Laying Down My Cards

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Some honest words about myself

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011




A lot of people ask me about the direction of my existence

And all of you are outsiders looking in from a bystander glance

Sitting behind your computer screens passing judgment on John

Thinking I’m some sell out; you think I’ve withdrawn


No I’m not a struggling rapper I just like to rhyme while I vent

Everybody needs an outlet and this is mine – get a hint!

All you see is my rage and you hear my vexed soul shout

But you strangers haven’t lived my life so you don’t know what it’s about


I still love Jesus but I have my struggles still

So don’t beat me over with head with Bible telling me to chill

I’d rather write obscene music then kill a person

So leave me alone and let my mind run


This is therapy and at least I’m honest about my internal war

Unlike many others who are liars to their core

Claiming to worship the Father of truth but yet live like Satan’s bastards

But here’s a table and I’m letting everyone see my cards 

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