Hey There Chick

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A sexual poem i wrote when i was bored

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



Hey there chick

Suck my dick

Hey there chick

With an ass so thick

Hey there chick

With a clit so quick

Hey there chick

Suck my dick


Let me in

Inside yo skin

Hope you like men

Not a lesbian

Stroke my pen

Do it till ten

Wear it out thin

Come let’s begin


Milk that cow

It’s coming out now

Milk that cow

Be my snowplow

Milk that cow

It’s on your eyebrow

Milk that cow

She scream meow


You’re my dream

Join my team

Lick my cream

Hump that beam

Enact your scheme

As hot as steam

Sex extreme


I don’t fret

You break a sweat

I’m your debt

You’re a brunette

You’re the girl I get

We’re a duet

Better not forget

Better not beget


I love you whore

No I love you more

Wild on the floor

None like you before

Stick my oar

In your raging shore

Continue till four

And go until I score

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