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Nictophobia - fear of night. And no, there aren't monsters under your bed.

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011




To those people who have nictophobia

You can sleep well because all terrors be a

Part of fantasy and will never happen

And when you realize this you’ll be laughin


Monsters don’t live under your bed

Cuz if they did you’ be already dead

In a bloody mess of carnage

And yes I will say these things; I think you can manage


I’m not saying don’t watch horror films

But don’t blame me if you watch ‘em and get killed

In your dreams or should I say nightmares

Because it will fill your mind with very stupid cares


If you’re a kid reading this, this should be a stage

Like when you bed wet at a certain age

If you’re grown up, please snap out of it

There’s nothing under your bed, but to check keep the room lit


Nictophobia is a fear of the dark of night

When the brain is racked with fright

By stupid movies or gory plight

And fear of things concealed from sight


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