Hate! Leaving Home for Love

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Addison is at the point in her life when she would much rather spend time with her boyfriend than do anything else in the world. So she packs her bags and leaves with her boyfriend, Max and they set off to face their problems together rather than fight everyday with their parents over what they think is right and wrong.

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011




It is late at night and Addison is still driving down the road, she keeps zoning out as she stares into the endless fog. Bright lights and the music pounding from the radio are all that keep her in touch with reality.

Addison is eighteen years old, 5’9”, and weighs about 150lbs. She is a passionate writer and singer. She is more in love with her boyfriend then most people would naturally dream possible. She never gives up on anything because if she had faith before there should still be faith in the end. She is on a busy Interstate that is leading her to Colorado, but she has absolutely no clue which Interstate it is. Addison and Max, her boyfriend, are moving to Colorado to live in the mountains.

Max is passed out in the back seat and Addison really doesn’t know exactly where she is going. The only directions Max gave her before he fell asleep were to take exit 45B.
Addison is exhausted and she knows if she doesn’t pull over soon she’ll probably fall asleep at the wheel. Luckily, a sign up ahead reads “Rest Stop Ahead 1 Mile”.
Right as she pulls into the rest stop her cell phone rings and she reaches for it quickly so it doesn’t wake up Max.
“Hello?” She whispers into the speaker.
“Hey! I was on my way to work this afternoon and noticed your house looked abandoned. Did you move out of there already?” Addison’s best friend, Jane, quickly asks.
Nervously, Addison says, “Oh, um... Well actually Max decided he wanted to leave early this morning, so I’m on my way to Colorado.”
“What? You left? You left and you didn’t tell me. Oh my God, Dude, I can’t believe this!”
“I’m sorry. It was a spontaneous, spur of the moment thing. I didn’t tell anyone and we were already packed, so we just left.”
“Yeah, obviously. I know that now!”
“If I wasn’t only an hour away from the state line, I’d come back and see you, but I’m really ready to go get settled into my new house.”
“Don’t worry about it, it’s okay. Well, I just wanted to call about that. I gotta go.”
“Okay. I love you Jay Lane. Don’t forget that, and I’ll be down a few weeks before Christmas to see you and some other friends. I’ll e-mail you everyday. Plus I will call and text you whenever I can.” She sadly concludes her conversation with her truest friend.
“I love you, too. Bye!” The phone line goes dead.
“Mmm...” Max groans from the backseat.
She turns around to face him, only to find him sitting up, so close to her face that their noses rub together. She leans over and kisses him gently.
“Good morning,” she coos.
“Good morning,” he breathes in response.
“I didn’t mean to wake you. But, uh, I was tired so I pulled over and then Jane called me and wanted to know why my house looked abandoned. I think I upset her because I just left and didn’t tell her. I feel bad.”
“Awh, I’m sorry babe; and don’t worry about it, I’m glad you woke me up because I haven’t gotten my morning dosage of Addison yet.”
“Ha ha, very funny.”
“I wasn’t kidding. I need you,” he taunted. “But, you’re probably too scared to climb back here with me.”
“Oh yeah... I’m terrified,” she teases. “I need to use the bathroom. And when I come back I’m going to show you who should be afraid.”
“Mhmm, we’ll see about that.”
Addison gets out of the car and walks to the restroom. After she pees like a pregnant woman and splashes water on her face, she heads back to the car. Instead of getting back into the driver seat, she climbs in the backseat with Max.

While she was gone Max had gotten two pillows and a blanket from the trunk.

“Hi, there,” he says as she gets in and curls up into his arms.

“Hi,” she sighs.

“So, who is supposed to be the scared one in this situation?”

“Hmm... Actually, I don’t remember.” She laughs then says, “I guess that’s what happens when someone dazzles me a much as you do.”

Max laughs. “Someone is very tired.”

“Nah. I’m not tired. I’m just way in love with an amazing guy and ready to start my life with him too.”

“Ah!” He smirks. “Yeah, you are definitely tired. So, who is this amazing guy you are talking about? Because I know it can’t be me.”

“Okay, yes I am tired.” She admits but then with some hostility says, “And you know that there is only one guy that is perfect enough to be labeled as an amazing guy and that is you.”

