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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
A man and friend seek vengeance on a gang.

Submitted: July 03, 2015

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Submitted: July 03, 2015



You know how sometimes memories can just come back to you? Something can trigger your brain and you remember things that happened in your past? Whenever I smell the stench of my thick and uncomfortable rubber mask that Johnny makes me wear to protect my identity from the cops that’s what happens.

I remember when Johnny and I had robbed that convenient store when we were just kids. Johnny was only 14, but the way he held the gun and the way he yelled made the clerk behind the counter cry and then piss his pants. That was the first payday we ever got. It was $300 out of the register and a bag of taffy. It sounds really funny to say that that was the sweetest paycheck we had ever received.

The rubber brings back the memory of the first time that Johnny had shot the clerk. That scared the shit out of me, but it barely fazed Johnny. When we escaped that job I remember the look on Johnny’s face it was the look of no remorse for the person that he had killed. That was the day that I figured out that Johnny was insane. He had never been afraid to kill.

The mask brings back memories of hot lead piercing through my clothes and into my skin. I also remember Johnny cutting me open to get the bullets out. I don’t know if it was the fear that masked the pain or the 40 that me and Johnny had drank before to ease the pain of being shot. To this day I drink alcohol to help ease the pain that I bare.

The lights of the liquor joint flashed on and off in a rhythmic fashion seemingly getting slower and slower every time I would watch. The van we had been in was freezing it chilled me to the bone.

On normal nights I would show absolutely no fear whatsoever, but tonight was extremely different. The job we were doing wasn’t the average job that we would do.

You see a couple months back, Johnny had been in league with a gang. I honestly didn’t think anything at all of it. It was honestly a normal thing that I could see Johnny doing and I didn’t think that it would end bad, Johnny does this stuff all the time. This ended different however, Very different. Johnny ended up stabbed and laying for dead in a ditch. Luckily, he had his cellphone on him and could give me a ring otherwise he could have died that cold night.

Long story short, he ended up giving me a ring and we got him patched up by old Scotty. Old Scotty is a friend of the family’s and a very important friend to all of us. When you get hit with something that you don’t want the cops to know about you go to Scotty and he’ll get you all fixed up.

Johnny eyed me with a menacing look that brought more cold to me. It frightened me more than ever. The look that he shot me said “I will kill you and after you are dead no one will miss you.” Sometimes I thought that Johnnies looks could really kill. I looked away.

Tonight was different because we were getting back on those gangsters that had left Johnny to die. Behind their liquor store was a back door which lead to an apartment where all of them lived Johnny knew where all these guys lived. First mistake: trying to kill Johnny. Second mistake: Telling him where you lived, because that will be where you die.

Danny was sitting next to Johnny and I felt bad for the kid. Danny was a really quiet to himself kinda guy and it wasn’t his fault that Johnny had almost died, it wasn’t his fault that he was called out for this job, and it wasn’t his fault that Johnny was crazy. He did care much for payback against this gang. All he wanted was to make it out alive so he could go home to the girl he loved. Poor kid, he probably barely knows how to kill.

We sat there for hours waiting. We were waiting for the Joint to quiet down which was taking an eternity. We were waiting for a chance to get in there and kill every last man and then make it home free. We waited hours upon hours. We had a spotter who was looking out for the right time, I couldn’t remember his name, but he was real good friends with Johnny. I don’t know what the hell was takng him so long. I feel the nudge of Don, the man sitting next to me. He extends a bottle. “A drink, for the last time, mate?”

I had known Don since we were kids. He was always the optimistic one. The one friend that will cheer you up when all else fails. I had introduced him to Johnny. I had got him wrapped up in everything this whole mess. I should’ve never brought him here. I shouldn’t have brought him this low. Donnie was a great man.

“Shut up, Don we ain’t dyin’ tonight!” I hear Johnny yell.

“Yeah, sure, a drink to the good times we’ve shared.” I tell him

We both drank from the bottle till the last drop. As I did this I thought of all the people I’ll miss if I die. All the good times I’ve had on this earth. I think about being little with Don and Johnny and I think of my beautiful girlfriend who I love so much. Then the thought goes out to every gangster, punk, and hoodlum who will morn my death. My contribution to society has been great. I’ve been a killer and a taker my who life and I’ve never given anything positive. My thoughts drift to my family who I left a long time ago. I think about how sad my brother will be to get the news, and think about my mother and father who are looking down on me right now and I wonder what they think of me.

We hear the radio from the front of the van.

“You’re good to go boys!” It says

“Alright,” says James, the kid who had driven us. Will he live to see a day past 20 I honestly can’t tell you.

“Alright load up boys, it’s show time!” Yells Johnny

I put on my rubber mask and get that smell that takes me back. I look at Johnny again, but no longer do I see my best friend. All I see is a grim reaper mask. Danny’s been replaced by a gas mask. Given to him, so he could hide the fact that he’s just a scared boy. I look and at Don and see a werewolf.

I reach into my pocket and pull out my six-shooter. It was the gun that Johnny had given to me. I’ve committed enough crimes with this gun for them to put me away a longtime. I had killed too many people with it, and felt the guilt take over.

Johnny opens up the door and we jump out.

We enter the joint and Johnny throws a Molotov cocktail at the bar which broke and ignited every liquid that was flammable behind the counter. Seconds after he fires his 12 gauge at a table and like that blood is spilled.

Suddenly, a man with a gun appears out of the backroom and immediately receives a bullet to the head out of my six-shooter.

Don and I flip a table for a shield as Johnny keeps shooting. Don and I shot blindly until there was a pause in the fire.

“Get up!” Johnny yells.

Don obeyed and for that he paid the ultimate price. A bullet had struck him in the chest. Don was not dead, but blood was escaping from his body quickly. The wound was clearly fatal and I remember the last look that I saw before done died. It was a look of freedom. Don didn’t have to kill any more for Johnny.

Johnny ran into the back room. I heard several shots fired. My adrenaline was pumping and I was getting very scared. Eventually there was a stop. I looked over the table and saw many dead bodies, one stood out. He was wearing a gas mask. A tear had reached my eye. Another man emerged out of the back room and he instantly felt the heat of my gun. I moved around to the back room and peered around the corner. There were three men, One of the guys was carrying another and they had all obviously been shot.

“Boss it hurts so bad!” I heard one of the voices say.

“Stop being such a pussy.” Said the boss.

One of the men came around the corner and got shot in the head by my gun. I turned around the corner and a second man felt the heat of my six-shooter. The third man, who was the one who was being carried fell to the ground.

“Stop! Please! I’m unarmed!”

It was the voice of the boss.

I was out of bullets.

“You made a mistake!” I screamed

“Do you know what you did?”


“A couple of months ago you ordered a hit on a man named Johnny Brown! You just killed him, and my friends! I’m going to make you pay for what you’ve done!”

I picked up a gun off one of the goons I had just killed.

The boss pulled a gun on me.

The night ended in a gunshot.

I will never forget my best friend, Johnny.

© Copyright 2020 Stacy Walton. All rights reserved.

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