Just a Crack in the Mirror

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This is about a girl facing the everyday struggles of the world who nearly killed herself, but instead destroyed her own heart after years of cutting, and of feeling unloved this poem unfolds how she was able to overcome her deprression...

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



Just A Crack In the Mirror


The crack in the mirror had grown a few inches

Since the last time I looked into it

That day so dark and full of anxiety

A day I wouldn’t go back to not even for a minute

It was a day composed of dread and sorrow

I could hear her scream

But no matter where she was I couldn’t find her

Wherever she was I knew she was gone

I knew in my mind I wouldn’t reach her beyond

Even standing in the same room

My arms were too short

My intentions so selfish

That I lost someone dear

My best friend died in the same room

The same room I’m standing in today

I flashback to a year ago

I’m looking in the mirror at her long lost face

She is bleeding from every pore

She is crying and screaming wanting more

Constantly being told that she isn’t good enough

Finally giving into the pain in her heart

The cuts weren’t working any longer than a day

The bruises many left never went away

She would cry, she would cuss

Everyday was a new beginning for even more pain

She listened to others harming words

Never even hearing what she should have heard

As people bagged on her and called her names

The pain inside her continued to flame

As the words ignited, the ignition caught

The fire burned her, on the spot

It was so fierce she should have died instantly

But she simply tolerated the agony

She learned how to deal

Everyday she added a cut

Everyday they added a bruise

Soon she was looking in that broken mirror

The one once flawless

Now burdened with its splits

And tell herself she didn’t matter

She called herself ugly

She called herself fat

She called herself everything

Everything bad

No longer did she love herself

No more could she care

Soon things resulted to her losing her hair

She’d yank and pull

It came out by the roots

Never feeling any pain

Because she never heard any truths

All of this I remember while staring into the mirror

The same mirror that she always used

The one she first looked in and saw her pure beauty

Then the one she last looked in while hating herself

She was never happy how could she have been

No one would listen, no one would befriend

Her dreams were wrecked when she was a little thing

Only ten or eleven, don’t know the precise day

With everything ruined and with everything dead

She decided to find a new place to rest her head

If no one was listening

If no one would care

Then slowly she would die

Inch by inch, hair by hair

The crack in the mirror is moving again

I remember her falling and hitting her head

The crack had just started from the force of her fall

Everything shattered, hopes, mirror, dreams, and all

She stopped moving and living for the world to see

And decided to die, right there in front of me

I entered that room for the first time since

And slammed my fist into the center

Where the crack already exists

Making all things worse and showing how it hurts

My knuckles they bled, but that is okay

Because I entered that room, yes again today

And I threw my hand into the exact same place

I busted that mirror

Boy that crack did it grow

It’s not really a mirror

Not anymore

She was an angel sent down to observe

But in the end all she got was burned

She fought and battled and got knocked down

Finally going home to her place in the clouds

Nothing seemed right after this day

The day my friend died because she couldn’t handle the pain

She chose to stop beating

Her existence never to be known

Her blood to discontinue flowing

And as she had wished

The world was unknowing

So, my best friend, who was so full of hope

Was my heart that quit beating

Because I couldn’t cope

Now the crack in the mirror will grow no more

I’m moving on and opening a new door

I’ll grow a new heart

One that knows the truth

One real true friend that I’ll listen to

Hopefully someday, someday real soon

I’ll own a new mirror to disappear into.

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