“Calm down. I was just playing around.”

“I know. Okay, I need to get some sleep.”

“Yes you do. Come here and lay down next to me. There was only one blanket in trunk and I don’t want you to be the slightest bit cold.” He persuades her as she slides in between him and the back of the seat.

“I love you. Good night.” She says in a hushed voice.

“Good night. I love you too. Sweet dreams.” He whispers back. Then he leans down and kisses her cheek, then her lips, and begins humming soft, romantic tunes in her ear.

As Addison is laying there she is staring out the window, gazing up at the stars. Every star seems to have it’s own distinct sparkle tonight. The moon is full and bright. The late night sky is so incredible to her as she lies next to the man she loves with his musical voice sinking into her head, permanently embedding itself into every cell in her body. She is on the verge of giving in to the temptation she feels pulling her body into his, as she drifts into a deep, peaceful slumber.


Addison wakes up the next day around noon, to the bright sun and the tilt of the car as it maneuvers around the curve of an exit.

Sitting up she makes eye contact with Max in the rear-view mirror before she climbs into the front passenger seat.

“Hey there gorgeous. How did you sleep?” Max asks eagerly.

“I slept like a baby. It was nice, I don’t think I have slept like that in years.”

With a little too much excitement he says, “Well, good. I’m glad you are all rested.”

“What’s up? Why are you acting so, uh, I don’t know the word, um, excited, eager, crack-headish?” She wondered aloud.

“Oh, no reason. I’m just in a really good mood today.”

“Okay, I don’t believe that. But, obviously you don’t want to tell me, so whatever.”

“It’s not that. It’s just that, well, the reason is a surprise for you, so if I tell you, it’ll just ruin everything,” he explains.

 “Okay,” she giggles.

“Are you hungry?” He asks at the same time her stomach growls loud enough to wake the bears.

They both laugh, then Addison says, “Well, I think that answered that question.”

“Yes it did,” Max replies.

He pulls into the McDonald’s parking lot and cuts the engine. After she puts her shoes back on, they head inside.

They order their lunch and Max gets the food and sits down, while Addison goes to the bathroom to clean up a little bit.

Sitting at the table, Max is absolutely giddy. Addison hasn’t asked him yet, but he has been driving for a little over two hours. They crossed the Colorado border a long time ago. He estimates they are about thirty minutes from their new hometown and home, and Addison doesn’t realize just how close they are. He can’t wait to get there and see her reaction.

“Wow, that smells amazing,” Addison breathes as she joins Max at the tiny table in the corner of the restaurant.

“I agree. Let’s eat. You aren’t the only one that’s hungry. I waited all morning for you to wake up so we could eat.”

“Geez babe. You should have ate something. Or woke me up.”

“Oh no. You looked way too peaceful to disturb. And I didn’t want to eat without you in case you woke up soon after that because that would mean more off road time; and I would have just felt bad.”

She laughs and says, “Okay babe. Whatever makes you happy and helps you sleep at night.”

“You help me sleep at night.”

“Hmm... I bet that means I could make it where you can’t sleep too!” She laughs and continues, “But, that is a mutual feeling, I mean, you help me sleep too.”

“I love you!”

“I love you too.”


About half an hour later Max and Addison were back on the road.

As Max stares out the windshield, Addison can’t help but stare at him. The joy that is filling his blue-green eyes and reflecting from every pore in his body is unbelievable. What could possibly be such a good thing that he is nearly jumping out of his skin? Grr... Now I really want to know. She thinks to herself.

Max leans over and kisses her quickly, but passionately. It was the type of kiss that makes her think she would never be able to live without him.

Randomly, she glances down at the clock and sees that it is one fifteen. It has been little over an hour since she woke up. Curiously, she asks, “Where are we? I haven’t seen any signs.”

“Oh, uh, well actually, I can’t even tell you that myself. Not until we get to the next town. I haven’t really paid attention to signs or anything like that so, I don’t know exactly where we are.” He fibs cleverly.

“Oh. Okay. Do you think we are getting close?”

“Yes. We are probably closer than we even dream.”

“That’s good. Our stuff was supposed to arrive around nine o’ clock this morning.”

“Well, it’ll be fine. Our house is pretty much secluded from everyone in town, except for three different families, so no one will mess with it.”


