Blue Gems

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This poem is the telling of a girl who recieved an amazing gift from a friend for her birthday but as their very complicated and changing and nearly impossible relationship kept changing the gift became a pain, something she couldn't even bear to look at. As time went along it got harder and harder as she just got more confused and sad... Because all along she knew that sooner or later that gift would remind her of something she used to have because it was never going to last...

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



That little red box tucked away in my purse

I can’t get it out ‘cause I hate how it hurts

In my head the reminder is jumping around

In my heart the reminder is burning me down

So I stand clear of that little red box

The one shining and heavy that deeply rocks


Inside I can picture the little blue jewels

Dangling below attached to two diamond studs

The blue so beautiful and so clear

But a constant memory showing all my fears

They start in my heart and fall from my eyes

Tears I can’t stop, tears I despise


The beauty in them once resembled me

As you turned your back, that change I did see

The color seemed duller, like bright didn’t exist

But I know in my heart they weren’t an abyss

Instead they were here to fill my emptiness

Yet now they are hidden for fear of distress


You used to be near me, something I could trust

I gave you so much, I gave you my love

I’m grateful for them, but they sting my cuts

Cuts you inflicted, so bad they drive me nuts

I see them, they show me my tears

Ones I cried for you, ones that were so dear


I’m not someone who can just walk away

I care too much, too much to say

It makes me ache that your gone today

And I know how it’ll feel if you there tomorrow

I don’t want that, not that kind of pain

I don’t want that sorrow at least not today


They mean so much ‘cause the memory is strong

But they blaze so bad in my empty soul

I don’t think I’ll ever know what I wish I knew

You know what I mean, about me and you

I cherish those jewels, they are precious to me

Precious like you, oh how much I love you


Those little blue tears sit in their box

The one shiny and red made small for their fit

They stay tucked away, hidden like my pain

Tucked away like you, every single day

And I hope someday that things do change

For I’d like again for the beautiful gems

To dangle from my ears, for you to see

Instead of being stuffed away

For no one to see

Instead of being stuffed away

Like the hearts of you and me.

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