In Our League

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Im a Basketball Fanatic..sooo yeah

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008



In Our League
We do not dribble in this league
The ball simply glides in the space
Between our hands and the ground
You must be at least six feet short
To be in our league
Not every man plays ball
The majestic turns, twists cuts
Bring a sense of music
Music only we can hear
As the night air grows stale
We refill it with clouds of fog
As we exhale
Silence once dominated this place
But silence got its ass whooped by sneakers long ago
As they pat against the ground
Fake left, go right
Fake right, go right
Fake in then shoot outside your range
The Jersey’s make the groups of fans excited
Be we have a different dress code in our league
You wear what is comfortable
No consequence without chance
No point without consequence
No Chance without points on the board
Echoes remind us of our previous yells
As we wait for new ones to communicate
About who has the who or who claims the ball
No blood no foul
Respect goes a long way on this field though
Of asphalt
The streets lights are our sun
The occasional high-beams of a car
Serve as a shooting star
We do not notice them, in our league
 The outside world
The people who stop to peer through the fence

Our league extends a whole block
As the best who have ever been
Some to prove their title
Pride is payment, it has more value than currency
And pain drives you harder than any coach
As possession change, so does glory
And we end when the game ends
There is no clock
No time restricts our fun
Then to be the last, the first, the finisher
When the rest tap out and you raise your arms
Champion of the world
In our little league.

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