My Language

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I'm explaining why I'm so negative

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011



My life is full of chronic sorrow and strife

Filled with events such as when I almost was murdered with a knife

You all wonder why my writing is so stark

It’s because misfortune follows me around like a trademark


I reserve the so-called ‘bad words’ for bad things

Please don’t criticize what I pull out of my wellspring

When your life is filled with piss and steaming piles

You tend to not put on a lot of smiles


Too many people tell me to just be happy

But my senses in relation to reality couldn’t possibly agree

That would be lying cuz it’s opposed to perception

That’s simply classical deception


If I’m too raw or pessimistic to your taste

Then stop reading my stuff, you’re obviously in the wrong place

Go find some chipper, clean-mouthed folk

Cuz your criticizing is just disappearing gun smoke

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