I thought of the opposite because I feel women like a really pointless challenge because women seem to get more upset about smaller situations than men. As I was reading under the headline, I realized I was not thinking along the same lines as the writer because he was talking about physical challenges, and I thought of social and relationship challenges


Guys do not Have a Rigid and Well-Defined Moral Code

When I first saw this headline I completely disagreed because not everyone is the same and you cannot stereotype a gender and throw them all in the same basket. After I read under the headline I still disagreed because not all men are aggressive; some men are and so are women. It is not fair to make a generalization about people. Me and the writer did not agree on this headline.

Guys are not great at Communicating their Intimate Feelings, Assuming they Have Any

I do agree with the first part of this statement, but I do not agree with the second part because everyone has feelings some people suppress them and others wear their heart out on their sleeve. I think the reason why more guys have trouble communicating their feelings is because there is this underlying message to boys as soon as they are born they have to be emotionless and more physical than a girl. They learn not to express their feelings. You cannot assume someone has no feelings, because everyone has feelings, you cannot disregard them.

Women need to be Skinny to be Attractive

By skinny I mean, “picture perfect and bony.” Majority of times this is unrealistic because everyone’s body is different, and everyone has a different biological make up. An example would be Karen Carpenter, she had an eating disorder because of how they portray women on television. Then every woman wanted to be like her because she was like an idol and she was skinny and beautiful.

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