The Smart Guitarist's Chord-a-Day Calendar

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Add more variety, color, and spice to your playing ... all year long! With the Smart Guitarist's Chord-a-day Calendar you will learn a new guitar chord fingering every day ... 365 in all. Jazz chords, rock chords, pretty chords, intense chords, cool, dark, off-the-wall – you’ll learn chords you never knew existed!

Chords are a guitarist’s primary form of expression – they are our bread & butter, our vocabulary. Knowing more of them (a lot more of them) will most certainly add more color and dimension to your playing. It’s like having a bigger box of crayons.

But you will discover so much more than chords. In fact, this calendar is quite possibly the greatest value ever in musicians e-books. Here’s why:

Each day recognizes the birthday of a celebrated guitarist. Search them online. Learn a bit about them. Let their greatness inspire you to achieve a higher level of greatness yourself.

Each day also offers a tip, technique, or inspiring quote to help you become the best guitarist you can be – a wiser, more inspired, more informed guitarist. You’ll learn ways to get more out of your practice time, performance secrets, musicians’ “street smarts,” kernels of wisdom, and inspiring quotations from inspiring players. The tips alone will raise your musicianship to a whole new level.

Note: this calendar is perpetual ... you can begin at any time and use it over and over.

Get your copy today – and happy strumming!

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