Max looks back to the road; and after a couple of minutes of silence, Addison reaches over, turns up the radio, and turns her head to gaze out the window.


“Hey. Babe, wake up. Addison? Are you going to wake up or are you going to stay in the car?” Max whispers as he caresses her cheek.

Addison straightens up in her seat and says, “I’m awake. But, where are we?” She wonders.

Max says nothing and jumps out of the car. He strolls over to her door and flings it open. Then, very unexpectedly, he leans down and sweeps her up into his arms.

He smiles and sings, “Welcome home!”

Addison gasps loudly. She couldn’t believe that they were already home. Looking around, all she can see for miles is open land. The trees, and birds, and mountains, everything is so beautiful. The crisp aroma in the air is intoxicating. She can smell sap, wildflowers, burning firewood, and there is even a slight hint of cinnamon in the air.

“Home,” she breathes. Then she looks right at Max before she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him long and adoringly. She is memorizing this moment. This is their first kiss in their new home.

Max starts walking up to the door and pushes it open. He walks directly to the biggest room and sits Addison down. The lovers lips never separate from each other.

 Slowly, they sink to the floor; they were connected more now, then they have ever been before.

“I love you.” She whispers against his mouth.

“I love you more!” He seduces her one last time before they fall back onto the floor and give in to the feelings that have been buried deep inside.


About three months later, Addison stretches and yawns as she slowly sits up, trying not to knock the blanket off of Max in the process. She glances out the window and sees the sun rising over the mountains in the distance; the rays are dancing on the snow. Feeling rested, she lays back down next to Max and kisses his cheek.

“Hmmm... Hey baby,” Max greets her with a smile.

“Hi,” is all she can say, while the shine in his eyes grabs a hold of her heart and locks it into his arms.

“God, I slept amazingly. I love you so much. I never thought that life with you would be so thrilling.”

“Ha, I love you too. And thank you. I know what you mean. I feel like I’m high as hell, every time I look in your eyes. It’s almost irrational, the way I feel, and irrevocable too.”

“Well that will never be a bad thing.”

“I know. I want to laugh at all the people who said we wouldn’t make it and that you only wanted one thing. They all can feel shitty and ridiculous now.”

“Ha, yes they can. I always knew we were going to make it. I have told you that from day one. I told you that when your dad called the cops. I told you that when we had to hide our relationship and I told you that when you were worried about us making it the three months of summertime between your junior and senior year. And I would still tell you that today.”

“I know and I should have listened to you because you really knew what you were talking about. And I regret not believing you. It seemed impossible for us to last. And even more impossible that you could or even thought you could love me, especially for such a long time. But, I am counting my blessings because I wouldn’t trade anything for what I have with you.”

“I’m glad you want me over everything else. And what happened to you seeing in yourself, what I see in you everyday?”

“Well, I still do, now. But, I didn’t and you knew I didn’t.”

“Very true, I did know that, I’m glad you’ve chosen to love yourself. That makes me really happy.”

“Hm.. Well that’s part of the reason why I’m here. Your happiness is all that matters to me.”

“It’s mutual, babe.”


The wind is blowing and has the temperature lowered to a fierce negative two degrees. The blizzard that has been sweeping across the nation is circling around Englewood, Colorado and will hit Denver at full force. Take the proper precautions, if you are in a car or outside you will need to relocate immediately. This is not a false alarm, this storm is an extremity...

“Crap,” Addison says to the windshield. As the radio finishes it’s broadcast.

It just figures that the one day she tries to go get her Christmas shopping done, so she and Max will be able to go home to Kansas to see their families for the holidays, a blizzard decides to blow through.

She’s about a mile from the mall and way too far from home to turn around and get there before it hits. So, praying to God that she doesn’t get stranded there she decides to go and take cover in the mall. At least then she will still be able to do something productive today.

She pulls into the parking lot and looks for a space sort of close to the door. It’s just her luck that as she pulls around the corner into a different isle another vehicle is backing out. Feeling smug she spins the steering wheel and pulls in.

Before getting out of her car, Addison threw her scarf around her neck, put her gloves on her hands, and zipped her coat all the way up. Then she stepped out into the storm. 

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