My Lovers

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Many lovers have come into my different..they can leave but by heart strings they remain.

Submitted: April 23, 2009

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Submitted: April 23, 2009



My Lovers

I called you with telepathy

more then just to grace my dreams

your a promise I will see

my longing arms await for you

In longing I will drive the crest

of crossing web on litten wings

till you are at my breast

making passionate love to me

I have taste so divine

I'm accustomed to share my wine

through lips so sultry I took another

He was mighty fine

one body we beheld

one loving soul we combine

in me he came to pass some time

In him a sweet contort of holding hand

my brow raised in his graceful yearn

another heart I have in me

another love of tranquility

A shift of wave caught grasping sand

the sun shown bright upon my land

as net I have caught a sweet surprise

One whom gazes at dark starry skies

Curtail of eye we stood in stark rush

Another chest I fell upon

my breast to dawn

by heart lace webs made

what comes in has been swept away

yet still remains

No tear of mine be shed

my loves alive not dead

Angels come to attest

mighty loves befall my chest

Another heart to caress

melodious body of your

another sip of life

fills another cup of mine

Through pulsing dreams we meet

a timely lover so sweet

I'm thankful as can be

for the love of lovers I have in me

Sweet Dreams!

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