No Drama, Let's Compromise

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Friends hurt each other. Friends should make up with each other.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011




Some take a chainsaw

To your heart and skin it raw

So you are left naked and covered in blood

You feel worthless as you lay paralyzed in the mud


They were so close, dear to my heart

Now they painted the streets with my body that’s falling apart

My sticky red everywhere

They maul me like a bear


It’s said the life is in the blood

And now it’s draining out like a flood

So I guess that means I’m dying

And the pain is mental so I feel like crying


They hurt me but I don’t care

The room is empty; there is deadness in the air

Even though they opened up my heart sack

And left me for dead I want them back


Ironically, they feel the same way about how I’ve treated them

This whole cup of drama has brewed over the rim

So we’ve decided to reconcile and compromise

And work not to stab each other make the other cry

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