Paranoia Is Annoying

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About paranoid people I know

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



Why do you almost mostly have to be domineering

Living like a prisoner encaged by what you’re fearing

Now I know the world is cold; very far from endearing

But I’m fed up and sick of all your musing I’m hearing


You think I care so you bend my ear

With and HD picture of your life austere

So I sit back down and I can’t help sneering

At all this redundant nonsense I’m hearing


Then I’m asked my opinions

And I grit my pinions

Then I spit out black and white truth to her

So for truth’s sake I guess I’m a malefactor


You ask me to listen I feel like your therapist

And after two minutes of your yakking I get very pissed

Cuz I hear all this nonsense about you and conspiracies

I sit back and sneer cuz you insanely crazy to me


You’re in a trance and to relish it much

You eat depression for breakfast dinner and lunch

I cannot help you anymore what you need is a punch

To your mentality so I can get a break from the brunt

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